Wild and Horned Hermit/Volume 1

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Wild and Horned Hermit
Wild and Horned Hermit Vol.1



June 27, 2011






Aya Azuma





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Wild and Horned Hermit Vol.2



Compilation Version

WaHH Vol 1 Complete

Compilation of volume 1.



Chapter One: The One-Armed Horned Hermit (July 24, 2010)

Translated by glasnost, edited by Rukaroa

Summary: Someone leaves a "kappa's arm" at the Hakurei Shrine. Reimu decides to turn it into a goshintai and send Marisa to the human village for supplies. At the entrance to the human village, Marisa bumps into a girl, who claims she was remembering everything since her birth as a means to extend her lifespan. Marisa then returns to the shrine, and Reimu sets up the goshintai. Almost immediately, the strange girl Marisa met turns up at the shrine to see the kappa's arm, even though Reimu had not yet advertised the kappa's arm. The girl introduces herself as Kasen Ibaraki, a hermit who apparently visited the shrine before and already knows Reimu, and she claims she heard about the kappa's arm from some birds. She gets Reimu to show her the kappa's arm, but is disappointed when she sees that the "kappa's arm" is a mechanical extending arm. Afterwards, Marisa invites Kasen to visit the shrine more often.

Chapter Two: The Intentionally Abandoned Technology and Hell (September 25, 2010)

Translated by glasnost, edited by Mae, Rukaroa and Foxtrot

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Summary: Above the Underground Geyser Center, Kasen, concerned that evil spirits are appearing above ground, puts up a sign declaring "only people who want to die should come near" (due to the presence of poisonous gases and evil spirits). At the Hakurei Shrine, Sanae tries to explain to Reimu and Marisa that nuclear reactor in Former Hell is inefficient. Kasen drops by to listen in, and Sanae reveals that Kasen also lives on Youkai Mountain. Sanae then gives them an explanation of cold fusion and asks Reimu to call upon the god of metals to provide some palladium alloy for an experiment. A few days later, Sanae and Kanako perform the experiment successfully.

Chapter Three: The Criminal's Gold Mine (November 25, 2010)

Translated by glasnost, edited by Mae

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Summary: Kasen goes to the Hakurei Shrine and finds some vengeful spirits gathering around a small pile of gold. Kasen orders Reimu to tell her where she got the gold, and Reimu leads her to the hot springs near the underground geyser center, where Marisa and the kappa are digging for gold. Kasen then orders Reimu to put back the gold since the gold was formed from humans' desires and infused with the essence of vengeful spirits. Kasen also explains that metals such as mercury and arsenic are similarly formed, and Marisa notes that they are often used in magicians' experiments. Komachi appears at Kasen's dojo to remind her that the shinigami are monitoring her.

Chapter Four: An Artificial Lake of Faith[1] (January 25, 2011)

Translated by glasnost, edited by Mae

Summary: A landslide occurred near the kappa's hideout, and Reimu, Marisa, and Kasen go investigate. The landslide had blocked the river, creating a natural dam and a lake near the base of the mountain. The three meet Kanako at the lake, where they discuss the advantages of dams. Kanako ends up removing the dam and the silt, and proceeds to direct a kappa to build another dam. Sanae mentions that the dam was planned long before the landslide. Suspicious, Kasen confronts Suwako about the real purpose of the dam: to create a lake as a "base" that's more convenient for worshipers. Suwako remarks that the landslide was the result of the kappas' attempt to build the dam in one night and that construction of the current dam is will be canceled since the kappa work poorly in groups.

Chapter Five: The Hermit's Duty (March 28, 2011)

Translated by glasnost, edited by Mae

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Summary: Frustrated that her shrine isn't attracting visitors, Reimu decides to ask Kasen to teach her a few techniques that can help her attract worshipers. Put off by her ambitious attitude, Kasen summons a dragon to take Reimu to her dojo for training for a few days. After the training is completed, Komachi visits Kasen and tells her that she is impressed with Kasen for performing her hermit duties. However, Komachi also explains that Reimu is too simple-minded to have any ill intent, and that she'll return to normal very shortly.


  1. ZUN announced on twitter that ": Part One" was put on the title and it was a misprint. <link>