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Hi, I'm Tyraxx

Hi, I'm Tyraxx (it's pronounced タイラックス, and has nothing to do with T-Rex)

I basically do the lyrics here.
I'd be grateful if ppl can offer the original lyrics (meaning the kanji) for me.
If you want a certain song romanized, ask me.

STATUS: Doing a lot for the Nightmare of Rebellion, even though it has nothing to do with lyrics.

Own (random) thoughts/wishes/hopes:

  • Would be cool to make an own touhou-vocal, even if I have a lot of experience for the music, I have no experience in recording and stuff.
  • Why is there no 3D-game where one can discover Gensokyo from every angle? (Would be cool, right?)
  • Anyone interested of doing a Touhou-doujinshi together, maybe...?

You may also e-mail me via [email protected]

But please write in the topic that you're talking about TouhouWiki by Tyraxx 17:02, 14 January 2014 (UTC)

Translating Nightmare of Rebellion

So I'm still translating Nightmare of Rebellion
I'll first translate the things like skills and co., so story translation will be far off yet. I'm trying to make a really detailed page. So I also put in the original Japanese text.

(Unless someone comes and think he/she must remove the Japanese text, since it's an English wiki here, gosh)

Anyway, I appreciate aid from you ppl, please do not fiddle to much with my created pages. Use "Talk" function to talk/discuss to me a bit.

And also help my moneybag ~.~

--by Tyraxx 11:14, 1 February 2014 (UTC)

Lyrics Status from 2014/Apr/20 onwards

東方彩醒響 ~Truth in Darkness~ all 08 tracks romanized and translated

I don't know if I am allowed to put a donate button here (nor do I know if the button works x.x), but I'd appreciate it if people would donate.
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