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Some of the characters in Wonderful Waking World are original and non-existent in the Touhou Project. The following three are, however, officially part of the Touhou Project and are playable characters in Wonderful Waking World. All other characters, aside from the stage 1 boss, stage 4 boss and midboss, are original.

Playable Characters

Reimu Hakurei
The Shrine Maiden of the Dreamland

Reimu Hakurei
Playable Character




Species: Human

Ability: Capable of floating in the air

Keeper of the Great Hakurei Barrier, she is to keep order and balance in Gensokyo.
She was obviously the first one on the move when the sky broke. Never has she seen a tear that large in the barrier.

Marisa Kirisame
The Totally Normal and Sane Magician

Marisa Kirisame
Playable Character




Species: Human

Ability: Capable of using magic

An ordinary human living in the forest, she lives a quiet but active life.
At first, she was mesmerized by the broken sky. The hole was dyed by the deepest of dark, like a starless night sky.
But what kind of night sky can exist without stars?

Sanae Kochiya
The Wind Priestess of the Mountain

Sanae Kochiya
Playable Character




Species: Living God

Ability: Capable of causing miracles

Shrine maiden of the Moriya Shrine, she is still actively trying to suppress all forms of her common sense.
When the sky broke, the central god told her to go do something about it. Sanae will never say no to an occasion to be a hero.

Apple Girlington

Apple Girlington

The Red Delicious Youkai Girl
More Character Titles


Youkai (Apple)


Making apples grow

Music Themes


Apple Girlington (アップル・ガーリントン) is the stage 1 midboss and boss.


Apple Girlington originally is a joke character created by Toby Fox, during an improvisation where he would make Touhou music on the fly.


Apple Girlington probably doesn't have too much of a meaning, other than sounding funny and being a parody of a touhou name, as Toby Fox made that name up as a joke.


This specific design of Apple is original, first seen in Wonderful Waking World.

She is wearing a mobcap and an apron with a red and white stripped pattern, a black dress and green shoes with pink ribbons on them.

She can also be seen holding an apple basket.


While roaming around, trying to share apple with whoever she can find, she stumbles upon the protagonist. She, of course, try to have them taste one of her fruit.

Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 7
檎符「アプフェルクーヘン」 Apple Sign "Apfelkuchen" WWW St. 1: E/N
天符「天国から堕ちるアダムとイヴ」 Heaven Sign "Adam and Eve Falling From Heaven" WWW St. 1: H/L
物符「ニュートンの運動の法則」 Physics Sign "Newton's Laws of Motion" WWW St. 1: E/N
檎符「林檎と山のホモニムの祝典」 Apple Sign "Celebration of the Homonym Apple and Mount" WWW St. 1: H
日本民話「富士山で林檎ビュッフェ」 Japanese Folklore "Apple Buffet on Mt. Fuji" WWW St. 1: L
腐符「樽を腐蝕する一個」 Rotten Sign "One to Spoil the Bunch" WWW St. 1: E/N
腐符「バッドアップル」 Rotten Sign "Bad Apple" WWW St. 1: H/L

Official Profiles

Wonderful Waking World - Apple Girlington's Profile





Species: Youkai (Apple)

Ability: Capable of making apples grow

There are a lot of different types of youkai. Flower youkai, winter youkai, gap youkai, and of course... apple youkai.

Apple spends most of her time growing apples and trying to offer them to random people, those people being other youkai, humans or even lower gods.
She is very insistent, and her rushed grown apple aren't the tastiest, so everyone just tries to avoid her.
"All of Gensokyo's residents will one day know the taste of the fruits of my labor!" she proclaims.

Maybe, one day, she will stop making apples for recognition, and instead start making them for herself.
If that day ever comes, trust me, I will be the first one to take a bite out of one of them.

Serene Heikegani

平家蟹(へいけがに) セレネ
Serene Heikegani

The Crustacean with a Human Face
More Character Titles




Cutting hair

Music Themes

The Crab's One Way Cycle ~ Sideways Motion

Serene Heikegani (平家蟹 セレネ Heikegani Serene) is the stage 2 midboss and boss.



Serene comes from Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, as the astrological sign of the cancer is linked to earth's satellite.

Heikegani is simply the name of her species.


Serene is wearing a red and white Kimono, sandals and a bow tie tying her hair upward.

Since she's a hairdresser, she's wielding multiple sets of scissors.

