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Labyrinth of Touhou 2 Talk

Hi! Can you tell, where are the Seeds of the Giant Tree (enemy on the 7th floor) at? Are they met rarely in some specific part of the floor? Haven't met any yet -_- Also, in your Bestiary, there are Jungle Ivies on the 8h floor which have 35th lvl. So far I was fighting only ones having 28th lvl. Are there both 28th and 35th lvls on 8th floor? If that's so, maybe you should add this information in Bestiary. P.s. Also, I would like to ask you to clean up and check the changes I make, just in case. I will really appreciate that. Im going to double-check them in the future, when I'll start NG+. Thank you for the attention ^_^

Hello there! About the seeds, I don't know where they are. It seems to randomly appears. The Japanese wiki here,, says it is located at K-7 of the map but I still haven't found them. Also, about the Lv35 jungle ivy on the 8F, that is a mistake. And about the cleanup, I would be glad to do that.

Bestiary - Enemy Stats

Hi again! ^_^/ I was thinking... we should decide what defences are should be High, Very High e.t.c. Same goes for Attack, Magic, Evasion, Speed, Accuracy and HP.

  • I have some thoughts for Evasion: 0-19 (shouldn't be mentioned), 20-39 (High Evasion), 40> (Very High Evasion).
  • Types of Speed should be based on Bestiary speed and Speed of our characters (except Chen and Aya)... somehow. For example, Wasp on the 1st floor for the time being always gets turn faster than us. Maybe that should be High Speed? Silver-Plated Shark on the 6th floor has ridiculous Speed for that period of game (166 - what the hell?), so in such cases Speed should be Very High...maybe?
  • Speaking of Accuracy, Bandage-Covered Corpse on 12th floor has Accuracy=1060, so he never misses, I guess? Tenshi on 6th floor has 200 Accuracy and she also never misses, so... 200> - Never misses? Most of the enemies and FOEs have Accuracy in range of 100-110, though some of them have 120 and sometimes more, but always <140, so 120-140 should be High Accuracy for them? Some bosses may have higher Accuracy, but it should be stated in their descriptions. I think, it would be 120-159 (High Accuracy) and 160-199 (Very High Accuracy) for bosses?
  • Oozes and Solid Oozes may be the example for enemies with High and Low HP accordingly, I think.
  • Defence and Mind... I think, It should work just like the Speed (being based on the periods of game). Sometimes there may be enemies like Coral Gem (800 - High Defence for that period of game) and Drunk Ice Spirit (3200 - Very High Mind, practically nullifying all magic damage for that period of game). Or like this: attack the enemy with the element he is neutral to (Resistance - 100, for example). If damage is 35% or less than 35% of the max HP - it's High. If damage is REALLY low or nullifyed - it's Very High.
  • Attack and Magic... Same, I guess. Solid Ooze has 890 Attack and he hits hard, so that's High Attack. And... there is a Burning Tree's Sword Spirit on 14th and 15th floors with 16400 Magic. That's a fricking enormous amount (is it supposed to one-shot with Magic spells or it's supposed to be 1640? (extra zero?)). If it's supposed to be like this. so that's Very High Magic for you.
  • So, I hope, you will help me with all this stuff. Thanks in advance! ^_^
P.s. I think, we should delete "Can hit your whole party fairly hard" on some enemies if they don't at least hit as hard as Severing Slash of Devils from 4-6th floors. Well... maybe a bit less than that may be included too.
P.s.s. Also. what's with the Gelatine Cube on 14th and 15th floor? They don't have any stats.

Hi there :}

  • For reference, the monster with highest EVA in the game is balloon bird after flying (128), and the second highest is Void Assassin (100). Other high EVA monsters has at most around 50. So, maybe using that formula just as you say is a good idea.
  • About Speed, I think if the monster get a turn before you, that is "Has high Speed." If the monster gets two or more before you, that is "Has very high Speed". Note that the latter isn't always correct since some enemies can use their low-delay spell and therefore get their turns faster.
  • About Accuracy, most random encounters have around 100-120 except one, bosses has the highest of 200. Bandage-Covered Corpse's ACC is actually 106, having corrected that. Tenshi indeed has 200 Accuracy so it's not unavoidable but I would say it's rarely avoidable. For reference, Gelatine cube has 800 ACC and one of the postgame bosses has 1000 (What the heck?) so that's without doubts unavoidable.
  • Yeah, HP, DEF and MND is just as you say, comparing the stats with other enemies at the period of the game.
  • Yeah, Burning Tree's Sword Spirit actually has 1640 MAG cuz I added an extra 0 and didn't even notice it.
  • P.s. Well, if their attacking stats is not as high compared to others lower floors then I think it's yes. EDIT: I changed it to "Has high MAG" instead (e.g. Forest Fairy) What do you think?
  • P.s.s. The enemies' database that I use has some missing/unnecessary stuffs e.g. enemies that I don't think it is even in the game now. About the Gelatine Cube, the database has the stats for Lv 327 version (dunno, why it is there) but none for Lv 54/61 so I have no idea what stats they have and just leave it as question marks. The only I know about it is that it has very low HP but absurdly high DEF/MND at that point in the game.
P.s. If you don't mind, I would like you to help checking my bestiary. You can see that I made some BIG mistakes like putting extra zero at the end on some enemies and I don't know if I made other mistakes somewhere else so if you can, go here at the top of the page and download the "Enemy Info". that is the database that I use to create the bestiary. Check each stat/resistance and correct any mistakes. If you don't want spoilers, you can just check the random encounter enemies. Thanks! ^_^
P.s.s. By the way, I have checked and corrected some mistakes on your bestiary from 1F to 7F.

