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The English transcript of Uwabami Breakers for your reading pleasure.


The web distribution of Uwabami Breakers came with an Omake directory with afterwords from Kossetsu Inryou (music), Kiyoma (music), Terutia (level design and graphics), Ruu (enemy programming), Aeju Murasame (sprites), Hatori Fuuga (music), and ZUN (music and engine).


  1. 大衆居酒屋「八岐大蛇」 - Masses Tavern "Eight-headed Serpent"
  2. 夜の社交場「C2H5OH」 - Watering Hole of the Night "C2H5OH" (Ethanol)
  3. 屋上の魔界「サタデーナイトガーデン」 - Rooftop Hell "Saturday Night Garden"
    • Alternate translation to "魔界" could also be Makai.

See also the list of spell cards.


  • Q1. I can't install the game.
  • Make sure you have enough free disk space. Also, make sure you're not trying to install to a directory you can't write to. In the off chance you happen to have a bad disc, contact us for support. (Please try installing the disc on another machine - using a different CD/DVD drive - in this case.)
  • Q2. The game errors out and says "Direct3D initialization failure - you can't play the game like this".
  • Your video card might not support Direct3D.
  • Q3. I get a message saying it can't find dinput.dll or dsound.dll or d3dx9_36.dll.
  • You don't have the very latest DirectX. Please install it using the installer on the CD. (You can also download it from Microsoft's DirectX webpage.)
  • Q4. I get lag.
  • Normally the game should run at 60FPS or higher. You might not have enough video memory. Using custom.exe to switch the display mode to 16 bits or disabling vsync might help.
  • Q5. I want to take a screenshot with one of the masters for posterity.
  • The snapshot key is P on the keyboard.
  • Q6. I can't beat the game.
  • You don't have enough alcohol. Let's drink more.
  • Q7. I played the game and I feel sick.
  • If it's simulator sickness, please get used to it. If you are just drunk, that's normal.
  • Q8. I can see afterimages of danmaku.
  • This is normal if you can dodge them, but maybe you've had a bit too much to drink. Be sure to enjoy responsibly.