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 Story   Reimu and Tokubi's Extra
 Marisa and Shiragiku's Extra
 Sanae and Minayu's Extra


次のルートを時系列ごとに並べなさい Arrange each character's route in chronological order.
 霊夢  魔理沙  早苗   霊夢   魔理沙  早苗
1周目  1周目  1周目  2周目  2周目  2周目
Reimu  Marisa  Sanae  Reimu  Marisa  Sanae
Lap 1  Lap 1   Lap 1  Lap 2   Lap 2   Lap 2
Select who caused the incident
in each of the above routes.
得敏   皆故   白菊   異変解決済み Tokubi   Minayu   Shiragiku   Incident resolved


Hint 1: You thought you'd unlocked the Extra Stage? Too bad![edit]

Hint 2: First, figure out the timeline[edit]

Hint 3: Too many options[edit]

Hint 4: Narrowing down the options[edit]

Hint 5: The rules of a mystery[edit]

Hint 6: Congatulations on clearing Lap 1![edit]

Hint 7: Congratulations on clearing Lap 2![edit]

I give up![edit]