She also has three pairs of crab-like legs coming from her back.


Being terrible at being a Youkai, she ended up in Gensokyo despite the fact that Heikegani are one of the rare Youkai capable to persist in the Outside World.

In this day, where the broken sky can be seen on the surface of the Misty Lake, Serene meet up with some human passing by.

Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 8
怨符「海底で安静する戦没者」 Enmity Sign "Fallen Soldier Resting Undersea" WWW St. 2: E/N
恨符「平家の滅亡」 Grudge Sign "Downfall of the Heike Clan" WWW St. 2: H/L
蟹符「クラブズウォーク」 Crab Sign "Crab's Walk" WWW St. 2: E/N
渡符「国を渡って蟹の旅」 Migration Sign "Crab Voyage Throughout the Land" WWW St. 2: H/L
召喚「大蟹の到来」 Summon "Coming of the Giant Crab" WWW St. 2: E/N
弱点「マッシヴダメージ」 Weak Point "Massive Damage" WWW St. 2: H/L
連携攻撃「猿どもを殺めるための謀略」 Team Attack "Stratagem To Kill a Mere Monkey" WWW St. 2: E/N/H
「猿蟹合戦はまだ終わらない」 "The War of Monkey and Crab Is Not Over Yet" WWW St. 2: L

Official Profiles

Wonderful Waking World - Serene Heikegani's Profile








Species: Heikegani

Ability: Capable of cutting hair

Back in the twelfth century, a battle between the Heike clan and the Genji clan took place in a narrow strait separating Honshū and Kyūshū.
While the Heike had the upper hand at first, they ultimately realized their defeat was inevitable. The surviving Heike flung themselves into the sea to drown
rather than be captured, theirs heart full of enmity for their enemy.

Their grudge was so powerful, that it is said that all the crabs in the area since then bear rancor for the Genji Clan, explaining why their shells
are imprinted with the scowling faces of samurai.

Serene is one of those crabs.
But for unexplainable reasons, she doesn't bear any grudges toward anything or anyone.
A grudgeless grudge youkai is basically a youkai with no reason to exist, so she had trouble finding her place in youkai society and was often left alone.

Eventually, when no one seemed to care about her anymore, not even herself, she ended up in Gensokyo.

The Misty Lake was obviously the goto place for her to stay.
In a society of heikegani, being a hairdresser is extremely common and unremarkable, but in a lake with a diverse variety of youkai, it suddenly became
her biggest strength. Youkai in Gensokyo care a lot about looking special and cool, so her skills were extremely appreciated.
She became somewhat popular amongst weaker youkai.

For the first time in her life, she felt like her existence had a purpose.

Pale Fanhead

Pale Fanhead

Average Fan Enjoyer
More Character Titles


Tsukumogami (Electric fan)


Making objects spin

Music Themes

Fantastic Friend

Pale Fanhead (ペール・ファンヘッド) is the stage 3 midboss and boss, and the extra stage midboss.



Pale comes from the english word "Pal", as well as from the french word "Pale" (meaning "Blade").

Fanhead is a portemanteau of the english words "Fan" and "Head". It doesn't have much meaning behind it, other than to show the silliness of the character.


Both part of Pale are wearing a green hawaiian shirt with yellow flowers, while the human side also has a jean dress, black shoes and a yellow flower on the head.


Native to the Outside World, she gained consciousness in Gensokyo after the event of Double Dealing Character.

She met the protagonist while above Youkai Mountain, where she was trying to get a better look of the broken sky.

Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 12
ファンサービス「ファンタスティックな万華鏡! 」 Service Sign "Fantastic Kaleidoscope!" WWW St. 3: E/N
ファンサービス「フォーフィットアナニメトネス! 」 Service Sign "Forfeit Unanimateness!" WWW St. 3: H/L
ファンフィクション「ホームランドの東方のテール! 」 Fiction Sign "An Eastern Tale From My Home Country!" WWW St. 3: E/N
ファンフィクション「ファンヘッドカノン! 」 Fiction Sign "Fanhead Canon!" WWW St. 3: H
ファンフィクション「全てのカノンに対する一人! 」 Fiction Sign "Sole Against All Canons!" WWW St. 3: L
ファンシー「世界中を廻って! 」 Fancy Sign "All Around the World!" WWW St. 3: E/N
ファナティック「ハイパーベンチレイション! 」 Fanatic Sign "Hyperventilation!" WWW St. 3: H/L
ファンファヴォリート「君の基地? いただくよ! 」 Favorite Sign "Your Bases? They Belong to Us!" WWW St. 3: E/N
ファンファヴォリート「弾幕通り! 」 Favorite Sign "All According to Danmaku!" WWW St. 3: H/L
ファンアート「個人的解釈! 」 Art Sign "My Personal Interpretation!" WWW St. Ex
ファンゲーム「あんたみたいな人の愛好者! 」 Game Sign "Admirer For the Likes of You!" WWW St. Ex
「ほらほら世界が回るぞ! 」 "See? The World is Revolving!" WWW St. Ex

