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MS 1st Stage Midboss
Sprite of the midboss in Mystic Square




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This presumed-demon is the first stage midboss of Mystic Square character that appears on the road to Makai. Based on the story of the game, it's presumed that she's a resident of Makai. Once she appears on the screen, a electrified ring of some sort with four blue circles on it appears around her than starts spinning clockwise at a speed, where she starts attacked the heroines when danmaku will start spitting out as she orbit anti-clockwise around the screen. Once defeated, she drops an S power up item. She appears to be simply a stronger demon and that seems to be one of the many demons leaving Makai. Since she's got no dialogue with the player, nothing is known about it.

Background Information

Like any other midboss, this character is nameless. Japanese fans will usually refer to her as "MS 1st Stage Midboss" (怪綺談一面中ボス), while some of the western community would refer to her as "Hinamei". However, in relation to fan-names, various Japanese sources believe that this enemy, along with other demonic stage enemies, are in fact fairies. Hence, pixiv refers to her as "Wheel Fairy" (輪妖精 Wayousei) (referencing the electric ring around her), while this wiki took the liberty of changing this to "Wheel Demon". The fact that there's no evidence of fairies mentioned in the game along with the game being based on demons disproves this.

Her sprite shows that she's wears a red dress and blonde hair with a red ribbon. The sprite appears to be reused later on for general stage enemies on stages 5 and 6 with a lot of clones, suggesting to be a midboss turned common enemy, or that the midboss is just another mere enemy. However, stages 1 and 3 enemies of demons also resemble this midboss, with a difference of having a blue dress and having arms not stretched out. Excluding the red dress, she somewhat looks similar to Rumia.

Additional Information

  • She is the first midboss to share the sprite of a stage enemy, where the next to do this is the first stage midboss of Ten Desires, which is a divine spirit.


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