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White Names Spoiled Past/Story/Prologue

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 Story   Reimu and Tokubi's Scenario - Part 1
 Marisa and Shiragiku's Scenario - Part 1
 Sanae and Minayu's Scenario - Part 1

第129季 初夏 Season 129 - Early Summer


The Hakurei Shrine.

The cherry trees' leaves grew a deep green, and the flower-viewing parties would soon pass into fond memories. As the season turned, Gensokyo suddenly went through a huge disturbance.


Reimu "What's going on? The Human Village is in total chaos!"

博麗神社の巫女、博麗霊夢は突然の事態に困惑した。幻想郷の人々が、突然物事を記憶できなくなったのである。人里はたちまち社会としての機能を失い、このまま放置すれば大変な事態になる事は誰の目にも明白であった。 Reimu Hakurei, shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, was deeply troubled by the sudden incident. The people of Gensokyo had become unable to form memories. Businesses in the Human Village had become unable to function, and it was clear to anyone that the situation would become even worse if things were left alone.


Reimu "Seems like it's been a while since we've had an incident this dangerous..."

霊夢はまずこれ以上人々が影響を受けないよう、人里に結界を張った。しかしこれはあくまで対症療法。ほんの一時しのぎに過ぎず、すぐさま異変の犯人を退治しなければならなかった。 To begin with, Reimu set up a barrier around the Human Village to prevent any further influence on its people. However, this only treated the symptoms, and not the cause. It was nothing more than a temporary measure; she had to exterminate the culprit behind the incident without wasting any time.


Reimu "Setting up the barrier took a lot of work. Gotta hurry."

霊夢がいざ異変解決に乗り出さんとするその時、博麗神社に一人の訪問者が現れる Just as Reimu was about to set off to resolve the incident, a visitor appeared at the Hakurei Shrine.


Reimu wasn't the only one to sense the incident.

An ordinary magician, Marisa Kirisame, was making preparations to resolve the incident in her magic shop.


Marisa "A'ight, this should be good. Whatever power can manipulate memories on a scale like this... I'm gonna make it mine for sure!"

魔理沙が意気込んでいると、魔法店に一人の訪問者が訪れた… As Marisa gathered up her resolve, a visitor appeared at the Magic Shop...
さらに、守矢神社の巫女、東風谷早苗もこの一大事を収束させるべく、解決に乗り出さんとしていた。 And even Sanae Kochiya, shrine maiden of the Moriya Shrine, was preparing to set out and resolve this catastrophe.


Sanae "The Human Village is in quite an uproar right now. I'd better hurry..."

いざ出発しようとした時、守矢神社の鳥居に、一人の訪問者が佇んでいた… Just as she was about to leave, she saw a visitor standing under the Moriya Shrine's gate...
遡る事数日、霊夢達の与り知らぬ所で、別の騒動が勃発していた。 For several days now, unbeknownst to Reimu and friends, another disturbance was occurring.


Amongst the innumerable gods living in Japan, there are more than a few who quarrel rather than getting along.

The goddess of plants, Kayano-hime, and the goddess of fire, Atago, often battled each other over various disagreements.
And at present, Gensokyo had been chosen as the stage for one of their duels.




??? "You wouldn't even think they were fellow gods, what with this horrible war."

??? "Oh, don't say that. I mean, your faith may be at risk here as well."
??? "That would be bad. After you went out of your way to grant it to me and everything..."
??? "Then that 'power to forget' is something you should protect at all costs. Don't let your faith be overwritten by their lot..."

??? "Until I can get my memory back, I'll erase them as wonderfully as I can. With this white name I've just been given, untinted with any color, I'll erase their horrid memories of the past!"

神々はそれぞれの思惑を胸に、人間に接触する事を決意した。 With their own separate intentions in mind, each god decided to reach out to a human.
 Story   Reimu and Tokubi's Scenario - Part 1
 Marisa and Shiragiku's Scenario - Part 1
 Sanae and Minayu's Scenario - Part 1