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Wild and Horned Hermit
Wild and Horned Hermit Vol.4



May 27, 2014






Aya Azuma





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WaHH Vol 4 Complete

Compilation of volume 4.



Chapter Sixteen: The Oni's Drinking Vessel (April 10, 2013)

Translated by Clarste, Nietz (Gaku-Touhou), edited by Clarste, Mae (Gaku-Touhou)

Summary: As the day of the annual flower viewing approaches, Reimu brings Marisa and Kasen to the shrine to persuade them to help her out, since putting parties together is a lot of work. She asks Kasen to bring food and sake again, since they were a big hit. She offers to bring the sake if Marisa gets the food. The next day, as various youkai are gathered for the flower viewing, some people are wary of the sake Kasen will be bringing. When she arrives, she shows everyone the sake worm in the vase of sake she brought, which turns water into sake overnight. It's a huge hit. She later explains to Marisa that she used a trick - she use a sake dish owned by a certain acquaintance that raises the quality of sake poured into it. In addition, she has a "drinking box" that will grant sake poured into it the effect of curing illnesses and injuries. If the drinker is already healthy, it grants them strength, but at a cost... Everyone gets wind of that and tries to drink from it. The next day, Sanae Kochiya comes to visit. She finds an extremely grumpy Reimu and a Marisa who is punching everyone in the face. She leaves and finds Kasen who warns her to stay away from them for now. Kasen explains that the personalities of those who drink it turn into that of onis. She also finally mentions that if it actually ends up healing your body, your actual body would become an oni. Sanae points out Kasen's bandage-covered arm, but she explains that she needs to drink from that box or else the arm would completely rot away - it will never heal. Just then, Suika Ibuki appears above them after having gotten a tip from Yuugi. She says to herself that Kasen didn't have to keep hiding, and that she hasn't seen her in a long time, but leaves, not wanting to blow her cover.
Note: This chapter takes place concurrently with Forbidden Scrollery chapter 6.

Gaku-Touhou Version: http://gallery.gensokyo.org/archive/Aya_Azuma_and_ZUN_-_Wild_and_Horned_Hermit_CH16.zip

Chapter Seventeen: The Rainy Season's Rare Stone (June 14, 2013)

Translated by Clarste, edited by Clarste

Summary: In the middle of a rainstorm, Marisa frets over leaks. At the Hakurei Shrine, Kasen drops in on Reimu, who has decided to make some plum wine using plums from her cursed goshintai tree (WaHH Chapter 15). While Reimu looks for a heavy stone to place atop the fermentation jar, Marisa comes by with a stone from her house, originally stolen from the Shrine, that she wants Reimu to investigate since it keeps dripping water. Kasen calls it a Weather Stone, a rare object that appears when seasons change, and that the moisture is the breath from a creature inside the stone. Specifically, a dragon resides inside, with the stone growing to accommodate its size. Reimu builds a shrine for it and attempts to attract visitors, but the stone doesn't grow at all. Kasen explains that it might be a Fish Stone, instead, and that might be a good thing it's not a Dragon Stone, since its birth could be accompanied by a devastating thunderstorm. By chipping away at the Stone to reveal the fish inside, it's also said by Kasen to be quite beautiful. Reimu and Marisa try to do so, only to break it, so they place the two goldfish inside into a fishbowl. Deducing that Kasen must have a Fish Stone and Dragon Stone, Marisa asks to see it. After revealing an unpolished Fish Stone, Reimu guesses that Kasen was testing the to see that it could be done. She also reveals that her Dragon Stone had already hatched, becoming her pet dragon.

Chapter Eighteen: The Hermit as a Religious Figure (August 10, 2013)

Translated by Clarste, edited by Clarste

Summary: During a boom in religion, Reimu's Shrine experiences a surge in popularity. Marisa notes to Kasen that her religious rivals, the Buddhist Myouren Temple and Taoist Toyosatomimi no Miko and her followers are, too. Ordinary methods for gaining followers won't work, so duels for popularity have become the norm. After remarking that Kasen is a Taoist, as she's a Hermit, she talks with Reimu. She says that an epidemic of pessimism is to blame and that it's the job of a preacher to capitalize and bring salvation in times like these. Reimu also declares her a rival. Becoming concerned with her proper role as a hermit, Komachi suggest she talks to her colleagues, the Taoists. She visits the Divine Spirit Mausoleum in Senkai and meets with Miko. Miko says she became a Hermit to overcome her humanity and that as Kasen notes, is taking followers for the same reason as Reimu. As she leaves, she tells Miko that she became a hermit to become closer to people. Next, as Reimu and Byakuren fight, Kasen places a best on Byakuren while encouraging Reimu, confident she would lose because she got too cocky, as per usual. Seeing the true nature of the duels, Kasen decides she has no need to try and act as a religious authority.
Note: This chapter takes place concurrently with Hopeless Masquerade.

Chapter Nineteen: A Sake with History (October 10, 2013)

Translated by Clarste, N-Forza, edited by Clarste

Summary: Sanae Kochiya and Reimu discuss the incident in Double Dealing Character. As Reimu's purification rod hops around as if it were alive, Sanae is disappointed she didn't get to participate and wonders why her own wasn't affected. Marisa says it's because she hasn't used it often enough. Though Reimu laments that she didn't notice the incident sooner, Sanae remarks she was just lazy. After, Reimu tries forcing her to drink, but Sanae says that doing such a thing is rude and old fashioned in the Outside World. The two argue and using an old poem by Ootomo no Tabito, Reimu says Sanae is simply too uncultured to understand drinking. Reimu says the next day she is frustrated that her efforts during Double Dealing Character went unrecognized. As Sanae complains to Kanako about the previous night and her inactivity during Hopeless Masquerade and Double Dealing Character, Kanako says it wouldn't have gotten any more worshipers. Instead, she says that the cableway to Moriya Shrine was nearly complete. Using a method for revenge suggested by Suwako, Sanae presents Reimu with modern sake, and a long, but bogus story of its history, rife with names of those who've made a fool of themselves while drunk. Kasen says to herself that Sanae might just be frustrated not being able to participate lately.
Note: This chapter takes place just after Double Dealing Character.

Chapter Twenty: The Unfortunate Tori-no-Ichi (December 10, 2013)

Translated by Clarste, N-Forza, edited by Clarste

Summary: Reimu prepares for a multi-day festival to celebrate Tori no Ichi (酉の市), an event in November where people pray for business success by buying "kumade", or Japanese rakes, and other good omens, though Kasen notes the bogus kumade also sold at the festival. Kasen runs into Marisa, who's selling various items she found during the Hopeless Masquerade and Double Dealing Character incidents. While walking around the festival, Kasen accidentally walks into a stall run by Suika. Suika says she knows what Kasen is planning, thinking she wants to break through the Great Hakurei Barrier in an attempt to look for her arm, using Tori no Ichi to do it. After deducing the true nature of Tori no Ichi as a custom to prevent winter fires, with the kumade used to protect oneself from fires, Kasen warns Reimu, who refuses to shut down the event. After the bad kumade catch on fire, it spreads throughout the festival, like Kasen thought. She calls on her dragon and starts a thunderstorm, saving the Hakurei Shrine which, according to Reimu, if it had caught on fire and been destroyed, would have weakened the barrier.