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Wild and Horned Hermit
Wild and Horned Hermit Vol.6



January 27, 2016






Aya Azuma





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WaHH Vol 6 Complete

Compilation of Volume 6.



Chapter Twenty Six: The Sullen Oddity (December 25, 2014)

Translated by Clarste, N-Forza, edited by Clarste

Summary: Stories spread of a strange dog youkai that lurks outside the human village at night, rooting through trash heaps while mumbling pathetically to be left alone. This confuses Mamizou, who says that it's the job of all youkai to prey on humans, and that such a pitiful creature shouldn't exist. Later, Marisa encounters an old woman by the village gate offering human legs for sale, but she disappears. As she tells her story to Reimu, Mamizou arrives and confirms that the "human leg saleswoman" is an urban legend from the outside world, who will graft an extra leg onto your body if you accept her offer or rip one of your legs off if you refuse. Kasen then appears with the other strange youkai in tow, revealed to be the urban legend of the "man-faced dog". Kasen feels that its "reason for being" is different from normal youkai, to which Mamizou responds that it barely exists in the first place and is easy to deal with. As they talk, the dog disappears. Reimu and Marisa manage to neutralize the leg saleswoman by spreading a modified version of her story where she will leave if you respond "No, but the shrine wants one", which will cause her to be forgotten in time. Marisa credits a book on urban legends she borrowed from Suzunaan for helping her figure out how to deal with them, and mentions that the urban legends about schools seem interesting. Afterwards, creatures born from urban legends would continue to emerge in Gensokyo (including reappearances of the dog and the saleswoman), but few were dangerous. The chapter ends with a warning that their appearance would be the first sign of a major incident that would engulf all of Gensokyo.

Chapter Twenty Seven: The Youkai-Piercing Needles (February 10, 2015)

Translated by Clarste, N-Forza, edited by Clarste

Summary: At the shrine, Reimu fights off a horde of weak youkai, wondering why they've all decided to attack today. Kogasa Tatara then appears, claiming she has come to seize an opportunity that comes only once per year - an unlucky day when the power of the gods wanes, and the only time she can show her worth. When Kogasa deflects her amulets, Reimu instead defeats her with throwing needles, and Kogasa chastises her for invoking divine retribution by using needles today. After the fight, Reimu discovers that her needles have bent and realises today is Kotoyoka, the end of the transition period between one year and the next. Kasen notes that this day is particularly associated with one-eyed youkai, and is also meant to be a day of rest for pins and needles. Concerned that Reimu's needles are getting worn out, and not wanting to deal with needle tsukumogami, the group considers disposing of them. After Reimu fights off another attack by random youkai (and Kogasa), they ponder where they would even find replacements. A battered Kogasa then shows up for a third time, explaining that she actually came to the shrine to sell her services as a blacksmith, but Reimu kept attacking her before she could finish. Reimu accepts her offer, and Kogasa spends the next few days working on the needles until they're good as new. Reimu compliments Kogasa on her surprisingly fine work, and then decides to test them out... on Kogasa.

Chapter Twenty Eight: Under the Cherry Blossoms, Even Corpses Cannot Rest (June 17, 2015)

Translated by Clarste, et al.

Summary: After another sighting of the "man-faced dog" from chapter 26, Kasen notes that a lot of strange phenomena related to urban legends have been happening recently. She voices her suspicion that Marisa has been tapping the stories' power for herself, and also that some person might be actively spreading them, but Reimu is confident that they'll be able to deal with anything weird that happens.

The conversation then shifts to the Geyser Center, around which dead birds have been falling from the sky. They initially suspect toxic fumes, but after arriving at the center Sanae confirms that the levels are actually lower than usual. Kasen notices that the birds have injuries which weren't caused by collision with the ground, suggesting that they may be bullet wounds, but no one is sure why someone would shoot at crows and leave the bodies. Reimu and Marisa become suddenly enamored with the idea that the deaths were caused by the Killing Stone, and head off to look for it. They soon discover some odd purple stones that radiate youkai energy, and which explode on contact with Reimu's ofuda. Rin Kaenbyou then arrives to collect the "stone cherries" they have gathered, explaining that they are formed from the crystallised souls of those buried under cherry trees, which gradually sink down into the Underworld and fall from its ceiling like petals. Because Former Hell's vengeful spirits haven't been allowed to clean them up lately, enough cherries built up that some were sucked into the geyser and struck passing birds.

