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Please don't ask me any wiki-related stuff. I'd just feel annoyed, and won't help you anyway. There should be plenty of other people able to help you.

If not, well, looks like the fanbase isn't that large! :-P

Hi, welcome to Touhou Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Image:Olja 0003.jpg page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Toughpigs (Talk) 16:44, March 28, 2009

I, holy crap dude. Thanks for the props! I'll make sure to link the BGM Extractor when I upload soon! --DarkOverord 19:09, 15 April 2011 (UTC)

Hello, I was reviewing your contribution to the Ten Desires page and was wondering if you had a source for the combined tracks you mentioned? Thanks. -Whoopidoo-

Here's an archive with the combined tracks. There are some floating around imageboards, but I guarantee that this one is flawless and perfectly lines up everything. --NamelessLegacy 14:18, 19 April 2011 (UTC)


Hey, I'm pretty sure there is a piece of code that makes templates parse section headings, do you know what it is ? What I want to do is adding level 5 headers (they look the same as bold text) to the "category" field of the template to make a POC appear, allowing people to link directly to specific music comments. Master Bigode 15:37, 2 May 2011 (UTC)

Just add <h5> tags around the text that should appear as a section heading.
However, this could make the TOC appear inside the first table if it's not already present on the page. To avoid this, just specify __TOC__ in front of the template code (after <includeonly>). MediaWiki will only consider the first appearance of that command. --NamelessLegacy 16:23, 2 May 2011 (UTC)

Hi, I have some issues with the latest release of thmr. The new maintainer removed the readme file and changelogs, and is not distributing the source code for the project. He also does not provide any contact information on his site, and does not link to your previous dropbox page which has lots of useful info (I had to dig it up from the wiki change history). Please let him know. I originally just wanted to request an extra 'wav' output mode, since I encode mine to AAC (but then I noticed that musicroom.cfg is extensible, so I'll just do it myself locally). Theultramage 14:53, 10 September 2011 (UTC)

Sure. I already talked with Alunral about the homepage, and he promised to distribute all the information and source code once a new server is set up (or something like that).
Actually, you should be able to directly contact him via his talk page. No reason to bother me with this anymore :-). --NamelessLegacy 20:04, 10 September 2011 (UTC)


What happened?

Did you lose interest?

Or did some traumatic event occur in your life?

Either way, you will be sorely missed friend!

♥★♦ 17:08, 22 June 2011 (UTC)

If you would just know how much the fanbase will really miss me.
But anyway, yeah, I lost interest pretty much, and I blame that largely on
  • the entire Japanese arrange music scene being so damn shallow and meme-driven, as well as terribly unorganized and unable to deal with its own weight,
  • us Western fans failing to build up any comparable arrange scene where we would have learned from those mistakes and shifted the focus to the communication between arrangers and listeners and
  • the usual wear marks after being a super-primary fan for two years
Yeah, I did my fair share of work to improve the fanbase. But I'm not willing to put more and more months of work into further improving its state when I'm that butthurt already.
During the past month, I elaborated on all this on various other sites, so if you want to know more, I just direct you there instead of rephrasing the whole sermon yet another time:

--NamelessLegacy 01:52, 23 June 2011 (UTC)

You did good while you were here friend.

I hope it wasn't us that drove you away.

I wish you would reconsider, but as you said, if you feel if you aren't making a difference, then it be selfish 4 me to ask you to stay

I wish you warmly!

♥★♦ 03:05, 23 June 2011 (UTC)

Well, it's peoples choice whether to stay or not, it's also peoples opinions about all the stuff said above as many might disagree. Agree with that? Well, hope you find something really interesting out there! (As I already have (lol)) Tony64 (Talk/Con.) 10:54, 23 June 2011 (UTC)

It's quite sad to see someone as amazing as you just leave like that, but... it's not like I can do anything about it, and I kind of understand your point(s). Oh well. I hope you have success in whatever you decide to do in the future, and maybe even maybe give this mess of a fanbase a second try. Thanks for everything. --Zurren 17:19, 13 August 2011 (UTC)

Western Arrange Scene

Western Arrange Scene

Check the progress here.

