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Wild and Horned Hermit
Wild and Horned Hermit Vol.7



December 27, 2016






Aya Azuma





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WaHH Vol 7 Complete

Compilation of Volume 7.



Chapter Thirty One: Who Spared the Rabbits? (December 10, 2015)

Translated by Clarste, et al.

Summary: Looking back on the events of the last year, Reimu worries whether Gensokyo has the power to contend with the Outside World on equal terms, and is thankful that the Great Hakurei Barrier remains strong. The cause of the urban legend incident was neutralised, but the urban legends themselves haven't disappeared; according to Eirin they should fade away in time, but Reimu worries that it's too late and they've already "gotten into the roots".

Her musing is interrupted by the appearance of a rabbit, which is out at an unusual time of day. Marisa arrives to point out a locator mark inscribed on its claw, explaining that rabbits have started being sold as pets in the Human Village. Reimu is baffled by the idea of keeping rabbits as pets instead of just eating them, to which Kasen points out that they were quite popular back in the Meiji era. Suspecting kappa involvement due to the unusually high-tech locator devices, Reimu questions Nitori. She learns that while the kappa have plans to cash in on the rabbit boom, they're not responsible for it, and are as impressed by the technology as she is.

Kasen's own investigations lead her to the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, where she voices her disgust at Tewi Inaba for selling her own kind, especially when Tewi is old enough to remember how humans treated rabbits in the Meiji boom. Tewi takes Kasen aside and informs her that she is very aware of how the rabbit boom started and how quickly it ended, but wanted some of the younglings to experience the luxurious treatment that those rabbits received. When Kasen retorts that many rabbits were thrown away or killed, Tewi makes a disturbing expression and informs her that the majority of rabbit youkai were born from pets that were discarded back then - her people are "the rabbits who have seen heaven, and lived through hell". Snapping back to her usual cheerful smile, she ends up convincing Kasen to buy a rabbit herself. Back home, Kasen decides that Tewi is just as troublesome as her Lunarian tenants, but that in this case neither rabbits nor humans have done anything wrong.

Chapter Thirty Two: The Secret Pompoko Battle for the King of the Hill (February 17, 2016)

Translated by Clarste, et al.

Summary: Kasen arrives at the shrine to find Mamizou throwing beans about, saying that she's protecting the shrine from scoundrels while Reimu is at a Setsubun event in the village. Later, when Reimu returns, she denies asking Mamizou to do anything, and Marisa reports hearing that the shopkeeper who organised the event has no memory of doing so. It sounds like a fox or tanuki was impersonating him, but neither is sure what they'd stand to gain from it.

On her next visit to the village, Kasen discovers sardine-heads-and-holly hung up everywhere, another oni-repelling charm. When Reimu discovers another holly-head in the shrine donation box, Kasen panics and shouts at Reimu to keep it away from her. Watching nearby, Mamizou laughs. It's obvious that Kasen is really an oni, and Mamizou assumes that her disguise is part of a plot to gain control of the shrine - something that would make Kasen a rival to her own ambitions. Kasen realises that she's been issued a formal challenge...
Kasen begins organising a flower-viewing at the shrine, even getting her hands on a kappa-made oil heater to deal with the cold. Soon after the party begins, Mamizou arrives with her tanuki posse, ready to start drinking. Kasen displays the Ibuki Gourd, borrowed from Suika, saying that this party will have as much sake as they could ask for. Not finding any poison, Mamizou briefly wonders whether Kasen even knows what's going on, until Kasen withdraws her oversized drinking vessel and she realises that she's being challenged to a drink-off. As the night goes on, Mamizou starts to become sick of the "onislayer sake"'s taste, to which Kasen produces Douju's Jar - a second jar of unlimited sake, this one with more body to it, but so smooth that you can drink it like water. Mamizou claims that she could drink to the bottom of even an endless jar right now, and that Kasen's plan to embarrass her has failed. With a smirk, Kasen responds that Mamizou certainly drank more than she expected.

The next day, Kasen finds the tanuki sprawled across the grounds of the shrine, barely able to move. She explains that Douju's Jar is filled not with sake, but with oil, and that tanuki who get drunk on oil become paralysed for days. Kasen offers to have a proper rematch when they're less pressed for time, but Mamizou says it's her own fault for not staying lucid enough to spot the trick; when it comes to drinking, at least, she'll admit defeat.

Chapter Thirty Three: Western Devils Running Rampant Underfoot (April 09, 2016)

Translated by Clarste, et al.

Summary: Reimu is having trouble deciding what food to prepare for the next flower-viewing - after being shown up by Sakuya's cooking at their last party, she wants to put on a feast. With Marisa and Kasen's help, she starts preparing dishes based on wild vegetables, and Yukari Yakumo even makes a surprise visit to supply her with a basket of dandelions. Behind the shrine, Marisa is gathering mushrooms for Reimu when she feels a sudden chill, one that reminds her of the distortions in the barrier from the the last incident. Kasen then appears behind her, claiming that she didn't notice anything and brushing off her presence by saying she was just bringing supplies. These supplies turn out to include a cherry anthias - an ocean fish, rare enough in Gensokyo to impress even Remilia.

As they try the dandelions, Marisa notes that they don't have much taste. Yukari appears and points out that the flowers she gave them have a loose calyx - they are Western dandelions, an invasive species which has almost wiped out the native Japanese variety. If these hardy "Western devils" were allowed to spread to Gensokyo, even the nature of its fairies might change. Glancing at Kasen, she notes that such a flourishing species could not have entered Gensokyo naturally - someone with the ability to travel through the barrier must have either brought them in on purpose, or neglected the proper sterilization procedures and allowed seeds to be carried in on their clothes.

