Waterfall of Nine Heavens

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九天 (きゅうてん) (たき)
Waterfall of Nine Heavens
kjɯᵝːtẽ̞n no̞ ta̠ki
Waterfall of Nine Heavens
The Waterfall of Nine Heavens as seen in Mountain of Faith.

Youkai Mountain

Official Games

The Waterfall of Nine Heavens (九天の滝 Kyuuten no Taki) is one of the many large waterfalls of the Youkai Mountain. White Wolf tengu patrolers such as Momiji Inubashiri hide behind the waterfall, watching for intruders and launching surprise attacks if any such are spotted.

Background Information

It is likely the waterfall receives its name from Li Bai's poem "View of a Waterfall at Lushan", where the famous Tang Dynasty poet expresses his admiration of the majestic waterfall in Mount Lu:

Sunlit, the Incense Summit, aglow in smoke and steam;
To afar like a shimmering curtain, a waterfall hangs up-stream:
Rolling, flying, fluttering ~ plunging three thousand feet,
As if ‘twere the Silver River, falling from Heaven Supreme.[1]

"Nine Heavens" is the literal translation of 九天 (Kyuuten), though the translator here has opted its metaphorical meaning "Heaven Supreme".


Mountain of Faith

Stage 4 of Mountain of Faith took place along this waterfall. The theme "Fall of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall" is associated with this location. Here, the heroine will fly up the waterfall, only to be attacked by fairies and sunflower fairies, who were hiding behind the waterfall. Halfway, they'll be attacked by Momiji Inubashiri, who's quickly defeated. By the time they get to the top, a group of crows will fly through the screen and Aya Shameimaru will show her face.

Double Spoiler

The waterfall appears on the spoiler stage of Double Spoiler, where Aya Shameimaru and Hatate Himekaidou will encounter each other, insulting each other's newspapers and declaring war, trying to take each other's photos of their danmaku. There are 9 scenes in this stage.


  1. Translation by Andrew W.F. Wong, from "李白: 望廬山瀑布 Li Bai: View of a Waterfall at Lushan", Classical Chinese Poems in English.