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The English Transcript of White Names Spoiled Past.

The Japanese transcript has also been included in order to encourage fellow translators to chip in and make our translations more accurate/helpful.



In-Game Dialogue[edit]

  • Pre-Extra - Question screen and hint conversations for unlocking the extra stage

Other Translations[edit]

Difficulty Level[edit]

Like most Touhou games, each of the difficulty levels has a special name. Each level is named after a famous crime fiction protagonist or author.

金田一級 Easy Mode
Kindaichi Level Easy Mode
江戸川級 Normal Mode
Edogawa Level Normal Mode
ポワロ級 Hard Mode
Poirot Level Hard Mode
ホームズ級 Lunatic Mode
Holmes Level Lunatic Mode
右代宮戦人級 Extra Mode
Battler Ushiromiya Level Extra Mode

Stage Titles[edit]

There are three stages in the main game, with several variations based on the player character and current loop, plus an Extra Stage.

Prologue 神々の見解 The Gods' Opinions
Stage 1 波の皇帝と利用された策士 The Empresses of Waves and the Tactician they Used
Stage 2 霧の中の影と蛇 A Shadow and a Snake in the Mist
Stage 3 三者三様の見解 Three Parties with Three Opinions
Extra Stage 真実の行方を求めて Seek the Whereabouts of the Truth

Spoiler Guidelines[edit]

A translation of NRT's spoiler guidelines, posted on the official development blog. With the release of the Extra Stage on Jan 24, 2015, these guidelines no longer apply, and are only preserved for posterity.