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Absolutely Nothing of Worth Here[edit]

Game Progress[edit]


Unless specifically mentioned, the following all happened in Easy Modo[1].

Icon th01.png Both paths clear.
Icon th02.png Made it through Stage 3.
Icon th03.png Got to Chiyuri. Like, once.
Icon th04.png Clear.
Icon th05.png Made it through Stage 4.
Icon th06.png Clear.
Icon th07.png Made it through Stage 5.
Icon th075.png Story Mode all clear.
Icon th08.png Normal Mode Clear with Youmu Solo. I might have just been imagining that, though.
Icon th09.png Got to Stage 5 in Komachi's Extra Path.
Icon th095.png Hell if I remember.
Icon th10.png Can't even beat it with Marisa B.
Icon th105.png Story Mode all Clear.
Icon th11.png Clear with Marisa B (or was it A?) while under minor sleep deprivation.
Icon th12.png Beat Byakuren, then Game Over'd while she was exploding.
Icon th123.png Story Mode all Clear on Normal, with the occasional can of whoopass in online battles.
Icon th125.png Unlocked Hatate.
Icon th128.png Got to Stage 3.
Icon th13.png Beat it I think? I forgot and lost my save.
Icon th135.png Story Mode all clear. Some on Normal.
Icon th14.png Clear with Reimu A.
Icon th143.png 68 scenes clear, 21 without items, 57 nicknames unlocked.


MegaMari: Can't even beat any of the stages.
Super Marisa World: Beat the first three worlds. I think.
Touhou Soccer Moushuuden: Story Mode Clear, Still stuck with Alice's Subscenario.
Labyrinth of Touhou: Got bored while grinding on 30F.
Labyrinth of Touhou 2: Got to 15F, but the music keeps compelling me to go back to 12F.
Marisa and Alice's Trap Tower: Completed the main game.
Fantasy Explorer Nitroid!: Stage 3 platforming too hard, please nerf.
AMaPaNi!: Game clear.
Remidoki: Can't make it through anything that requires actual skill i.e. Remilia's final boss and any part of the other two modes. Working on a walkthrough.
Sakuya's Counterattack: All clear... somehow.
Touhou Meikaidou Kou: I think I may have beaten stage 5.
Touhou Sky Arena (and expansions): So fun, yet so easy.
Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger's Requiem: Easy mode, max lifes, still haven't beat it.
Suwapyon, Suwapyon 2, Suwako-chan no Pacherisu: Degree of progress has been lost in history.
The Legend of Twilight: Idem.
Touhou Madan-Zan CRONICA -Unbelieved Heroes-: Beat 9 stages with Cirno. I'm digging that watermelon sword.
Satori no Dungeon Oukoku: How do I even play this.
Kurenai ma no Kagi: CLEAR ROOM 8. GO TO NEXT ROOM.
Sakuya's Crisis 2: The Linkage of Servant Trial: I have no idea what's going on, but I'm butchering fairies by the hundreds so it's all cool.
Sakuya's Crisis: The Elegant Region Power: As above, minus the fairy massacres.
Ultimate Sunflower Creation: How do you even measure progress in a sandbox game?
Youkai Tan Q Roku: Something something also no clue what's going on here.

Other Games[edit]

Angry Laser Space: Game clear on Hard[2], made it to Stage 9 on EPIC MAN MODE >:C.
Etrian Odyssey IV: 100% complete except for those annoying treasure maps.
Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl: Story Mode clear, messing around in Classic Mode postgame.
Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Way to break the fourth wall, numbnuts.
Pokémon X: Became Champion, caught Zygarde and Mewtwo, finished the Looker sidequest, did some postgame farming.
Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon: All Boos and Gems.
FTL: Faster Than Light: A grand total of four (4) ships unlocked!!![3]
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: Clear. But just barely.
XCOM: RIP Colonel Guy ('_')7 Your sacrifice was not in vain. Like, probably.

  • XCOM Enemy Within: Completed one mis-SQUIRRLEL!

Space Station 13: Assaulted by a giant spider, then murdered.
Real Life: I don't even feel like playing this overrated POS.


  1. Yes, I am worse than grade schoolers. I've had preschoolers beat me at Soul Calibur 3.
  2. As far as you can clear an unfinished game, that is
  3. Seriously, how do people even manage?