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Wild and Horned Hermit
Wild and Horned Hermit Vol.2



March 27, 2012






Aya Azuma





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Compilation Version

WaHH Vol 2 Complete

Compilation of volume 2.



Chapter Six: The Invisible Poison the Thunder Holds (May 25, 2011)

Translated by glasnost, edited by Mae

Summary: Kasen and Sanae visit the Hakurei Shrine to find a very lethargic Reimu and Marisa. They tell Kasen and Sanae about a strange creature they had found after the thunderstorm on the night before, hoping that the creature would help solve Gensokyo's energy crisis. After poking through the shrine, Kasen finds the creature, a raijuu she was taking care of. She realizes the raijuu was responsible for the thunderstorm. She also notes that the raijuu is poisonous; the poison, found in the lightning it creates, causes people who see its lightning to become exhausted and lose their ability to think. Kasen has Sanae prepare some corn, which counteracts the raijuu's poison, for Reimu and Marisa.

Mirror : http://www.mediafire.com/?bcqc6nha4gdhgfw
Raw: http://www.mediafire.com/?y82f8333o739r7p

Chapter Seven: The Real God of Fortune (July 25, 2011)

Translated by Clarste, Nietz (Gaku-Touhou), edited by Clarste, Mae (Gaku-Touhou)

Summary: Marisa hears that a god of fortune has visited a soba shop in the Human Village. When she tells Reimu about the rumor, Reimu decides to have the god visit her shrine. The next day, Reimu leaves a broom on the ground, hoping the god of fortune will appear and start sweeping. After Reimu's scheme fails, Marisa then tells her that the god is a shy human who is always smiling and resembles a fukusuke doll. The god wanders the village, appearing to enter shops at random, though every shop he has visited has prospered. Sanae recognizes the god as Shirou Sendai. Kasen then reveals why the places he visited prosper: because those shops are already committed to prospering.

Gaku-Touhou Version: http://gallery.gensokyo.org/archive/Aya_Azuma_and_ZUN_-_Wild_and_Horned_Hermit_CH07.zip
Raw: http://www.mediafire.com/?ii9tt2t3jrnjycb

Chapter Eight: The Fox's Trick (September 24, 2011)

Translated by Clarste, Nietz (Gaku-Touhou), edited by Clarste, Mae (Gaku-Touhou)

Summary: After last night's party at the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu wakes up and discovers a youkai fox, who tries to disguise herself as Marisa but is quickly outed. Reimu was about to exterminate her when the fox tells Reimu where to find some spare change and cleans up last night's party. When Reimu tries asking for more money, the fox tells her how she can get that. Over the next several days, the shrine is teeming with visitors. Kasen discovers a tube fox attached to one of the visitors and confiscates it. She tells Reimu and Marisa that though the tube fox can gather wealth and fortune it will also completely drain the vitality of the spellcaster. Reimu confesses about the youkai fox to Marisa and Kasen, and swears to exterminate all youkai on the spot.

Gaku-Touhou Version: http://gallery.gensokyo.org/archive/Aya_Azuma_and_ZUN_-_Wild_and_Horned_Hermit_CH08.zip
Raw: http://www.mediafire.com/?jxtfdj8pmemtk46

Chapter Nine: New and Old Youkai (November 25, 2011)

Translated by Clarste, Nietz (Gaku-Touhou), edited by Clarste and Hylarn, Mae (Gaku-Touhou)

Summary: Reimu has found the youkai fox who swindled her in the previous chapter and plans to exterminate her. Kasen wonders if Reimu is being too harsh, pointing out that not all youkai have bad intentions. Reimu then proceeds to lecture Kasen on the nature of youkai. At that point, Mamizou appears at the shrine because she believes Reimu is behind the attacks of several residents of the Myouren Temple. However, since the attacker managed to remain unseen at each attack, they conclude that the culprit is a youkai. A few days later, Kasen was asking Reimu to not be so harsh on some youkai when a mysterious mist appears striking down Marisa and Reimu. The mist collects to reveal Suika, who "attacked" the residents of the temple as part of a greeting. Kasen disappears before Suika can see her, having recognised the mist on touch and not wanting to be "revealed"...

Gaku-Touhou Version: http://gallery.gensokyo.org/archive/Aya_Azuma_and_ZUN_-_Wild_and_Horned_Hermit_CH09.zip
Raw: http://www.mediafire.com/?o34imu0v3pcqeh2

Chapter Ten: The Otherworld of Hahakigi (January 25, 2012)

Translated by Clarste, Nietz (Gaku-Touhou), edited by Clarste, Mae (Gaku-Touhou)

Summary: With her errand-eagle Kume growing old and forgetful, Kasen decides to start training his replacement Kanda. As finding the way back to a hermit's home is a skill that takes a long time to learn, Kasen decorates a tree with orbs of light to act as a landmark. However, on learning from Marisa that people are seeking out this tree in the belief it grows jewels, she quickly replaces the lights with a less-conspicuous Brocken Spectre. Marisa is still curious about the tree's odd shadow and sets off to investigate; spotting Kanda with supplies, she manages to follow him back to Kasen's dojo. Another few days later, Marisa brags to Reimu about her plans to visit Kasen again and "borrow" some valuables.

Gaku-Touhou Version (+ Extra): http://gallery.gensokyo.org/archive/Aya_Azuma_and_ZUN_-_Wild_and_Horned_Hermit_CH10.zip