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About me[edit]

So, um, yeah. Hi. I'm an amateur comic editor Recently, I seem to be editing mostly Oide's works, but if any translators want someone to edit a comic when they translate it, feel free to ask me. But it has to be translated first. Because, to tell the truth, the ratio of translatable works to editable works right now is way too high... I'm still trying to get a hang of the fancier techniques and tools in Photoshop (i.e. what you might use when editing SFX), but all it means is that I'm a little slow and the end result. As for the the editing jobs I'm willing to do, I can confidently finish Easy mode, Normal mode might trip me up and/or take a while, and I will have to be properly motivated to do Hard (and even then I'm probably not the best guy to do it). I'm slightly lazy, so if editing a particular SFX looks like it will be too much work for the SFX in question, I'll probably just skip it. Then again, this might stem from the fact that I'm OCD a perfectionist about my editing, so... (I have, in the past, spent much useless time trying to redraw the background under text)

My contributions[edit]

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