Official Profiles

Wonderful Waking World - Pale Fanhead's Profile






Species: Tsukumogami (Electric fan)

Ability: Capable of making objects spin

Native to the Outside World, she came to Gensokyo alongside the Moriya when they first moved in. Of course back then, she was but a simple mindless device.
She was a very old model, an antique. Because of that, she was eventually sent in a storage room and then forgotten about over time.

But one day, during a certain incident, a great amount of magical power turned her into a tsukumogami, just like many other tools all over Gensokyo.
Feeling like she wasn't needed anymore, she left the shrine. While she respected the Moriya, she had never tried to make any contact with them.
Since then, she mostly roams around, playing pranks on humans, while avoiding the area around Youkai Mountain.

She's really expressive, curious, silly and protective.

When the sky broke, she got intrigued and wanted to get a closer look. So for the second time since she gain consciousness, she went to and over the mountain.
It was there, high up in the sky, that she met a very impatient human girl...

Iku Nagae

永江(ながえ) 衣玖(いく)
Iku Nagae

The Oarfish Living in the Clouds
More Character Titles


Youkai (oarfish)


Reading the atmosphere

Iku Nagae (永江 衣玖 Nagae Iku) is the stage 4 midboss. Keep in mind that while she is an official Touhou Project character, only information pertaining to her role in this fangame will be noted here.


(See official profile)


(See official profile)


As most of her official appereances, Iku is wearing a white and red shirt, a long black skirt, and a fedora with a red bow and two long ribbons extending out. She also has her signature white and red shawl.


Thanks to her ability, she senses something off about Gensokyo's current weather and tried to warn the protagonists of the abnormal rain.

The girls are having none of it, and confrontation ensue.

Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 2
雷符「雲に棲む龍魚」 Lightning Sign "Dragon Fish Living in the Clouds" WWW St. 4: E/N
竜宮「雷の間にヒラメダンス」 Dragon Palace "Flounder Dance Within the Thunder" WWW St. 4: H/L

Official Profiles

Wonderful Waking World - Iku Nagae's Profile





Species: Youkai (Oarfish)

Ability: Capable of reading the atmosphere

Messenger of the Dragon Palace, she is to watch over Gensokyo's atmosphere and weather.

When the rain started to fall, she immediately noticed something was off.
She tried to warn the protagonist, but they shot her down... because what else were they going to do?

Seeing as the person responsible for the rain and the broken sky was one in the same, her input wasn't needed anyway.

Yuuto Ichika

一華(いちか) 優朋(ゆうと)
Yuuto Ichika

The Bootleg Magician From Another World
More Character Titles




Using telekinesis and magic

Music Themes

Out of Place Magical Girl

Yuuto Ichika (一華 優朋 Ichika Yuuto) is the stage 4 boss.


Yuuto (aka "Bluechouli") is the OC of an artist known as "Koshi L." (aka Amyskye145). Her character was accused of being a bootleg version of
Patchouli Knowledge due to shared traits (being a magician, similar design motifs), and she was bullied as a result. To cheer the artist up
and encourage her to continue her passion for drawing, a group of Touhou fans (including ChairGTables, who was a huge fan of the character)
had made various fanarts and games involving Yuuto, making the character well-liked and popular as a result.


Originally, Yuuto's name was chosen from a "top 1000 Japanese names" list found on a Google search, without regard to the fact the name is more often masculine than feminine.[1] During her appearance in Super Ledgehop: Double Laser, the game's Japanese translator MSLabo102 gave her name a set of feminine kanji.


Yuuto has long blue hair, with just as blue eyes.

Moons and stars decorate her blue dress, mobcap and shoes.

She is holding a spell book that she likes to keep close to her.


Yuuto is a human magician going from world to world, while looking for her missing mother.

