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Voice Mod for SWR and Hisoutensoku

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The Voice Mod for Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Touhou Hisoutensoku is an unofficial voice system for the said fighting games.

The program th105v.exe runs into memory specially for Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, and th123v.exe does the same but for Hisoutensoku. They can be run in its own folder so there is no need to put it in the game folder.


The voice mod (code name: th123v) is created by Kyuusaku(旧作) with helps from other participators. The system is originally given the name "Give Spirit to Touhou Hisoutensoku(東方非想天則に魂を以下略)" and sometimes simply refereed as "Voice Tool(ボイスツール)" or "voice patch(声パッチ)" in Japanese Touhou fan community. [1]. Oww is distributing the voice mods packed in .rar files. [2] An alternative voice mod(code name: th123mtv) is created by a different author named 119 who also contribute help of making th123v compatible with the recent updated version(1.10a) of Touhou Hisoutensoku.

You will need an unpack program to obtain them. Here are the voice mods listed as external links below:

  • th123vβ13 - The Latest Beta voice mod with new features. Includes the program for Touhou Hisoutensoku 1.10(β12) and 1.10a (β13) and a new voice pack for Youmu.[3]
  • th123v - The voice mod for Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Touhou Hisoutensoku [4]
  • th123mtv v014 - The beta voice mod for Touhou Hisoutensoku only [5]
  • th123mtv v020 - The update patch for v014 beta
  • th123mtv v021 - The update patch for the v020 beta [6][7]

Other Downloads:


  • There is a text file by oww that tells you what to do with the voice mod in English. For the th123vβ13, there is an English Readme included as well.
  • If you want to have voices for Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, run th105v.exe which is included in th123v. The voice system can only work for the character of the left side.
  • If you can't close the program, run Task Manager (via Ctrl+Shift+Esc) to find the program you want to close and click End Task. The program will close by itself.
  • v014 tends to crash after a completion of a match in Windows 7 64-bit systems
  • The above note is fixed in v020 and v021
  • The latest voice mod, the th123vβ13 package has programs for Hisouten, and Touhou Hisoutensoku 1.10 and 1.10a. Named th105.exe, th123vβ12.exe, and th123vβ13.exe respectively.


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Voice samples of all characters click here.