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Reimu apparent age mention (+Kosuzu)[edit]

Hello, I'm leaving a message here just to explain why I removed your estimated age tag for Reimu on her page.

First, as you may have already seen, there was already a (old) discussion on that matter on Reimu's Talk Page. It seems like at the time they decided to remove the age tag from her profile. I also think that the "16+" mention you added is at best unhelpful and at worst misleading: while I can understand giving age approximation for long-living entities, giving an age for a young human is more problematic, as even a few years difference can make her either a child, a teenager or a young adult.

Based on this approximation, it would mean that Reimu was at minimum 3 year old when she solved the Scarlet Mist Incident. Which, of course, does not make sense at all. That is why I think that we should keep the age tag out of her profile until ZUN decide to provide more accurate data about Reimu's age in the future, which is unlikely to happen considering his previous statement on the matter.

As for the Kosuzu page, the value is wrong, since Akyuu is 23 year old this year (this was just not updated on her profile) and I think it's enough to just keep the link to Akyuu without stating the actual value, that way we won't have different values for Akyuu's age due to the lack of updates of all mentions of her age across the wiki.

AlphaPizza (talk) 13:21, 19 October 2017 (UTC)

Hello Alpha,

Thanks for the clarification - I'm very new to the wiki, and I really appreciate you taking the time to write all this out to me. I completely understand your reasoning behind reverting my edits, and I admit to being slightly over-enthusiastic with my own approximations when I started editing. I look forward to contributing more to the wiki and, of course, learning along the way. I'll be sure to be more objective about adding values to pages in the future.

Thanks again,