Her presence in Gensokyo follows a certain series of events that occurred within another world, populated by anthropomorphic animals fighting each other.

She tried to confront the protagonists for reasons depending on who she's fighting, but was in the end no match for the incident resolver.

Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 10
焼符「クッキーフュージョン」 Baking Sign "Cookie Fusion" WWW St. 4: E/N
宙符「メテオシャワー」 Outerspace Sign "Meteor Shower" WWW St. 4: H/L
「アストラルアジャー」 "Astral Azure" WWW St. 4: E/N
「アストラルアジャー改」 "Astral Azure Upgraded" WWW St. 4: H
「アストラルアジャー極」 "Astral Azure Mastered" WWW St. 4: L
火水木金土符「クゥィンクゥェ・エレメンタ」 Fire Water Wood Metal Earth Sign "Quinque Elementa" WWW St. 4: E/N
エーテル「7つのエレメントのライバル」 Aether Sign "Rival of the Seven Elements" WWW St. 4: H/L
窃符「即興幻想退治」 Bootleg Sign "Fantasy Exorcism on the Spot" When playing as Reimu WWW St. 4: E/N/H/L
窃符「制御不能スパーク」 Bootleg Sign "Out-of-Control Spark" When playing as Marisa WWW St. 4: E/N/H/L
窃符「太陽の神無き風」 Bootleg Sign "Godless Solar Wind" When playing as Sanae WWW St. 4: E/N/H/L

Official Profiles

Wonderful Waking World - Yuuto Ichika's Profile







Species: Human

Ability: Capable of using telekinesis and magic

No, this is not Patchouli. Her name is Yuuto Ichika, a young magician trying to overcome her status as a bootleg.
She travels through worlds, looking for her missing mother, while learning new spells and making new friends along the way.
Because of a promise she made, she also sets off to become the strongest magician ever.

One day, in the hope of finding her mother, she wanders into a strange world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals.
Everybody there seemed eager to pick fights with everybody else, so she joined in on the brawl.
For some unknown reason, a lot of other worlds had collided together, bringing people of all kind, and linking different places together.
Turns out, Gensokyo was one of them. Some of its resident were there, including Reimu.

Once the culprit of the aether world incident was defeated,
Reimu sealed off all the portals linking the two worlds... with Yuuto still wandering about in Gensokyo.
Luckily for her, she had made friends with a celestial in the meantime, and she invited her to stay in Heaven for a while.

Yuuto normally doesn't have much issue going from one world to another, but for some reason Gensokyo's barrier prevented her from leaving.
Just as she was about to descend from Heaven to look for Reimu, an earthquake struck the whole of Bhavaagra.
A giant boat had fallen from the sky and had landed on top of the highest of Heaven's peaks, all while piercing and breaking the barrier in the process.
Panic in Heaven ensued. The catastrophes didn't stop there, as torrential rains then started to pour down from the sky.
As a result, Yuuto lost sight of her celestial friend.

But while roaming outside in the rain, she stumbled across someone else...



Feza www.png
The Roving White Dove
More Character Titles


Patriarch (dove)


Finding land

Music Themes

Blessed Pathfinder

Feza (フェザ) is the stage 5 boss and midboss (in dove form), as well as the stage 6 midboss.


Feza is based on the dove Noah sent from his ark, in the hope it will find land.


"Feza" (フェザ) comes from the katakana spelling of "feather" (フェザー fezaa), minus the long vowel mark at the end.


Feza has deep orange eyes, blonde hair with a very peculiar haircut and a pair of wings.

She is wearing a one-armed white robe with an orange dress underneath.

She also has a large bag, coupled with all sorts of equipments, as well as a laurel on her head.

The olive branch she's holding in her hands is her main weapon for danmaku fights.


The cartographer of the Great Ark, and Nua's most devoted pet.

While her main occupation was to pathfind a habitable world and to map out the space between worlds, after the ark sank into Gensokyo, her task was to fix the damage done to the ship and to chase out the eventual intruders.

Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 11
望符「枝の持ち運び」 Hope Sign "Bringing Bough" WWW St. 5: E/N
望符「より良い世界の約束」 Hope Sign "Promise of a Better World" WWW St. 5: H
平符「鳩が摘んだオリーブ木」 Horizon Sign "Olive Tree Uprooting" WWW St. 5: L
葉符「はっぱカッター」 Leaf Sign "Razor Leaf" WWW St. 5: E/N
葉符「リーフブレード」 Leaf Sign "Leaf Blade" WWW St. 5: H
葉符「4つ世代のSTAB」 Leaf Sign "Four Generations STAB" WWW St. 5: L
極符「小鳩は必ず北を見つける」 Pole Sign "Little Dove Will Always Find the North" WWW St. 5: E/N
磁符「マグネトリセプション」 Magnetic Sign "Magnetoreception" WWW St. 5: H/L
望符「カーディナルコンパスローズ」 Hope Sign "Cardinal Compass Rose" WWW St. 5: E/N
平符「華は風を惟ふ」 Horizon Sign "Flower Ponders the Wind" WWW St. 5: H/L
「幻想風来」 "Illusionary World Seeker" WWW St. 6: E/N/H/L

Official Profiles

Wonderful Waking World - Feza's Profile











Species: Patriarch (Dove)

Ability: Capable of finding land

She was but a simple dove, Nua's first pet.

One day, a god reached out toward Nua, and gave her a mission along with a huge amount of power to accomplish it.
That power "leaked" onto Feza, giving her a small fraction of that god-like power.

Of course, she was one of the pets Nua saved during the flood the latter accidentally started.

The nameless place is one where time and space don't makes perfect sense, and has the side effect of "equalizing" or "purifying" everything in it.
Material living beings who stay in it for an extended period of time will lose any way to live or to die, so they just... exist and stop aging.
Beings that have reached that state are called patriarchs. It is actually Nua who invented the term, since she's the first one to ever reach this state.

Once Feza reached that state as well, coupled with the power she once received, she gained the ability to maintain a human form.
She is the only one of Nua's pets to be able to do so.

Using her ability, she helped Nua find a new home for her and all of her pets.
She is in charge of keeping track of where they already went, and to find potential habitable worlds.
You could call her a cartographer.

Feza has a pretty strict temperament -- she likes when things follow a plan. It's sometimes a real chore for her to deal with Nua's personality.
But despite that, she is and will always be her most devoted companion.

When the Great Ark was damaged, she briefly saw the thing they collided with: a Leviathan! Or at least it looked like one.

Once they sunk into Gensokyo, she was tasked with fixing the damage done to the ship as fast as possible.
After the repairs, on her way back, she found a hasty human roaming about inside the ark...

Nua Kouzui

洪水(こうずい) ヌア
Nua Kouzui

The World-Flooding Wanderer
More Character Titles


Patriarch (human)


Causing floods

Music Themes

From Beginning to End ~ Drunken Prophet

Nua Kouzui (洪水 ヌア Kouzui Nua) is the stage 6 boss.


Nua Kouzui is based off of Noah, the biblical patriarch who's famous for being the main actor of the tale of the Genesis flood.


Nua is a declension of "Noah", the name of the aforementioned biblical patriarch on which she is based.

Meanwhile, "Kouzui" (洪水) is a Japanese term meaning "flood".


Nua has blue eyes and brown hair. Befitting a ship captain, she wears a white marine cap,
a large white coat resting on her shoulders (equipped with an alcohol bottle in one of the pockets, and an olive branch in her breast pocket).
A ship's rudder can be seen on her back.


Having been left homeless because of the destruction of her homeworld, she sails from world to world in the nameless space between worlds,
hoping to one day find a suitable enough place and settle down once again.

While the Great Ark was sailing past Gensokyo, something collided with the ship, leading it to sink into the artificially-made world.

Nua only knew one way for the ark to leave Gensokyo: to flood everything so her ship could reach for the broken sky.
Fortunately, the heroines stopped her before she could accomplish this.

Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 12
舫符「山に投錨」 Mooring Sign "Drop Anchor on a Mountain" WWW St. 6: E/N
舫符「アララト山に繋留」 Mooring Sign "Berthing on Mt. Ararat" WWW St. 6: H/L
鳩放「鳩巣箱の開き」 Releasing Dove "Opening the Dovecote" WWW St. 6: E/N
鳩放「一羽は必ず地を見つける」 Releasing Dove "One of Them Will Surely Find Land One Day" WWW St. 6: H
鳩放「マスエクスペディション」 Releasing Dove "Mass Expedition" WWW St. 6: L
農園「グレープファーマーヌア」 Farmland "Grape Farmer Nua" WWW St. 6: E/N
葡萄酒「ハムの呪い」 Wine Sign "Curse of Ham" WWW St. 6: H
醸符「壺中之天」 Vintner Sign "Alcoholic Stupor" WWW St. 6: L
族長「イミュータブルプロフェット」 Patriarch "Immutable Prophet" WWW St. 6: E/N
族長「タイタニックプロフェット」 Patriarch "Titanic Prophet" WWW St. 6: H/L
「ワンダフル・ウェイキング・ワールド」 "Wonderful Waking World" WWW St. 6: E/N
「セイビア・オブ・ザ・ウェイキング・ワールド」 "Savior of the Waking World" WWW St. 6: H/L

