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A regular stray dog in Oriental Sacred Place chapter 16. It was later seen as Kasen's pet in chapter 17.

Wolves ( ookami) are mammals often identified as the gray wolf, scientifically known as Canis lupus, although a few other animals in the Canis genus have been named wolves as well. The gray wolf is widely dispersed throughout the world wherever humans live. Like humans, because wolves are so widely distributed across the world, they come in various color, shape, and size despite being the same species.



The domestic dog ( Inu) is a sub-species of gray wolf which evolved alongside humans. Scientifically known as Canis lupus familiaris, dogs have lived together with humans since the prehistoric era. They were originally born to assist humans in hunting and gathering, but have become normal pets in the modern era. They should however not to be confused with wild dogs, which are separate species of animals.


The yamainu (ヤマイヌ/山犬 Mountain Dog), more commonly known as the Japanese wolf (日本狼 Nihonookami) or Honshu wolf, is one of two extinct sub-species of gray wolves that were native to the Japanese archipelago. They were scientifically known as Canis lupus hodophilax and is officially classified as extinct since the last animal's death in 1905. The Japanese wolf is known to play a major role in Japanese folklore and mythology.

Wolves in Touhou

The yamainu are animals that still exist in Gensokyo and are living in the mountains as shown in Oriental Sacred Place chapter 16. Marisa Kirisame suspects that the attacks on humans by the wolves are due to the abnormal weather causing a shortage of supplies on the mountain. Aside from the yamainu, normal stray dogs also appear to wander around Gensokyo.

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