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Main Profile[edit]

{{{image}}} Name: Jason Winter

Species: Human
Abilities: Drawing, dying a lot, gaming, perversion, roleplaying, writing.
Age: 27
Occupation: Loser - and a loser getting paid for being one at that!
Location: New Mexico, USA
  • Dark brown hair; brown eyes, which are covered with a pair of glasses. Usually wears T-shirts and pants.


Titles: See Character Titles

Casual Touhou player who, as of current, has played Perfect Cherry Blossom, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, and Imperishable Night. Interested in playing other games in the series (when he gets to it, whenever that is), and is/has been enjoying the fun antics of the fandom. Evolves at his own pace, and isn't that particularly good of a Touhou player. Doesn't mind.


See Replay:Zentillion. Only one is currently up, but there will (likely) be more.