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For other uses, see Vivit (disambiguation). This Vivit is not to be confused with VIVIT, Vivit (Erich's daughter), and some normal stage enemies.
VIVIT-r in Banshiryuu









Seihou World (Earth)

Music Themes
Official Games
  • Banshiryuu
    • C64 (Cover, Playable Character, Generic Enemy; Stage 4, Stage 4B Boss)
    • C74 (Cover, Title Screen, Playable Character, Stage 4B Boss)
    • v3.000 (Cover, Title Screen, Playable Character, Stage 4B Boss)
  • VIVIT-99 (Playable Character)
Note: This article is part of the Seihou Project by the Doujin circle "Shunsatsu sare do?".

VIVIT-r is a maid-type android from the future and the heroine of Banshiryuu, being a playable character. In her official profile, she was described to have "considerably more twisted personality than even the Vivit of old eras" and earlier in the Seihou Project, there was a maid-type android called VIVIT. For VIVIT-r, it's unknown if she's powered by cactus energy and unlike VIVIT, she doesn't need a broom to fly, but she's run by the energy source device called "RedStorm" discovered by Erich.

Character Basis


"Vivit" in latin means "he/she/it lives". Because she's presumably based on Vivit, who's Erich's daughter, her name was capitalised to show a difference that VIVIT-r is a robot, but may also be based on the original VIVIT's name. It's unknown what the "r" suppose to mean, but one possible meaning to the letter is an abbreviation of "RedStorm".


VIVIT-r's design is very similar to VIVIT's, where she is shown to have gray/blue eyes and long red hair with a yellow ribbon. She wears a blue and white maid uniform with no ribbon and seems to have a silver attachment on her ear. Mysteriously, she has an "Angelic" form on one of the many title screens of Banshiryuu. Her hair goes strait down and she appears to have white angel wings and is nude (but her body is indescript). Also in the ending of the game she has a broom.



VIVIT-r has been given the commend to travel to Mars by her master to resolve the chaos of the RedStorm Project.



Erich is VIVIT-r's master and Erich created VIVIT-r (It's unknown where the original VIVIT is). In Banshiryuu, he believed that it was VIVIT-r who made the machines of RedStorm to go on a rampage (Who turned out to be Yuitia), so he decided to destroy VIVIT-r with everything he has, but he still gives the command for VIVIT-r to attack her own master. After VIVIT-r defeats him though, Erich had entrusted to the intention of VIVIT-r who was searching for the original cause, and gives her the task to go Mars to stop the chaos of RedStorm. Also, Erich appears to not like VIVIT-r playing with his personal stuff when he said "You dare to leave a scratch on my car!".

VIVIT-r will do anything to keep her master safe. She described that "creating me has been the dream of mankind" and "Me standing here is the culmination of the dream, sweat and blood of my master". When she completes an errand, she'll report every little detail on what happened to her master. Erich on some occasions will follow and help VIVIT-r with her errand and says such sayings such as "Move slowly through and graze enemy fire!!", "GET OUT OF RANGE FROM THE CANNON!" and "They're attacking from the rear!".

Hirano Sakurasaki

Hirano Sakurasaki sees VIVIT-r to have "strange power". She doesn't like VIVIT-r to be near her, but is more than happy for her to leave. She believed that VIVIT-r was the "key" to the incident of Banshiryuu. When Hirano says she can feel free to leave, VIVIT-r stands down and gets angry, then she attacks Hirano.

After they battle each other however, they appear to be friendly with each other. In gameplay after Stage 4, VIVIT-r will follow and help Hirano and vice verse.

Minor Relationships


For VIVIT and VIVIT-r to have officially met each other is unknown. In VIVIT-r's official profile, it states that VIVIT-r has "a considerably more twisted personality than even the Vivit of old eras". To add to this, VIVIT has not been seen since Kioh Gyoku. To notice a difference between VIVIT and VIVIT-r, VIVIT-r has a silver attachment on both sides of her ears, and VIVIT doesn't.


It's known that Marie is VIVIT's stalker, but for Marie to also stalk VIVIT-r is unknown. In the Extra Stage of Banshiryuu, Marie says "This time, you're not running away!" acknowledging that she knew VIVIT-r before. However, it's unknown if Marie is aware of VIVIT-r not been VIVIT.

Additional Information


Official Profiles

Banshiryuu - C74 Manual
へっぽこ性悪メイド. 旧世代の Vivit よりも大分


An unskilled, ill-natured maid.

She has a considerably more twisted personality than even the Vivit of old eras.

Official Sources

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