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aka junwen971. Twitter: @junwen971 Discord: va_amias #0011 Youtube:

Singaporean Touhou and Len'en fanartist and player. I love bullet patterns, so my main focus on this wiki is in spell card screenshots... partly because they're commonly the subject of my art. So I try to make the screenshots as pretty/scary as possible, especially for harder difficulties, lol. Games I've done screenshots for:

  • EoSD, PCB, MoF (most of Lunatic/Ex)
  • IN, LoLK (almost all)
  • SA, UFO, TD (all Lunatic, and others)
  • HSiFS, HSoB, WBaWC, UM, IBP, SoHW, EIoS (all)
  • StB, DS (just some)
  • VD (almost all in Weeks 1 & 2, half of the rest)
  • ISC, BoSM, Tri Focuser (just a few)
  • GoDS (almost all), RSS (Lunatic, Extra, Phantasm, Overdrive)

Touhou achievements:

  • All Windows Touhou games - L1cc and ExNN(N(N))
  • PCB Rei-B, MoF Rei-B, SA Rei-A, WBaWC Rei-O, HSoB Rei-Purple, FDF2 Reimu LNM
  • WBaWC Reimu-E LNB
  • Reimu-O Normal No-shooting NHNBB 1cc for WBaWC
  • Reimu-E WBaWC Easy 2,071,841,040, Marisa-O WBaWC Lunatic 7,325,489,970
  • Timed out every single spell in WBaWC except Mayumi final, and every spell in UM except Dragon Eater
  • Timed out every single spell in HSoB, LoLK, TD, UFO, SA, MoF
  • TD Youmu, HSiFS Reimu-Wi, HSiFS Cirno-Su NNNN
  • EoSD Rei-B, Mari-A NNN
  • StB, DS, ISC (no-item), VD 100% clear
  • NNM for PCB, MoF
  • BoSM ExNM (San-B)
  • RSS ExNM and PhNM (both Futo-B)
  • MPP ExNM (Rei-B)
  • HSoB Ultra patch 1cc

Len'en achievements, yikes:

  • EE all individual stages UNMNBNFBFS (first-ever)
  • EE Tsuba ExNMNBNFS (first-ever)
  • EMS all individual stages UNMNBNFBFS (first-ever)
  • EMS Yabu ExNMNBNFS (first-ever)
  • RMI all stages UNMNBNFBFS (first-ever)
  • RMI Ex+a NM, and Ex+a NBNFB (both Shrine Team)
  • I took every. Screenshot for EE, EMS, and RMI on the Len'en wiki. Surely that must count as an achievement?

The favourite Touhou screenshots I've taken (all in highest possible difficulty unless otherwise stated) are below.