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Wild and Horned Hermit
Wild and Horned Hermit Vol.5



December 27, 2014






Aya Azuma





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Compilation Version

WaHH Vol 5 Complete

Compilation of volume 5.



Chapter Twenty One: Onis Out, Stomachs In (February 10, 2014)

Translated by Clarste, N-Forza, edited by Clarste

Summary: Following Tori no Ichi, Kasen rushes toward the Hakurei Shrine after seeing smoke, thinking another fire has begun. Instead, she find Reimu cooking soybeans in preparation for Setsubun. After shrieking when Reimu pretends to throw the beans at her, and feeling nervous about Reimu's proposal to celebrate the holiday together by throwing the beans off a platform together at the Shrine, she talks with Komachi. After having a laugh at her possible participation, Komachi directs her to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, which is in preparations to celebrate a bean-less Setsubun event. As Remilia also hates soybeans, Sakuya says they plan on the custom of eating futomaki while facing the northeast. After saying it would be wasteful to throw the soybeans around, as well as explaining the dubious origin of the holiday, Kasen convinces Reimu to hold an eating event instead. On Setsubun, Marisa visits the festival, filled with stands serving bean dishes, and drops by one hosted by Remilia and Sakuya. Expecting futomaki, she finds it's just a regular sushi roll served with coffee, thinking it strange. Elsewhere, Suika is playing the customary oni to be driven away by soybeans. Suika starts crying after Reimu informs her the bean throwing has been cancelled, so Kasen convinces the surrounding crowd to drive out the oni with snowballs, instead.

Chapter Twenty Two: The Fishy Manzairaku (April 10, 2014)

Translated by Clarste, N-Forza, edited by Clarste

Summary: On her way home from a party at the beginning of spring, a drunken Marisa stumbles across a group of kappa who are looking for a monster fish at the Genbu Ravine. She recalls seeing it that night and describes it as the fur covered body of a fish and the head of an otter, but that the kappa couldn't contain it. Reimu thinks it's a drunken fantasy. Kasen explains that she might have seen a manzairaku, a rare fish of good fortune. Kasen, Reimu and Marisa go to see the mainzairaku, and find it's actually a seal. Visitors crowd the ravine to see it, so the kappa set up an attraction where they have it perform. However, the seal is moody. Kasen reads it and says it needs saltwater. After visiting Reimu, she tells her about the movement to make the seal an honorary member of the Human Village, and recounts the story the seal told her. It visited a town in the Outside World and after being named an honorary citizen, it swam away. It returned sometime, but found the humans had forgotten it. Lonely, the seal found itself in Gensokyo because it had been abandoned by the humans, leaving Kasen to wonder if the same thing might happen again.

Chapter Twenty Three: The Misguided Shrine Maiden (June 20, 2014)

Translated by Clarste, N-Forza, edited by Clarste

Summary: During a rainy day, Reimu hears someone talking about deciding the fortune of a child that will be born in the evening. Thinking the person is talking to her, she tries to answer, but then hears the voice of a couple of dousojin, a type of god that protects travelers, refusing instead. Later, talking about the event with Kasen and Marisa, it's explained that dousojin are also gods of childbirth, thus they influence the fortune of newborns. Since she can hear and talk to gods, Reimu gets the idea of making a businness out of it, then goes to the village and tells the villager the fortune decided by the dousojin for the child, adding a raccomandation to pay visit to the shrine once a week. Many more people start visiting the shrine, wanting Reimu to tell them what the gods say, mistaking it as fortune-telling. Excited by the great numbers of visitors, the shrine maiden starts an actual divination businness, confident the the villagers will believe whatever she says (and purposedly doing vague reading). Despite the businness going very well, Kasen notices that the shrine is being neglected, and takes Reimu's place "for the good of the youkai". Very soon, lots of youkai start coming to the shrine as they please, making it a place in which humans feel no longer safe. As humans stop visiting Reimu, they also stop trusting her and believing her fortune-telling, forcing the shrine maiden to abandon the businness. After seeing the shrine full of youkai, Reimu remembers that her true job is youkai extermination, and makes a show of chasing away all the youkai so that humans will trust her again. At the end, she starts doing fortune-telling at the shrine, very accurate and also popular among youkai.

Chapter Twenty Four: Scaled Thunder (August 9, 2014)

Translated by Clarste, N-Forza, edited by Clarste

Summary: After the end of the rainy season, a heat wave descends on Gensokyo and continuous storms follow each others every day. One day, a house gets burned to ashes leaving everything around it untouched. During a stormy night, Reimu sees what appears to be a ball lighting, a naturally occurring magical phenomenon that is said to be able to burn down building in an instant, and also to be the cause of spontaneous human combustion. While Reimu and Marisa correctly deduce that the house was destroyed by that ball lightning, they don't know that it's true identity was a lizard that Kasen was training so that it could become a true storm-calling dragon, and that Kasen killed after it proved to have nothing more than power, lacking the wisdom to actually become one. It is then explained that while western and eastern dragons are usually thought to be completely different creatures, eastern dragons are born from lizards, so they may actually have something more in common than expected. Kasen hides the true nature of the ball lightning, simply saying to Reimu and Marisa that she destroyed it, and that she feigned ignorance on the whole matter just to avoid them getting in danger.

Chapter Twenty Five: The Spherical Cage (October 17, 2014)

Translated by Clarste, N-Forza, edited by Clarste

Summary: While walking at night, Reimu spots a meteor fly past Youkai Mountain. The next day she discusses it with Marisa and Kasen and agrees that it must have landed in the Outside World. This leads Kasen to ask about the nature of the Great Hakurei Barrier. Marisa says she once tried to fly past the Hakurei Shrine, but felt like she was travelling in circles, and ended up back at the shrine when she turned around. Reimu relates that, according to Yukari, it's a barrier of common sense - one that only blocks living creatures and their tools. Kasen responds that she had always thought of the barrier as a dome, and that if it broke "the sky would shatter and the outside world would appear around [them]". On learning that the shrine is built on the barrier and that it tends to be weaker there, Kasen remarks that this is "very interesting".
In response to the meteor, Sanae preaches at the village that it was a miracle, Reimu tries to make money selling air tubes (due to an urban legend that passing comets suck air away from Earth), and the kappa begin to set up a planetarium show. At the event they show off the youkai constellations, which culminates in the Heavenly Dragon coming to life, devouring the North Star and causing the sky to shatter. Afterwards, Kasen says she wishes that day would come.