Okay, gonna look into that. About Forest Fairy having High Magic... Don't think so? She's the only monster using Magic Attacks, and they don't hit too hard if you invested into Defences of your characters. Though, if to compare her Magic with the Attack of other monsters, yes, she has High Magic and Kuron Nut will be Having High Attack, too. Oh well, let's go with the 2nd variant.

Your Recent Edits

Hello! I'm sorry for suddenly intruding like this, but I notice that you've been making some systemic edits to some key pages recently. You've made some good edits in there (particularly standardising stuff like Ghost/Phantom and Netherworld, etc.) but there are also an alarming amount of situations in which you've replaced a good translation with a less accurate translation, or a less accurate translation with another less accurate translation. Here are some examples:


You changed it to 'The criminal who stops the night will soon realize...'

but there really wasn't any reason to change the original. The imperative form makes it seem like he's telling Kaguya off - something like 'you'd think she'd at least be able to figure out who caused the endless night...'


You changed it to 'The point is an unknown trajectory of the bullets.'

but that doesn't necessarily make it easier to understand. In saying 'point,' I believe ZUN is pointing out the key feature of the card. In other words, it seems like he's saying you can't tell where the bullets are coming from.


You changed it to 'You all didn't change your purpose in the middle of the fight, are you?'

and that doesn't make grammatical sense. The 'are you' at the end doesn't match what comes before. The original line ('Weren't you all supposed to be fighting for something else?') is a loose translation, but it captures the meaning of the original. Again, there was no need to change it.


You changed it to 'Does this means some planets help support our play?'

and in changing it, you've blurred the meaning of the original text and added in some unnecessary grammatical errors ('means' should be 'mean'). The original translation flowed well and reflected the spirit of the original text.

Again, I don't want to discount the good work that you've done through going over some of these key pages, but seeing you introduce unnecessary grammatical errors or inaccurate translations makes me (an impartial bystander) concerned for the other pages you've worked on. In the future, would you be able to make a note on the talk pages laying out the changes you want to make and why you're making them? I think the Urban Legend in Limbo versus mode script talk pages are a good guide to follow. That way we can have an in-depth discussion about how we can make the translations better.

That ended up being a really long post >_> I'm not angry or anything, I'm just a little concerned. Biggest Dreamer (talk) 08:21, 31 May 2016 (UTC)

Hello! Mr. Biggest Dreamer. First off, thank you for your attention and feedback concerning about my wiki editing. I absolutely do not know any Japanese words so I have no idea on what a certain dialogue reflects, or the tone of the dialogue. I'm editing the wiki using the translation from another wiki, in which the author claims to be an expert in Japanese. Also, I'm translating the wiki very literally so that's why the translation has come out as less accurate or less flowing-well as you mentioned.
About the grammatical error, you are right. I was too hasty in editing the wiki that I didn't check it carefully whether it flows smoothly or grammatically correct, which is embarrassing.
Your advice of using the talk page is greatly appreciated. From now on, I will use it whenever I want to make a change. I will begin with the changes that I have made, starting from EoSD. For now, I' m going to revert those mistranslations to what it was before. I also apologize for any mistake that I have made while editing the wiki. Kageshirou (talk) 09:41, 31 May 2016 (UTC)
Hello again! Thanks for replying. There's no need to apologise or anything. You have good intentions, which is great! The EoSD talk page you made looks good, so if you make something similar to that (maybe not for everything, but at least any new edits in the future), that should be fine. Keep up the good work! Biggest Dreamer (talk) 21:22, 31 May 2016 (UTC)

Remilia's Speed

Well, considering Remilia is said the be "faster than the eye can follow" in her IaMP profile, plus Vampires in general are said to be "able to run through the human village within the blink of an eye" according to PMiSS; she might be bluffing, but is a bluff in the sense of appearing threatening to her enemy while showing off her proficiency and capabilities, instead of flat out lying to look cool while doing nothing.

I agree the scene when this happens is pretty vague so I'll leave the self-proclaim about "being able to fly around the Moon in a short period of time" but adding "whether this is true or not remains to be seen" kinda puts someone off if he's looking for feasible information. --Camilo113 (talk) 01:11, 30 May 2017 (UTC)

Character Titles

Sounds about right. I'll try to fix them too if I find some spare time. Thanks for your hard work! --Camilo113 (talk) 01:57, 31 May 2017 (UTC)