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Wind God's Lake

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風神 (ふうじん) (みずうみ)
Wind God's Lake
ɸɯᵝːd͡ʑĩn no̞ mizɯᵝːmi
Youkai Mountain Lake (妖怪の山の湖)
Wind God's Lake
The Wind God's Lake in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom.

Top of Youkai Mountain, next to the Moriya Shrine

Official Games

The Wind God's Lake (風神の湖 Fuujin no Mizuumi), also called the Youkai Mountain Lake (妖怪の山の湖 Yōkai no Yama no Mizūmi), is a great lake located at the heights of the Youkai Mountain. It was transported into Gensokyo by Kanako Yasaka before the events of Mountain of Faith along with the Moriya Shrine, which is also located nearby. The lake is named after Kanako who, although revered as a goddess of mountains, is in fact a goddess of wind and rain.[1]

Background Information

Large pillars known as Onbashira (御柱) surround the lake's perimeter, and these are decorated with shimenawa and shide. As of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, these aren't shown. Onbashira, literally meaning "honored pillars", are part of a festival held at Suwa Grand Shrine named the Onbashira Festival (御柱祭 Onbashira matsuri). It is held every six years at the shrine, and involves the replacement of previous wooden pillars with newly chopped ones.

As with the Moriya Shrine and the Suwa Grand Shrine, the Wind God's Lake is based on and perhaps intended to be Lake Suwa, although unlike the former there is nothing in its name to suggest a correlation besides the proximity between the lake and the Moriya Shrine.


Mountain of Faith

It was the location of the battle between the heroine and Kanako in the final stage of Mountain of Faith. The stage's theme is Cemetery of Onbashira ~ Grave of Being.

Double Spoiler

The waterfall appears on stage 11 of Double Spoiler, where Aya Shameimaru and Hatate Himekaidou encounters Kanako Yasaka and Suwako Moriya to try and take photos of their danmaku. There are 8 scenes in this stage.

Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

The lake re-appears as the stage 2 of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, where there are no pillars visible. Moon rabbits from the Moon, named Ringo and Seiran, are trying to purify Earth and have setten up a base at the lake near the Moriya Shrine.



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