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wakaba is a Touhou player proficient in Fairy Wars. As of December, 2011, wakaba held 21 world records out of 25 possible in Fairy Wars.

wakaba made his first record in October, 2010; since then he had been methodically improving most of the known records but the few (most prominently Easy A-2 and Extra), including the overall highest score set on route A-2 on Lunatic mode. By the middle of summer of 2011 his scoreboard activity had waned, although he continued to communicate with other players via Twitter.

Near the end of 2011 wakaba resumed with the contributions to Royalflare, making a couple new Fairy Wars records as well as trying other games, such as Imperishable Night, for which he recently posted a Hard-B score of 2.91 billion made with Yuyuko; this score had been a world record for a day until it was reclaimed by YASU with 3.14 billion.

Due to inactivity, as of the end of March 2013 all his high scores have been beaten by other active players such as みぞる, clock_eu26 and CLR.