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Wanyuudou (輪入道, lit. "Wheel Priest") are creatures in Japanese mythology and are quite popular youkai. Wanyuudou usually appear as a giant, shaved monk's head trapped within a flaming ox-cart wheel. Wanyuudou are servants of Hell, but will spend most of their time on Earth searching for impure souls to take back to Hell with them. Wanyuudou are constantly suffering thanks to the pain inflicted upon them from the flames and the wheel. Whenever a wanyuudou finds an ideal victim (usually a criminal or a corrupt priest, but can also be an ordinary person), they drag the person back to Hell to be judged and damned. The wanyuudou repeats this process until the sins they committed during their lifetime have been redeemed. Whenever a wanyuudou is spotted, smart townsfolk stay at home and away from all windows and doors to avoid being noticed. Anyone who is extra cautious will decorate their homes with demon-repelling prayer charms in hopes the demon wheel would not come near. Even witnessing a wanyuudou is enough to inflict a curse unto the entire family and most would have their souls ripped from their bodies and brought to Hell by the demon wheel.

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