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Drawing Hobbyist.

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I can be further found on Deviantart.

Large fan of Touhou and watches over DotS page (Defense of the Shrines) as an English user. Corrects small mistakes and updates small bits of information. I may be working on larger pages that people haven't bothered to make yet (like the Gameplay page for Meddlesome Magician). I still need to work on my wiki skills.

Can read a certain amount of Japanese. English fluent.

Play a game with me some time.

Currently Watching Over:

Defense of the Shrines

東方 This user grazes in the fields of Gensokyo.
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I started playing touhou from Perfect Cherry Blossom and worked my way up the rest of the Touhou Universe. The only games I cannot beat on Normal in the main line of Touhou games are Subterranean Animism and Ten Desires so far. I have not yet played Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil, but I do know plenty about the Scarlet Devil group.