If you have any advice, please do tell.

♥★♦ 03:19, 31 July 2011 (UTC)

Shuusou Gyoku Text

Thank you for pasting the Seihou Shuusou Gyoku Main Scenario text. I tried writing it all by myself and I had a hard time doing so. :S I'll try to translate it from there, Thank you. --☢☢☢ CAUTION!! ☢☢☢ 10:44, 3 August 2011 (UTC)

Need approval

I haven't forgotten about you, plz give your opinion on these please...

Nazeo Test 0.ogg

Nazeo Test 1.ogg

Nazeo Test 3.ogg

Nazeo Test 4.ogg

♥★♦ 18:35, 11 August 2011 (UTC)

Short answer: Denied.
Long answer: *facepalm*.


Note to everyone else: Further commenting any of those points is pointless, I won't change my opinion. If you agree, act and leave. If you disagree, call me a self-righteous ass and leave. Thank you.
It seems that you still don't get the big picture of what I'm saying.
Did you seriously read and understand my Western arrange scene document? Then why do you try to get my approval by covering some mainstream character themes I stopped caring about long time ago?
This is not what the fanbase needs, goddamnit! And this is the sole reason I even wrote this PDF and created the arrange wishlist in the first place. The fanbase should no longer place its main focus on those popular themes which were already arranged to death. Touhou is such a large and diverse field musically. Yet the content producers only scratch a small surface, over and over again. Really, I'm facepalming and almost crying every time I'll read some fan saying that some rare theme needs more love. Because that's what I've been trying to tell everybody!
Then, I cry myself to sleep, wake up, check my e-mail, and see the 9002nd new chiptune arrangement of U.N. Owen pop up. The irony! Do you now understand why this behavior drove me out of the fanbase? You shouldn't even try to get my approval with this. Really, I feel slightly insulted.
Now, you might be saying "But we all enjoy listening to over 9000 similar arrangements, and hey, the arrangers are having one hell of a time creating those! The fanbase is SO DEVOTED, this is THE BEST THING EVER". Well, then I apparently have a different personality compared to the majority of the fanbase. I can not constantly listen to what's essentially the same few songs for nearly three years now. I can not feed off "memories" when the underlying content never became "old" to begin with, because the fanbase keeps beating this dead horse.
I just won't enjoy creating music if the result will be nothing special to anybody, including myself. I believe it is futile to even try making music when you don't have own, unique ideas, and when the same combination of source, theme and music genre was most certainly been done before much better by some distant, faceless and unreachable Japanese arranger some years ago!
You said you don't want to become a Japanese arranger? Then why do you start out exactly that way, mirroring their behavior? Again, Japan is too caught up in their established, bullshit doujin scene conformity to change anything, and this is exactly the way your oh so almighty god wants things to be! This is why I seek hope in the Western fanbase, which already tends to care more about obscure themes.
You said you don't want to be/remain a secondary? Then why do you behave like a prime example of one? The most crucial flaw in your "Primary and secondary fandom" page was that it appropriated the content production to the super-primary group. This is just wrong. It's exactly the secondaries, those who know the least about Touhou, who produce a vast majority of the content. This is why everything's so shallow in the first place!
In the IRC, you sounded as if you would already start out with covering some of my wishlist entries? Now, I can understand you're just starting out and won't immediately try your hand on one of my ideas. But why do all of the files have my name in the URL? Apparently, you're just doing this for me after all, without being particularly interested in making music...
... You know what's the worst thing about all this? That I apparently have to constantly repost and rephrase all of this every so often. Not only because people like you just don't seem to get it, but more because people seem to agree, yet it doesn't seem to prompt much action and my voice is drowned and sage'd into oblivion. Like "that's nice and all and so true, but let's continue sharing cosplay pictures from the latest conventions, *power level or moe/waifu-ness discussion* and OH LOOK THAT'S SUCH AN AMAZING COSMIC MIND ARRANGE ZOMG".
This way, I can never truly, 100% seperate myself from Touhou like I already wanted some months ago. All the time and effort I already put into this would have been worthless if nothing changes.
Fuck my life.

