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For other uses, see Vivit (disambiguation). This Vivit is not to be confused with Vivit (Erich's daughter), VIVIT-r, and normal stage enemies.
びびっと (VIVIT)

More Alternative Spellings
VIVIT in Kioh Gyoku
All-purpose Android
More Character Titles



Robot (Android)




maid-type, solving errands


Seihou World (Earth)

Music Themes
  • 天鵞絨少女戦 ~ Velvet Battle (Kioh Gyoku)
  • Broken Strawberry Shortcake (Samidare)
Official Games
  • Shuusou Gyoku (Cover, Title Screen, Playable Character)
  • Kioh Gyoku (Cover, Title Screen, Playable Character, Possible Opponent)
Note: This article is part of the Seihou Project by the Doujin circle "Shunsatsu sare do?".

VIVIT is a human-model combat robot from the future, more specifically an android who possesses an ability to change bullets she grazes into energy. She's a "maid-type" robot who's given rather sketchy duties at times by her master Erich. She's powered by cactus energy and is the protagonist of the Seihou Project.

General Information

VIVIT first appeared in Shuusou Gyoku as the playable character then later again appeared as a playable character in Kioh Gyoku. She also officially appeared in the first Project Blank game Samidare by RebRank as the second Extra boss.

Decades ago, a disastrous accident took place that was cause by cactus energy, in which Vivit, Erich's daughter, was sealed away in what's called the "Other Dimension", and the accident forced Erich to become a cyborg. In his sadness, VIVIT was created as a mirror image of his daughter to fulfil his dream: To save his daughter.

She is a little above average and is described as a "balance-oriented type". She has commercial copies of herself, but they weren't for sale as merchandises because of the likeness of both VIVIT and Vivit. However, for some reason in the era of Banshiryuu, she was mass-produced as VIVIT-r, who was described to have "a considerably more twisted personality than even the Vivit of old eras" did. It's unknown whether VIVIT-r in Banshiryuu is the same as VIVIT or if there's some other relation between them, if they're related at all. It is never stated where the original VIVIT went after Kioh Gyoku and Samidare.

Character Basis


Her name is VIVIT. "Vivit" is Latin for "he (she/it) lives". Because she's based on Vivit, who's Erich's daughter, her name was capitalised to show a difference that VIVIT is a robot. She's often nicknamed "VIV", mostly by Erich, which is just an abbreviation of "VIVIT".


VIVIT's design in Shuusou Gyoku shows that she wears a blue and white maid uniform with a red ribbon, where she has grey eyes and long red hair tied with a white hairband. In Kioh Gyoku, she appears with a red ribbon and a brown broom in both games. Her design in Samidare shows that she has blue eyes and her hair is tied into a ponytail with a yellow ribbon. Once again she's seen with a brown broom.

Her alternative design in Kioh Gyoku is same with her normal outfit with different colors: She is shown with purple hair and a brown and white maid outfit with a purple ribbon.

VIVIT's Appearances

VIVIT as she appears in the ending of Shuusou Gyoku.

Seihou Project

Shuusou Gyoku

VIVIT, the perpetual protagonist, was introduced in this game and was given an errand by her master. Unaware of what the errand was, she was attacked by assassins and was confused, namely Milia, Mei & Mai, Gates and Marie. Eventually, she then met her master Erich on the Military Base and discovered that the assassins were hired to test her capabilities of rescuing Erich's daughter, Vivit. Determined, VIVIT heads to the Other Dimension where Vivit was located. Eventually after a long battle with an insane Vivit, she was freed by VIVIT then they went home.

Afterwards on the Extra stage, she was given another errand by her master to search for the Holy Grail where she went to "the East" and met Marisa Kirisame at the Hakurei Shrine. She asked about the Grail, which Marisa knew what it was but was curious, therefore ending up into a brutal battle between the two. After VIVIT defeated Marisa, Marisa was then thudded by Reimu for fighting at the shrine. Reimu then brutally attacked VIVIT with two purification rods before she could explain what she was doing. After Reimu lost, VIVIT told her that she was looking for the Grail, causing Reimu to become confused and start asking questions. Unknown what happened after, this extends onto the Extra stage of Samidare.

Kioh Gyoku

Project Blank

Note: This section is part of Project Blank by the Doujin circle RebRank.
VIVIT as she appears in Samidare.

VIVIT made a guest appearance in the first Project Blank game Samidare as the second Extra stage boss. Her appearance was added by Yoko (blankvision), one of the members of "Shunsatsu sare do?" and RebRank. He wanted to make VIVIT, along with Gates, appear as the Extra stage bosses of this game, whose request was permitted. Her theme was "Broken Strawberry Shortcake", which is an arrangement of "False Strawberry" (フォルスストロベリー), the first stage theme of Shuusou Gyoku. This game was the last time VIVIT made an official appearance and wasn't seen since.