Official Profiles

Wonderful Waking World - Nua Kouzui's Profile
















Species: Patriarch (Human)

Ability: Capable of causing floods

A long, long time ago, in a different world, existed a planet very similar, yet different to Earth.
This planet was also populated by humans, had a similar history, had similar religions, but it wasn't the Earth as we know it.
And on this planet, lived a normal little human girl: Nua.

Her life was a rather simple one. She would spend a lot of time with animals, as she felt closed to them than to other people.

But one day, a god reached for her.
That god claimed to be the one who created the world and asked her to fix humanity's misdeeds, or else they will destroy everything.
Nua was confused. She asked: Why? Why her? How? Ignoring the questions, the god gave her the "Great Power", in her own word, and left.

Of course, a little girl couldn't possibly make up for the whole of humanity.
She tried, but who would believe a little girl claiming to have seen God?

She thought that maybe, the power the god lent to her was the one of "Hope" or "Forgiveness", or something similar.
That wasn't the case. She realized her world was doomed.
Filled with anger and grief, she accidentally found out what the "Great Power" was really all about.

It was the power to cleanse worlds. To flood them until nothing remains.

Once the flood ended after forty days, the only thing left in the whole universe was Nua,
some of her pets, and the raft they were on, floating over trillions of liters of water.

The god came back. The results weren't what they'd expected.
They took Nua out of the dead world.

Since then, she has been living in the nameless place,
the dimension between worlds where the god creates them,
sailing from bubble to bubble.

With the help of the god and her pets, she looks for other habitable worlds with habitable planets.
Through her exploring, she had discovered many different species of animals, some with unimaginable evolutionary lineages.
Whenever she would find an injured one or one living in a dying ecosystem, she would take them in as her pet.

Nua herself is pretty easy-going, childish and likes to get drunk, but she knows when to get serious when the situation calls for it.
Her in-game appearance makes it hard to tell, but she's actually become a rather mature-looking woman.

A few minutes before the game's event, the Great Ark was venturing on Gensokyo's bubble for the first time.
Nua quickly noticed they were sailing on an unusual sea.
Something then suddenly collided with the ship, causing damage to it.
There was nothing that could be done -- they were sinking into the bubble. Gensokyo's artificial barrier
couldn't handle the weight of the titanic boat, so it broke under its pressure.
The ship landed on Bhavaagra, causing a massive earthquake (or would that be a skyquake?) and panic in Heaven.

Nua knew there was only one way to take the ark out of this place: flooding this world entirely, so the ark could reach the broken sky.
She sent her pets fixing the damage, while she started the world-destroying flood.

But what she didn't expect was for an inhabitant of this world to come and try and stop her...

Reverence U'n-Llisardggy

Reverence U'n-Llisardggy

The Being Called By Many Names
More Character Titles




Creating worlds

Music Themes

Summertime Rhapsody of a Dying World

Reverence U'n-Llisardggy (レヴァレンス・U'n-リサージ) is the extra stage boss.



Reverence is an English term meaning "to hold a deep respect for something/someone".

U'n-Llisardggy is composed of two parts.

"Llisardggy" is "Yggdrasill" spelled backward, with Yggrdasil being the tree holding all the worlds in Norse cosmology.
"U'n" is the name of the supreme god in the Franco-Belgian comic, "Le Grand Pouvoir du Chninkel".


Reverence has black hair, and eyes with heterochromia.

She also wears a conductor outfit, with asymmetrical blue/red colored clothes such has her shoes, her shorts and her hair bows.

Two wing-like membranes seems to come from her back, one blue and one red.


Creator of everything, she usually doesn't get involved with the world she creates after a certain event occurred long ago,
involving her "gifting" Nua with the power to flood worlds in order to put an end to the evils that took place in her homeworld.

But when she realized one of these worlds had a gaping hole, and that the Great Ark was now nowhere to be seen, she got curious and entered Gensokyo.

