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Name: Tythanin Sakshi

Species: Human
Abilities: Can probably play games for a whole day without doing anything else besides bathroom breaks
Age: 18
Occupation: Chemistry Major Student...Right.
Location: Irvine, CA

Medium height with messy black hair and brown eyes. Usually seen wearing glasses, an IBM sweater, beige pants, and some random T-shirt.

Titles: See Character Titles

A human who does whatever he feels like doing, which is mostly playing games and being lazy. Plays Touhou, RPGs, writes, reads, watches anime, and plays piano. In the real world, he spends most of hanging out on that mass of tubes called the internet. Has competant knowledge in the art of coding and has mastered 7 of the 10 levels of Chemistry (not really).

He has some skill at the art of writing, although it remains to be seen if it's actually good enough to try getting some of his work published. Of course, there is also the fact that because he has written so much, few of his works ever reach past 10 chapters. Also, since he does not adhere to schedule, his stories have fluctuating update times. Sometimes they may be updated within the span of a day or two and other times you may have to wait for a month to see something new.

See also:

Author of the fan-fic "TH XX ~ Disappearance of the Celestial Beasts". May write other Touhou stories, although at the moment he doesn't plan to.