Her personality is just as same as herself from her original series, except that she appears to be more stronger in her danmaku and that her design's changed a little bit, such as eye colour. She was able to surprise C23 on how powerful a robot can be. Following the extra of Shuusou Gyoku, she was looking for the Holy Grail for her master Erich, but it appears she entered another dimension and encountered C23. She states that she needs to find the Grail 'today' to C23, and previously Reimu Hakurei. This indicates that the extra of Samidare took place right after the extra of Shuusou Gyoku. This time round after a long vigourous battle, it was VIVIT who was defeated.



Erich is VIVIT's master and creator. VIVIT will do any errand given by her master, even if it includes destroying spaceships. This shows that Erich has faith in VIVIT. On some occasions however, Erich will attempt to attack VIVIT and order her to defeat him. When VIVIT defeats him, she asks questions such as "Are you OK?" In Shuusou Gyoku, VIVIT was attacked by five assassins who were sent by Erich himself to test how powerful VIVIT is.

In Shuusou Gyoku's ending, she said she'll be "helping out [her] master in every matters," and always has contact with her master so he can see what's going on with certain errands. Everytime Erich tells VIVIT off, such as "Watch your language!" VIVIT will start to feel sorry as she feels that she's upset her master.


Marie likes stalking VIVIT. Whatever Marie says to VIVIT, VIVIT would reply that she doesn't have "interests in those kinds of things." In Shuusou Gyoku, Marie said "I just love girls with... Long red hair, white skin... Just perfect!" VIVIT on the other hand said "She's such a sadistic person indeed. Since then, she asked me out on a date 4 times..." In Kioh Gyoku, when Marie wins against VIVIT, she says "Since I've won... That means you're mine... I won't take no for an answer!" and apparently, Marie keeps sending VIVIT love letters.


Vivit is Erich's daughter. When VIVIT was created, she was based on Vivit. When VIVIT first saw what Vivit looked like, she was surprised to how similar she looks to her and was confused. Once she finds out who Vivit was, she starts to call her "Milady" or "Lady Vivit". VIVIT likes Vivit, and thinks she's a nice person.

Minor Relationships


Whether VIVIT-r and VIVIT met each other is unknown. In VIVIT-r's official profile in Banshiryuu, it states that VIVIT-r has "a considerably more twisted personality than even the Vivit of old eras." In addition, VIVIT hasn't been featured in a game since Samidare. A noteworthy difference between VIVIT and VIVIT-r is that VIVIT-r has a silver attachment on both sides of her ears, whereas VIVIT doesn't.

Reimu Hakurei

VIVIT first met Reimu Hakurei at the Hakurei Shrine in Gensokyo during the Extra stage of Shuusou Gyoku. Reimu came to VIVIT rather aggressively, and VIVIT was somewhat confused to the way Reimu was speaking. She wouldn't let VIVIT speak about what she was looking for, leading Reimu to attack VIVIT. After Reimu lost, VIVIT explained to Reimu what she was looking for, the Holy Grail, but Reimu was confused and started asking questions. In addition, later in Kioh Gyoku, VIVIT thought that Yuuka Kazami looked like Reimu.

Additional Information

  • VIVIT made reference to Reimu in both Kioh Gyoku and Samidare, believing she met her – when talking to Yuuka Kazami – in the former, and referring to her as "red-white" in the latter.
  • VIVIT may have been referenced in the story in the Track 2 section of Dolls in Pseudo Paradise, where Reimu quotes "Oh, that girl... doesn't look like a human nor a youkai."
  • There are actually several VIVITs, namely Vivit (Erich's Daughter), VIVIT-r (Banshiryuu's heroine), and normal stage enemies (Banshiryuu's 4B stage).
  • VIVIT's quite similar to Ruukoto, with both been powered from a environment-friendly source.
  • VIVIT's attacks (mostly involving stars, with her signature move being a meteorite bombardment) and her tendency to carry a broom is very similar to Marisa Kirisame.
  • VIVIT's one of the few characters in the Seihou Project who doesn't need a Spaceship to attack in battle. The others are Muse, VIVIT-r, Hirano Sakurasaki, Yuitia and Icarus.


Official Profiles

Kioh Gyoku - Manual
VIVIT Kioh Gyoku.png ◆ 汎用アンドロイド "VIVIT" ◆


☆ 特徴 ☆

◆ All-purpose Android "VIVIT" ◆

・Maid-type combat robot.
・She adores the inventor Erich as her "Master" ("goshujin-sama").
・In the previous game, in order to rescue his daughter, VIV went on a journey, but misunderstood it as an errand.

☆ Characteristics ☆
・A little above average.
・Balance-oriented type.

Official Sources

Official sources