P.S.: My protip for the next weeks: Don't, I repeat DON'T focus on creating Ten Desires arrangements. With new memes and new oh so moe kawaii desu uguu~ characters, Japan's arrange scene will sure be all over it.
There is (or rather, should be) no pride in being the first one to upload a MIDI rip synthesized through a crappy soundfount and call it an "arrangement". This sort of thing takes time . Just avoid it until there is a clear lack of arrangements of certain themes after the Winter Comiket.
I don't care how good the music will be (heck, my hard drive won't even see this game, for sure). Just pay back the fanbase for how terribly it treated Double Spoiler and Fairy Wars music, heh.

Just my two cents: I believe that things like this happen because way too many people share the same favorites, then feel like arranging their favorites and you get that 9003rd U.N.Owen arrangement. Asking for people to be a bit more diverse if they want to arrange Touhou music is OK, but I don't think that asking them to stop liking the most popular themes is. Not that I know what's the primary reason doujin musicians have to arrange Touhou music, anyway. --Zurren 17:19, 13 August 2011 (UTC)

Serious critique

*sigh* But OK, let's look at this with an open mind.
So, you chose "chiptune" to start out? Hmm... people always think that "8-bit music ran on simple hardware, so it should be simple to make".
However, chiptune music is about more than just using basic waveforms. There is another limitation people often don't realize: the low number of audio channels in those old sound chips (often no more than 4) resulted in a low polyphony. You can't just play full guitar power chords and a melody at the same time if you want "true" 8-bit sound. That old hardware couldn't do that either!
It's pretty cumbersome to try and force an existing MIDI to fit those limitations. You'd better off recreate the song from scratch and perhaps directly use dedicated tracker software (which, however, could be a bit difficult to understand). So, please don't go out and call this "8-bit", because it's everything but.
Still, props to you for not using GXSCC as the obvious synthesizer choice. Actually, those waveforms doesn't sound that much like any 8-bit sound chip either, more like some FM synthesizer.
Also, I might add that most outsiders don't particularly care about your self-imposed synthesizing limits. The always rate your song based on the final result they hear. So, only restrict yourself if the nerdy pleasure you get out of this is more worth than what everyone else thinks of the song.
Thus, you should definitely use all the possibilities of audio production (reverb, EQ and that stuff) accordingly in order to improve your sound. As I said, your music isn't even "true 8-bit" to begin with. It's not supposed to be synthesized by a sound chip. So it's just lame to use that term as an excuse for cheap sound.
If you focus on only one solo instrument (which is what you do here), you need to concentrate all the more on making this one instrument sound natural, varied and interesting. To bring another example, it's just lame to claim to make "solo piano arrangements" when everything you do is just to strip some background instruments and drums and run the rest through a piano soundfount. The results will just sound mechanical and unrealistic. This is not what piano playing is about! And, as I said, it's the same with 8-bit.
And to be honest, entirely relying on modifying pre-made MIDIs isn't what I'd call "arranging music" in the first place (according to some people, it's the sole reason why there's so many TH06/07/08 arranges). And it seems that you did exactly this here. Those tracks are always hard to judge, since I can't easily tell what you did and what you stole from somebody else. I'll just compare those to the original pieces then. You'll sure know if the things I said really apply to your own work...
  • U.N. Owen: Well, there are some slightly wrong chords here and there.
  • Doll Judgment and Satori Maiden: Why did you render those as 8-bit? Those were clearly written for a rock band. Just listen to those guitar chords.
  • Homicide Moon: Oh wait, what theme is this? You should _always_ state your covered sources and themes if you want others to fully appreciate your work. I'm, understandably, a bit out of the loop with identifying Touhou themes... wait, is this Flowering Night? Oh wow, this is actually quite well written! Congratulat...
*googles title*
WHAT THE FUCK, YOU STOLE THAT FROM IOSYS. And the other songs are probably stolen as well.
And yet again, you're doing it wrong. This is not how Touhou arrange music works! It should always be about putting your unique spin on a canon theme. This is just one many arrangements of the original Luna Dial! It's perfectly fine to reference other arranges or other music in general in your work. But what you do here is nothing but outright plagiarism.
Now, I know that you clearly meant this to be "a remix of Homicide Moon by IOSYS". But look, I never heard of that particular song, so I interpreted it as a Luna Dial arrangement, based on the original song by ZUN, and it's a kinda good one musically. Didn't you always say that you don't want to take credit for the work of others? Well, this is exactly what you're doing here, in my view.
If you claim to make "Touhou arrangements", your arrangement will usually be, on the music side, only seen in relation to the original song by ZUN. That's just how the definition goes.

