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I just wanted to say welcome to the wiki. :D It's great to have more translators on board, especially when it comes to pages that don't usually get much attention. (also i love all yr meta posts on tumblr) Gilde (talk) 03:29, 28 February 2016 (UTC)

Hello! I'm glad to finally be here, I had been thinking of getting an account for a long time. Hopefully I'll be able to be of some help! Other than revision there's always things needing translations after all.
I might need some time before I get adjusted here, and I'd like to thank you again for your help proofreading.
(and thank you very much! i'm very glad to hear that.(/▽\*))

--Huppa (talk) 15:37, 29 February 2016 (UTC)

ULiL vs mode proofreading

Hi again! Dreadfully sorry for the late reply. Nearly all of Koishi, Nitori, Miko, Byakuren, Ichirin, Reimu and Marisa's quotes look good to me. Notes:

  • Nice job with Byakuren's cultural references in particular (^^)
  • I think it'd be good to cut back on apostrophes in the middle of words for Futo's dialogue, as Prime31 noted. (I also like his "I'd thought you better armed!" pun.)
  • Minor things re:Ichirin's second quote VS Mamizou. The TL itself is fine tho:
    • I think 気になる can mean just 'interesting' in addition to 'worrisome' or 'bothersome'? A quick Google search for "気になる" gave results like a blog titled きになるおもちゃ with the URL toy_love, 'save to personal watch-list' pages from a job-search site and a software distributor, and several articles about What Boys Do When They Like Someone™. ...although it's kind of a moot point since 'bothersome' works fine for the context of Ichirin's dialogue too. :V
    • Crossed my mind re:"貴方自身は何のオカルトの真似ごとしてるんですか?" --> maybe she's referring to Mamizou's MIB outfit as the part she doesn't understand? Mamizou mentions her (pretend) Neuralizer in Reimu's ending, so the whole getup is an in-universe thing she's doing
  • Ichirin VS Kokoro: i was the one who made that mistake re:Ichirin speaking about herself and not Kokoro (´・ω・`) thank u for correcting
  • Reimu VS Byakuren: I'm unsure about this one? I think "awfully fitting" would be something like "やばいほど相当な", not the other way around. The dictionaries I'm checking give "considerably" as another meaning for 相当 (eg. #3 here), and Googling "相当やばい" or "相当 (other adjective)" as one phrase gives some results where 'suitable' or 'fitting' would seem kinda weird. Again, not super sure.
  • Reimu VS Nitori: When I originally did this one, I figured Reimu was referring to how Nitori treats her own urban legend as just a cheap hoax that'll still make her money (as opposed to a thing that actually manifested and is following her around, as Mamizou points out in story mode). You make a good case for the alternate meaning, though; I'm not sure whether to change it now either, particularly with the JP commentary you linked. ┐(・へ・ )┌

As for Mamizou's dialogue: old-timey slang sounds like a good idea. I'm a total beginner when it comes to the archaic speech or heavy dialects, though, so definitely ask around. Clarste mentioned in the latest FS draft that Mamizou's dialogue is more 'generic folksy grandma' than anything from a specific place or time period, though, so there's that to keep in mind?

I'm super honored that you requested my proofreading?? Like, seriously, thanks. I hope things turn out well for you health-wise! Gilde (talk) 06:05, 2 April 2016 (UTC)

Hello! I am equally dreadfully sorry. Thank you for being patient with me. First of all: thank you for your kind words! I hope my absence hasn't affected my image too negatively, haha.
  • Futo: One of the sources I was using for Shakespearean suggested the use of apostrophes in this manner and I thought it would be a good way of expressing Futo's switches between formal and informal speech. However I don't have the knowledge to properly know if this usage is correct or not. Either way, I'll see to overlooking it. I'll see to the pun as well!
  • Ichirin vs Mamizou: Indeed the use of 気になる appears relative. It seems common to mix it up with 気に入り which is fully positive, hence why I expressed myself as I did on the talk page. As you say though in this case the scenario might have come out in the favor for "bothering me" either way, but it appears I might have wasted your time with my clumsy way of expressing myself. Sorry about that.
  • Reimu vs Byakuren: I have given this a lot of thought during my leave and you do indeed appear to be correct; my initial retranslation is wrong. Thank you for your input.
  • Reimu vs Nitori: This is honestly still a mystery. I am also leaning towards the first meaning like you, and I was also thrown off by the Japanese commentary. It's two versus one, just the one is a native speaker when we are not...
  • Mamizou: I have finished my Mamizou revisions for her versus quotes. In the end, I did indeed go for a generic speech-pattern for her, because anything else proved way too difficult for me to handle. I am carefully optimistic about the results and open to constrictive criticism. I deliberately choose some sillier words over less silly ones, since frankly her way of talking is so overbearing in Japanese it comes off as kinda silly, especially in more serious situations. I was hoping this would also strengthen the contrast between her and the other characters. I disagree with her being a grandma though, since her speech is rather decidedly masculine, not that that's really reflected in my translation, haha.
It's summer so I'll be leaving tomorrow to stay with a friend in the next town over for a few days, but once I get back I'm looking forward to working on the story mode!

--Huppa (talk) 22:50, 10 June 2016 (UTC)