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Hi, I'm Tyraxx[edit]

Hi, I'm Tyraxx (it's pronounced タイラックス, and has nothing to do with T-Rex)

I basically do the lyrics here.
I'd be grateful if ppl can offer the original lyrics (meaning the kanji) for me.
If you want a certain song romanized, ask me.

STATUS: Doing a lot for the Nightmare of Rebellion, even though it has nothing to do with lyrics.

Own (random) thoughts/wishes/hopes:

  • Would be cool to make an own touhou-vocal, even if I have a lot of experience for the music, I have no experience in recording and stuff.
  • Why is there no 3D-game where one can discover Gensokyo from every angle? (Would be cool, right?)
  • Anyone interested of doing a Touhou-doujinshi together, maybe...?

You may also e-mail me via [email protected]

But please write in the topic that you're talking about TouhouWiki by Tyraxx 17:02, 14 January 2014 (UTC)

Translating Nightmare of Rebellion[edit]

So I'm still translating Nightmare of Rebellion
I'll first translate the things like skills and co., so story translation will be far off yet. I'm trying to make a really detailed page. So I also put in the original Japanese text.

(Unless someone comes and think he/she must remove the Japanese text, since it's an English wiki here, gosh)

Anyway, I appreciate aid from you ppl, please do not fiddle to much with my created pages. Use "Talk" function to talk/discuss to me a bit.

And also help my moneybag ~.~

--by Tyraxx 11:14, 1 February 2014 (UTC)

Lyrics Status from 2014/Apr/20 onwards[edit]

東方彩醒響 ~Truth in Darkness~ all 08 tracks romanized and translated


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