(And if you honestly thought of Homicide Moon to be a "legit Touhou song", this just adds to your secondary score.)
(Actually, it would have been even more sad and ridiculous if you had used the really popular song in Japan instead.)

But in the end, it delights me to see that I'm proved right. You are already better at making music than at web design or video editing.
I'd suggest you to upload those to YouTube. I'll bet you'd instantly get some popularity and subscribers lauding your devotion to Touhou (because hell, that's how this blasted fanbase works, haha). This may motivate you to pursue the idea further. Heck, because the majority of fans just don't know better, it might even be more popular than if you would try to please me (which is, again, something you should not do, because you can't get me back anyway).
Yeah, it will take you years to get really good. But look, you're just starting out like everyone did back then, and you already are on par with the worst of Japan's arrangers :-).
I recently came across this excellent guide on arranging music. I'd really suggest you to read that one if you're interested! Some of the sound creation sections may be especially relevant to the style of music you want to create.
For the future, please only post here if you have something interesting (and I think, by now you should have a pretty good grasp of what I mean with this term). Keep in mind that you just make me rage yet again if you post secondary stuff.
And another tip: If you can't listen to your own music only because "it's bad" and "you're ashamed of it", you did something wrong. --NamelessLegacy 07:29, 12 August 2011 (UTC)

Hey hey hey, calm down! If there's anyone who should be doing this, it's me. We don't even know who you're talking to, and besides, I can't access the IRC, so I know even less what you're talking about. Care to specify? Oh, and I'l address the whole of your post later.

--Sefam 12:11, 12 August 2011 (UTC)

I think he's yelling at Nazeo. Momiji 13:35, 12 August 2011 (UTC)

What I have to say for myself...

...But again, I tried.
I started with 8-bit because it was a start, as I would work on 16, then 32, then 64, and so on.
If you want me to use the original midis, I can do that too, I was just experimenting on the ones already listed (they were tests as I wanted to know if I was heading in the right direction, but due to your reaction, that is a resounding NO, which is all I asked for.)
Also, I really don't care much for what the fanbase trends on, what I care about is getting this right.
So... I'm lost.
Here is a nice bullet pointed list of what confuses me.
  • You call me secondary, yet you rely on me on creating arrange, a grand task
  • You hate my music, yet you want me to keep making it
  • You say I never read your .pdf while I base everything that I do from it and has became my second Bible.
  • I'm a highschool student who doesn't own, or play any noteworthy instrument, and is much less likely to have a band, yet I'm tasked on making ZUN level (Yeah,yeah I know your feelings on him) music, which really hurts my chances for making this work
  • Speaking of the .pdf, you tell me that my website sucks, but I should still advertise for it.
  • Everyone else gave up, yet here I am still trying to make this work
That aside, either you like seeing me fail, or you could tell me exactly what to do (and I read the damn thing countless times)
I still wanna do this, I just need some guidance...
Honestly, I feel horrible that I'm messing up, because you DO expect a lot out of me and that's why I keep trying.
I can't wait for the day you finally go "Yes! My wish has been fulfilled" (or something along those lines) and it doesn't even have to be me to do it. I just want it to come true and so far, you and I had no help so it looks like your stuck with my secondary style until I get better or someone steps in.
(Everyone else, back off. It's me that is messing up, not Nmglc. I just need to figure out how to craft the wish better. Disregard my last statement,no one is obligated to help, and I don't expect them to.)
...Now I'll just bang my face against the wall now.
♥★♦ 23:10, 12 August 2011 (UTC)
Oh my. This turned into a great misunderstanding. You know what, by now, I'm even partly blaming this on my terrible writing skills. Let's try shorter sentences then.
Before I'm saying anything, look at this nice image macro I just came up with. If that contains the 100% unexaggerated truth, I seriously suggest you to get a life outside of the Touhou fanbase. Or to search someone else to be a slave for. Please.
(Actually, if you just were a cute girl, I'd be flattered by all this.)
  • You hate my music, yet you want me to keep making it

