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Wily Beast and Weakest Creature/Story

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See Wily Beast and Weakest Creature/Translation.


The story begins when animal spirits from Hell come to Gensokyo in an attempt to take it over. Reimu, Marisa, and Youmu get help from animal spirits to stop the rest of the spirits from invading Gensokyo.

Main Scenario


Bad Endings

All three heroines have the same bad ending.

Show Ending Summary

Yachie introduces herself to the heroine and states that she can’t allow the human to live anymore for failing to defeat Keiki. The heroine begs Yachie for another chance. Yachie decides to give her another chance, but she also warns them that they are replaceable. Any more failures won’t be tolerated.

Reimu Wolf

Show Ending Summary

The Animal spirit invasion has stopped. Keiki comes to visit Reimu at the Hakurei Shrine. Reimu points out that she keeps coming back to visit. Keiki tells Reimu that she is thinking of where to set up her base if she came to the Human World. Reimu doesn’t like the sound of this and tells her to stop. Keiki disagrees and tries to make Reimu think about the poor human spirits, but Reimu doesn’t want to hear about it. The conversation goes on to talk about how the human spirits would be happier on the surface and the fact that the Netherworld had rejected them. Reimu asks if the human spirits are troublemakers. Keiki states they are not troublemakers and considers them to be hard workers.

Keiki then changes the subject to ask about the shrine’s goshintai. She offers to carve an idol for Reimu which Reimu seemed interested in. Afterward, Reimu learns that Keiki threw the Animal Realm into chaos through her idolatry. She had the feeling that not humans vs. beasts, not physical vs. spiritual, but a religious confrontation was approaching.

Reimu Otter

Show Ending Summary

Reimu is having a conversation with the Otter spirit back at the Hakurei Shrine. The Otter spirit apologies for keeping the truth hidden from Reimu and thanks her helping them deal a blow to their archenemy. Yachie arrives at the shrine and reintroduces herself as the boss of the Kiketsu Family. She thanks Reimu for her cooperation and then goes on to explain how the Animal Realm is a world without gods. Yachie states that all spirits there -- human, beast, and even herself -- are treated as slaves. That is the natural way of the Animal Realm. Still, she is disturbed that the human spirits made the choice to summon Keiki. Yachie considers Keiki an evil god that can manufacture gods. Yachie proceeds to tell Reimu the entire backstory that leads up to their plan of using a living human to destroy the idols. Because of her friendly attitude, Reimu became a little warier of Yachie.

Reimu Eagle

Show Ending Summary

Many beast spirits have gathered at the Hakurei Shrine to thank Reimu. The Eagle spirit asks if there is any way they can repay Reimu. Kasen suddenly arrives and asks what was going on. Reimu vaguely explains what happened and that the beast spirits were paying her for sight-seeing. The Human World became a popular tourist destination for beast spirits. It was very profitable. Even though Reimu didn’t understand a lot of what happened, she was glad she visited the Animal realm.

Marisa Wolf

Show Ending Summary

Mayumi is showing Marisa around the Primate Spirit Garden. Marisa asks if it was okay for her to look around. Mayumi allows it because Keiki has given her permission. Mayumi states that Keiki sees Marisa as unrelated to the dispute and since Marisa is human, Keiki considers Marisa to be on their side. Antique items catch Marisa’s eye. She asks Mayumi how these were made. Mayumi explains that Keiki has very dexterous hands. Anything Keiki makes will result in a spirit residing in them. Mayumi states she is merely a clay figure made by Keiki. All the items Keiki has made seem to house tremendous magical power. Marisa thought to herself, "Isn't this the same as being able to create gods?" Such a thought made her shudder just a tiny bit.

Marisa Otter

Show Ending Summary

At Marisa’s house, Yachie visits Marisa. She arrives without invitation, surprising Marisa. She then reintroduces herself and shows her gratitude for Marisa’s cooperation. Yachie then explains the story from the beast spirits’ perspective. Marisa thinks it would have been better if she was told this from the start. Yachie apologies, but she reasons that didn’t want to risk failure. According to her, if she revealed the plan to the humans, there would be a chance Keiki would hear about it. However, Marisa was unable to read Yachie’s true intentions from her words. It is suggested that Marisa just didn’t see Keiki as an evil god.

Marisa Eagle

Show Ending Summary

Keiki offers Marisa a look around her place. Marisa accepts her welcome. Keiki tells Marisa that as long as she is not possessed by a beast spirit, she’s one of her allies. Marisa is unsure and states she doesn’t know what Keiki is even fighting for. Keiki proposes Marisa to cooperate with the human spirits. If she does, she’ll be free to use everything in the Primate Spirit Garden. Marisa finds this proposal to be quite attractive. Keiki even offers a bonus where she’ll make a 1/8 figure of Marisa that’s even cooler than the real her. Marisa declines. Keiki laughs and states 1/8 was a joke. She suggests that if she was going to make one, she’d make it life-sized. To Marisa, Keiki didn’t seem like an evil god. She wonders why the beast spirits hated her so much.

Youmu Wolf

Show Ending Summary

Youmu is discussing her findings with Eiki. Eiki explains that the management systems of Hell are collapsing and power is becoming decentralized. The animal spirits used this disorder to their advantage to travel to the human world through Hell. The conservation then moves onto the topic of Yachie Kicchou. Eiki asks Youmu to explain everything she knows about her. Having a Yama interested in her story filled Youmu with joy. However, because of that, she also ends up bragging about defeating Keiki Haniyasushin.

Youmu Otter

Show Ending Summary

Youmu returns to the Primate Spirit Garden and finds Yachie and Keiki squaring off. Youmu is confused by this and asks if the two of them get along well. Yachie explains that there is no such thing as ‘getting along’ in the Animal Realm. Keiki is surprised by this, stating that she was willing to work with the beast spirits in the future. Yachie acknowledges Keiki as a worthy opponent, but she then states that Keiki must be removed in consideration for the struggle for resources. Keiki tells Youmu that the resources Yachie refers to are the human spirits. Youmu is disturbed by this. Yachie then points out that is another reason why Keiki doesn’t belong here. She states the animal spirits are resources too. In the Animal Realm, everyone is driven by selfishness. Yachie follows the natural order here. However, Keiki, who was summoned by the human spirits, had thought differently. Youmu understood this, albeit slightly.

Youmu Eagle

Show Ending Summary

At Hakugyokurou, Youmu shares the story of her adventure with Yuyuko. After hearing Youmu's story, Yuyuko concludes that the Eagle spirit may have been tricking her; the Kiketsu family is a Yakuza group that's notorious for swindling others. Yuyuko points out that Youmu may have been tricked into defeating the god that may have not evil. Yuyuko then orders Youmu to investigate the god she defeated. Later, Keiki Haniyasushin showed up on Earth. This wasn’t too surprising since Keiki was never a god of the Animal Realm in the first place. However, for some reason, it seemed eerily likely that the Animal Realm’s survival of fittest conflict would follow Keiki into the surface world.

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Extra Stage