Once the protagonists defeated her, she cooperated to fix Gensokyo's sky.

Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 10
世界創造「ビアンヴニュ・シェ・モワ」 World Creation "Bienvenue Chez Moi" WWW St. Ex
自我の世界「リボーンレベレーション」 World of Self "Reborn Revelation" WWW St. Ex
エントロピーの世界「その辺で拾った壊れた拍節器」 World of Entropy "A Broken Metronome I Picked Up Over There" WWW St. Ex
死世界「動かないドリームランド」 Death World "Unmoving Dreamland" WWW St. Ex
架空世界と現実世界「フラマリオンの木版画」 Imaginary and Real World "Flammarion Engraving" WWW St. Ex
新世界シンフォニー「ラルゴ・マ・ノン・トロッポ」 New World Symphony "Largo Ma Non Troppo" WWW St. Ex
惰眠世界「安息日を覚えて」 Idle World "Remember the Sabbath Day" WWW St. Ex
悲哀の世界「神コンプレックス」 World of Sorrow "God Complex" WWW St. Ex
バブル世界「池の宇宙」 Bubble World "Universe in a Pond" WWW St. Ex
お辞儀「ビディングフェアウェル」 My Bow "Bidding Farewell" WWW St. Ex

Official Profiles

Wonderful Waking World - Reverence U'n-Llisardggy's Profile

















Species: Kotoamatsukami

Ability: Capable of creating worlds

In the beginning, around 13.8 billion years ago, a god created the known universe we live in.
This god was a very special one, a kotoamatsukami, one of the first to ever exist.

Throughout History, different religions gave a lot of different names to the concept of creation.
But her one and only name is Reverence U'n-Llisardggy.

Humans like to think everything was created for them,
or that it was at least actively made by this greater force. It is not so.
Reverence creates universes inside bubbles, floating in a nameless, infinite, non-Euclidean space.
But her involvement stops there -- she doesn't know what's inside the bubble she blows unless she goes inside.
Everything happening in them is just a consequence of whatever laws of physics the places inside follow.
Bubbles will sometimes regroup together into clusters, linking those worlds directly.
For example, the Outside World, the Dream World and Gensokyo are all located in separate
bubbles, but since they are part of the same cluster, one can "easily" go from one to another.

A few hundred years ago, someone managed to leave the bubble they were living in on their own.
This someone was a human-looking lady with creepy eyes.
The lady came to ask Reverence to create a world just for her. She obviously refused, but said she won't stop her from trying herself.
That is how Reverence has always been -- she never gets involved in anything. She is merely a spectator of her own creations.

The lady came and went, and tried to create a world of her own multiple times.
One day, she succeeded, much to Reverence's surprise.

A long, long time before those events, she would spend a lot of time visiting the worlds she created.
During that time, she went through billions of different places and saw billions of different forms of life.

But one day, she stumbled upon a little rock. It was floating in the middle of space, covered with water and life.
It was Earth... but not really.
It was extremely similar to our planet: it had humans, societies and religions, but it was not the planet Earth we know.
On it, she discovered things she had never seen before. Hatred, wars, violence. An unimaginable amount of pain emanated from this single rock.

She couldn't accept this.
She couldn't accept that she had created, even indirectly, such imperfect creatures.

So, for the first time, she decided to interfere with one of her creations.
She reached toward a random human, a young girl, and asked her to solve all of humanity's misdeeds,
for she would destroy everything if she were to fail.
Well aware that this human couldn't just "do it", she gifted to her the power to do so.

The next time the two of them met, the young girl and her pets were alone on a raft, floating over the girl's submerged universe.

Animals, plants, rocks, suns, stray molecules floating in space. To Reverence, they're all the same: life.
She can feel and hear the feelings of every atom.
She considers everything that exists to deserve that existence, and holds affection for every single piece of matter that is.
But she couldn't hear anything. This whole world, the entirety of the inside of the bubble, was dead.
For the god, it was like losing trillions upon trillions of children.

And it was all because of Reverence's god complex.

Ashamed of her actions, she took the human girl with her, popped the lifeless bubble,
and promised that she would never go inside another one of her creations ever again.

Considering Nua as her "mistake", she tries to make up by helping her find a new home.

Sometimes, she stares at the infinite nothingness of the nameless place, and wonders if all of this is somehow contained in another, bigger bubble...