I'm fully aware that you're just starting out with music. And you are also aware that you can't create high quality music. Yet.
There you have it. Starting from a complete lack of music knowledge, it would have been impossible for you anyway to create a piece of music offhand that I (or possibly, anyone who knows a bit about music) could thoroughly enjoy.
You'd have to improve at any rate if you really want to fulfill that task. No musician did start out creating great music from day one. And I think it's better to be honest rather than just throwing a mere "cool" at you.
But keep in mind that even one of those wishlist entries should optimally be on an OverClocked ReMix level of quality. It would take any musician several years to reach this level. Heck, even I myself can't exactly reach it currently. Maybe I'll get good enough by next year.
Would it really be worth putting that much time and effort into it? Music should always be about yourself, a way of expressing your creativity. You should not do music just because I told you to. And, to talk about the theme choices again, would it really be worth it when you don't even produce something unique in the end?
You started out with 8-bit because it seemed to you as an excuse for cheap sound. I merely told you that this is not entirely correct and how to improve this and make better 8-bit music. With this, I just want to help you to become better. So if you want to continue, heed my advice. The style of music is entirely your choice.
But if you just said you don't want to do this, then I'd actually be much, much happier than if you would still foolishly try to comply to my wishes, probably even without the slightest hint of talent or enthusiasm.
  • You say I never read your .pdf while I base everything that I do from it and has became my second Bible.

OK... if you really read the document, why did you select those themes to arrange? Even if they just were drafts, it gives a bad signal already. I'll cite the respective sections here:

We don’t need 50 slightly different pop-rock covers of Septette which serve not much real purpose besides clogging up search results for that theme! If arrangers then concentrate their efforts on more obscure themes and/or genres, the fanbase will value those contributions higher, since they are more unique then. This will certainly save especially beginners from obviously wasting their creativity and help them to gain more satisfaction out of their work. In return, the entire arrangement output will become more diverse.

In this context, pop-rock covers of Septette should be understood as a synonym for "every similar arrange of a mainstream Touhou theme". If you didn't get that, well, that would be my fault. I'm sorry.

For example, how often have you heard people say that “music CDs and PC-98 need more love”? That’s right, quite often. Yet for some reason, this doesn’t seem reach the arrangers. At all.

Apparently, this hasn't reached you either, even though I keep telling you this. There is a reason why my wishlist contains nothing but those. Its entire point is that we should throw the same high quality production values used for mainstream arrangements at those different themes for a change.
Well, this just leads to one conclusion. You do not know what I'm even talking about. You know too less about Touhou music. So why are you even doing this in the first place? Shouldn't the wishlist scared you off enough already?
You aren't helping me or anyone in the fanbase when you choose to arrange those themes. You are just making everything worse. If you had just chosen a different theme, I wouldn't have written the entire whining section.
Well, looks there's one thing for you to do now if you want to keep doing this: Put the fangames aside for a while and dive into the depths of canon. Reach level 8, 9 (or even 10 if you like to) on your music knowledge scale. Once you're done, you may even thoroughly understand my position. You know, instead of just blindly following it because I helped you once or twice.

Also, I really don't care much for what the fanbase trends on, what I care about is getting this right.

You should care about what the fanbase trends on. You should recognize what the fanbase needs. And you should find a place where you yourself can participate to the fullest of your skills, bring in your own creativity, and hence, achieve success with whatever you do. Your motivation in doing anything Touhou-related should always be to improve the experience for the fanbase, even if you just aim for a small subset of fans.
Oh, and while we're at it...