Putting their heads together, the group come up with a plan to market dandelions as a health food for humans, and a luxury food for youkai. The resultant overharvesting succeeds in wiping out the Western dandelions, but the native dandelion population suffers greatly as well. Kasen ponders how Gensokyo is accepting of anything that has fallen into fantasy, but exceedingly harsh on anything that falls outside that rule.

Chapter Thirty Four: The Unidentified Haze That Afflics the Brain (June 17, 2016)

Translated by Clarste, et al.

Summary: With the Hakurei Shrine closed, and no one having seen Reimu in days, Marisa and Kasen go to check on her. Finding the house messy and Reimu not even dressed, they decide that the stress of so many unresolvable incidents lately must be getting to her. Marisa cleans up and starts putting together something good for Reimu to eat, while Kasen weeds the garden before heading off to Kourindou. Rinnosuke greets her, assuming correctly that she's come to meet with Sumireko again. He notes that there must be some reason they come all the way to his store instead of just meeting at the shrine, but that he doesn't plan to stick his nose in their business. Kasen explains the situation with Reimu and says that she wants to plan something to cheer her up, to which Rinnosuke mentions that Sumireko has already told him about the cherry anthias Kasen had her get for Reimu's party.

Back at the shrine, Marisa has prepared a wide variety of food for Reimu... most of which is obviously poisonous. Marisa insists that the poison came out in the cooking, but Reimu becomes dubious when she extends this excuse to hemlock salad. As Marisa tries to help Reimu regain her motivation, Reimu feels more and more uncomfortable; she can't say anything, but she was never actually depressed. Rather, she's just tired because she became addicted to A.C.Q.'s mystery novels and has been pulling all-nighters reading them.
There is a sudden rumble from the courtyard, and Reimu and Marisa run out to check on it, discovering Sumireko with something that looks like a giant UFO. Sumireko tells a furious Reimu that it's World UFO Day and she wanted to see what would happen if she tried summoning one in Gensokyo. Immediately seeing what's going on, Marisa compliments Kasen on pulling such a bold stunt, to which Kasen responds that Reimu is happier when her life is eventful than when it's dull. Marisa then asks how Kasen made the second fake UFO, the one that's floating around the sky, only to learn that Kasen has no idea what she's talking about. In the spirit of World UFO Day, they decide not to think too hard about it.

Note: This chapter takes place between Chapter 40 of Forbidden Scrollery and Chapter 29 of Curiosities of Lotus Asia.

Chapter Thirty Five: What Kasen Ibara Believes In (August 10, 2016)

Translated by Clarste, et al.

Summary: A new incident is afoot. Gensokyo humans are being "spirited away", disappearing for a day and then returning with no memories of the intervening period. Reimu is uneasy - while no one has been harmed, there also haven't been any clues pointing to who's responsible or why. Reimu questions Sakuya Izayoi (who can stop time), Byakuren Hijiri (who can move at high speeds and erase memories) and Toyosatomimi no Miko (who is skilled at appearing and disappearing), but they all argue that they have no motives for causing the incident; Sakuya even claims that it would be beyond her power in the first place. Miko suggests that another hermit closer to Reimu might be worth investigating; when Reimu is incredulous, she points her to Eientei instead.

Having a hunch about what's going on, Kasen searches for the site of the last disappearance, where she discovers a powerful distortion in the barrier. Reaching into it with her artificial arm, she pulls out... Yukari Yakumo? Yukari confirms Kasen's theory that Sumireko Usami has been displacing things from Gensokyo whenever she travels there. At first it was just dreams, but gradually larger and more solid things have been affected, and now a person from Gensokyo is "humaned away" to the Outside World whenever Sumireko appears (it's not spiriting away, Yukari insists, because that's her thing).

Yukari is doubtful that Sumireko would be able to develop this ability without assistance, but says she takes no issue with Kasen's schemes, and advises her to keep up the good work. The "humaning away" is a bit flashy for her tastes, but it's perfectly in line with her ideals, and can only help "our side". Kasen coldly responds that Yukari's impression of her is mistaken. She has nothing to do with the current incident, and is willing to work with Yukari in order to resolve it, but her own ideals "exist alongside the laws of heaven". She is most definitely not on Yukari's side. Yukari is visibly saddened by Kasen's words, but accepts them; she says it takes all kinds, even among "the sages of Gensokyo", and that she'll be waiting if Kasen ever changes her mind. Yukari then outlines her plan - since all of the "humaning away" events have occurred while the victims were asleep, she should be able to create a dummy human that exists in a continuous dream state, based on the dreams of those who have been displaced in the past. When Kasen asks how such a dummy would be constructed, Yukari only says that an ally of the human villagers shouldn't ask too many questions.

Suddenly Reimu appears, having used equipment from Eientei to track the "gravitational wake" left when a person appears or disappears. With Kasen having fled before Reimu could see her, Reimu assumes that Yukari is the one behind the incident and challenges her to a spell card duel. Yukari plays along, allows herself to be defeated, and promises to stop kidnapping humans. Word of Reimu's victory spreads, earning the shrine a few more worshippers, and Kasen offers Reimu a surprisingly heartfelt thanks for doing her best to protect humans.

Vol. 7 Bonus Material

Translated by Clarste, et al.