Later, Kasen visits the Underworld to see the cherries for herself while they're in full bloom. She is surprised that it has something so beautiful, but says that you'd have to be insane to live in a place so foul... and that anyone who isn't an oni would go insane. Marisa then appears out of the blue, expressing her appreciation for the cherries and suggesting that they could hold some of their flower-viewing parties there. This annoys Kasen, who says that they should leave before they inhale too much of the poisonous air, and before the sinister colours start to capture their hearts.

Chapter Twenty Nine: A Dream of the Deep Secret World (August 10, 2015)

Translated by Clarste, et al.

Summary: At the shrine, a cheerful Reimu talks with a shadowy figure about the recent hot weather, which soon turns to Outside World topics like the workings of the Celsius scale. The scene then cuts to a highschool, where Sumireko Usami is waking up; she stares out the window and sighs. Marisa arrives at the shrine to find Reimu alone, but with two glasses set out, and says she's been having nightmares that make it hard to sleep. The two briefly discuss the Dream World, but say there's nothing that can be done about it.

That night, a strange white bubble floats into the shrine grounds and bursts above Reimu's head as she sleeps. Shortly after, a dark bubble emerges from her mouth and floats away. The next day, Marisa grumbles about how jealous she is that Reimu gets to sleep in a place with a nice cool breeze rather than a damp forest. As she drifts off for a nap, another white bubble appears, followed shortly by Sumireko. After the events of Urban Legend in Limbo Sumireko has developed "Fantasy Syndrome", which causes her spirit to travel to Gensokyo when she sleeps. Reimu cautions Sumireko about disrupting her sleep patterns, but she responds that sleeping at school means she gets lots of quick naps. A dark bubble then emerges from the shrine, shocking them. Sensing aggression from the bubble, Reimu prepares for battle, much to Sumireko's excitement. When Reimu turns to laugh at Sumireko's response, the bubble pops and knocks Reimu unconscious. Fearing that her life is in danger, Sumireko searches anxiously for another attacker, but nothing appears.
Eventually Kasen shows up, discomforting Sumireko who is still afraid of her. Examining the sleeping Reimu and Marisa, Kasen determines that their souls are on a journey through the Dream World, similar to how Sumireko herself travels to Gensokyo. When Sumireko describes the bubble she saw, Kasen explains that Sumireko has been creating them herself - they're the dreams she's supposed to be seeing when she sleeps, which come loose from her body as a type of phantom that can possess others. Marisa then awakes, saying she had a strange dream of being in a building where everyone dressed like Sumireko. Reimu, on the other hand, appears to have been possessed by Marisa's nightmare (which was ejected from her body when Sumireko's dream entered it). Sumireko realises that her detachment from her own "dream souls" is the result of having a doppelganger, and that nothing good could come of her touching her own dream.

Note: This chapter takes place just after Urban Legend in Limbo.

Chapter Thirty: Power Permitted Only to the Gods (October 10, 2015)

Translated by Clarste, et al.

Summary: While cleaning out the shrine storehouse, Reimu comes across a strange ball of fluff labelled as a "foxball". The ball contains powerful spiritual energy, and jerks away from anyone other than Reimu who tries to touch it. Recalling that foxballs were once known as priceless good luck charms, Reimu decides to put it on display (or rather, she puts a fake on display while keeping the real one in a safe place). Among the villagers who have come to see it, Reimu spots a bake-gitsune in a poor Marisa disguise and pulls her aside. She explains that none of the foxes in Gensokyo had ever heard of a "foxball" before, so she wanted to know what it was. One of their elders told her that foxballs were once used as tools for training young foxes in their powers, but haven't been made in a long time... and after seeing the shrine's foxball in person, she can tell that its energies are nothing like a fox.

Investigating further, Reimu and Marisa determine that the ball's energies are softer and kinder than a fox's, and that it makes you feel happy just being near it. After Sanae is also able to touch it, she suggests that the ball is a keseran-pasaran, a type of cryptid - it allows only shrine maidens to touch it because its ability to bring happiness is a power permitted only to the gods. According to Suwako it is most likely a fungus - the ability of yeast to cause fermentation is likewise a divine power, slime molds possess a group intelligence, and there are even mushrooms which "possess" others by altering their brains. As Kasen points out, a fungus would also thrive in the damp conditions of the shrine's storehouse.

Reimu revises the signs for the "foxball", and manages to do good business for a while. However, because the fake she put on display cannot bring happiness, her success doesn't last long. When the real keseran-pasaran starts looking unhealthy, she returns it to the storehouse to regain its strength.

Vol. 6 Bonus Material

Translated by Clarste, et al.