BGM extractor related whining

Look. I wrote my music tools because I had the programming skills (well, more or less) and noticed that the Touhou fanbase missed a powerful, no-bullshit, easy to use BGM extractor. The project ended up being successful, and the tool was used by thousands of people. Probably even by those who never used extractors before and relied on cumbersomely crafted and pre-packaged, often inconsistent and mistagged OST rips.
Furthermore, I used those programs to make Fairy Wars and Ten Desires trial OST extraction available as quickly as humanly possible, at least in the non-moonrune world. DarkOverords pretty successful Touhou OST videos were based entirely on this work, and it still is an honor to be credited for that.
I did not care that this would always spoil the music or the personalities of the characters (through the music room comments) for me. I always ranked the interests of the fanbase above this thrill, and this is what devotion is about, in my understanding! Besides, I consider the thrill to deliver the stuff as fast as possible, and the resulting love and admiration from all across the fanbase as way superior.
Heck, even the legendary Atfynt credited me in his Spirit World theme uploads. Kinda astonishing that something of this magnitude was accomplished not by a Japanese, but by a unknown and nameless guy living in some small city in Germany, isn't it?
Beyond that, the Touhou Vorbis Compressor was an unique idea, never seen before. Touhou games can now be stored in 20% of their original disk space, without any compromise for most people. Even though it didn't turn out to be used by the masses, a smaller group of people still really like it. Just ask Tony64.
Without me, probably nothing similar would have ever existed. This is the main thing the fanbase will lose with my departure. ... Well, they aren't forced to lose it, because I made all the source code readily available. Anyone could simply jump in, pick up what I left off, and instantly replace my position.
Wasn't there some translation project of some fangame on Pooshlmer that died because a hacker lost interest and didn't release his tools? Many people complained and were sad about this.
I lost interest in my projects too, but released everything. And what do I, what does the fanbase get in return? I don't check any Touhou sites anymore, but I can picture that people now lay the blame entirely on me. You know, didn't somebody in the IRC once say something like "No one leaves the Touhou fanbase, it's too awesome"?
And right now, I'm sitting here, alternating between trollface and sadface, as dozens of people are directed to an abandoned BGM extractor. It's completely finished and ready, and only needs a few hundred bytes of easily editable data to support the full version of TH13 (and some bugfix to make wiki updating work again, some MediaWiki update probably broke my terrible parser). It's a matter of less than 5 minutes. This would have been obvious to anybody who had taken a look at the source code and the tools that come with it.
However, no one seems to be willing to do it. Yeah, I understand the code is terrible and the framework isn't exactly commonplace, but isn't it better than having to rewrite the damn thing from scratch?
And even if this whining convinced somebody shows up within the next days, it comes at least 10 hours too late, which is something the fanbase should be ashamed of. Is this really the same fanbase that shows the amount of skill to create an unbelievably comprehensive, excellent and more than professional netplay client?
If anyone had been interested, that person would have contacted me by now. But alas, that didn't happen. Now, the project lost its prime chance to shine again. Now, it is truly dead and will soon be forgotten. What great prospect, seeing all my work go to waste because Nobody Cares™.
Well, apparently, that's how things are in a world where doujinshi are translated faster than canon mangas.
I hope it does at least give a signal. That the Touhou fanbase is neither especially large, devoted, and that it does have limits. Especially human factors.

... Anyway, enough about that. I'd wish that you aim for the same goals. Find some place in this fanbase where you become special, maybe even essential. I mean, just look at all the people working on the scenario translations. Most of the Western fanbase depends solely on them. (I'd like to take the opportunity extend my appreciation to all those people. Even though I don't actually care about what the characters are saying.) And if you can't replace me, at least try to replace my devotion.
I recommended music to you because it's pretty much the most foolproof way I know of to engage in the Touhou fanbase and gain success. Furthermore, that document and the wishlist already outlined what you should do in order to become special. It just needs someone interested to execute it.
Again, it's your decision what you want to pursue. Or, in the words of the bronies, you still have to obtain your cutie mark.
  • Speaking of the .pdf, you tell me that my website sucks, but I should still advertise for it.

You shouldn't advertise your site, you should advertise the PDF itself. Maybe your special talent lies in advertising?

I can't wait for the day you finally go "Yes! My wish has been fulfilled" (or something along those lines) and it doesn't even have to be me to do it. I just want it to come true and so far, you and I had no help so it looks like your stuck with my secondary style until I get better or someone steps in.

That day would be when I start to seed the official torrent of Project SRN/YD version 1.0. You see, this has nothing to do with Touhou. As I wrote on the top of the wishlist page, it's too late and I won't care anyway. Really, you could even come to me one year later to show me countless examples of how the fanbase has improved, and I would respond with nothing but bittersweet tears of being born too fucking early. I just can't help but feel bitter everytime when I see how the fanbase fully embraces Ten Desires and its music, when there aren't even any good Double Spoiler and Fairy Wars arrangements yet.
This terrible feel is the source for my entire Touhou hate. It's the disappointment with a fanbase that turned its seemingly infinite devotion into a standard it later failed to comply with. And there is no way the fanbase can redeem itself. The damage has already been done.

yet I'm tasked on making ZUN level (Yeah,yeah I know your feelings on him) music

ZUN is a really good musician and an exceptional programmer, the latter moreso when compared to what's usual in Japan. I can't really criticize his art, but he still draws much much better than I do. I also admire the fact that he apparently doesn't get bored with dragging his own series on and on for so long.
I just don't like that he is that hellbent of keeping Touhou in the doujin scene, even though this entire phenomenon has long outgrown it. And his hate against Western fans and download distribution. Some may think ZUN is an unusually progressive game maker, but for me, he just isn't progressive enough. In fact, all that doesn't make him that much better than most other commercial game companies, in my opinion. And by now, I actually prefer those for being less arrogant. And even releasing patches that fix more minor annoyances than a crash at >1 billion points from time to time.

To everyone: I slowly get the feel that any of the good arguments I ever had are more and more degenerating into annoying whining. I think I should really, finally stop here. And now that Ten Desires was released and everything's sealed, I really have no reason to keep an eye on even this page anymore. Don't expect any kind of answer.

--NamelessLegacy 19:09, 13 August 2011 (UTC)

If this is worth reading...

Ha, it would be way too easy for me to go "I give up".
That's why I still will do this, with or without your support.
I do love your level or programming though (I was able to extract the midis and give those a listen) and I doubt I got this right but basically you want PC-98 and songs like A Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry to have a little more love in the series.
Your message is "Savor the flavor before you jump to something else."
As for the 8-bit, I thought it would allow me to get a grip somewhat on the individual sounds that make a song. However, the channels and triangle and squares threw me for a loop, so I'm aware that they may not be 'true' 8-bit.
I'm not mad at you at all.
You are though, a hard person to understand and I don't think you are whining.
Merely, it's more of a "Come on and wake-up people!" for all the others, as you put it "still listening to 60 remixes of Septette" and clapping their hands in drunken glee.
I see it too. There are a lot more remixes than necessary and it is a shame that no other theme is being paid attention to.
If it seems like I freaked out, I'm sorry, but I really do want to make this happen. I will immediately work on a video/graphic/post to make your Western Arrange Scene a reality.
Your not alone, and I know this isn't much of a consolation, but I will do my darnest to make sure what the Nmglc of the past would have wanted.
Again, this leaves me to say that you need a hug friend, and it doesn't have to me, but you really need a hug.
P.S. - I don't understand why you want me to replace you, as we all know your better than me in every way...
(Oh, and I loled at the marco. It made my day. >:3 )
♥★♦ 03:12, 14 August 2011 (UTC)

Hi :3

I see you on Skype while also streaming on looking at RecentChanges on the wiki. :P Mamizou (talk) 04:32, 26 May 2013 (UTC)


Please get over yourself. Love, OverCoat (talk) 05:23, 9 July 2013 (UTC)