Wonderful Waking World/Music

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Music List

Title Screen theme
Tale of a Broken World ~ Not so Eastern Story Kaioshi Kojima
Stage 1 Theme
Magical Hopalong Cassidy Station Toby Fox
(Arrange: Sozoro Namimo)
Stage 1 Boss - Apple Girlington's Theme
(Arrange: Princess Sylvysprit)
Stage 2 Theme
The Broken Sky Reflected by the Lake ~ Crustacean Parade Armand
Stage 2 Boss - Serene Heikegani's Theme
The Crab's One Way Cycle ~ Sideways Motion Jani
Stage 3 Theme
The Colorful Maiden, Through the Colorless World Aka Kyuketsuki
Stage 3 Boss - Pale Fanhead's Theme
Fantastic Friend Jani
Stage 4 Theme
Another Catastrophe in Bhavaagra Armand
Stage 4 Boss - Yuuto Ichika's Theme
Out of Place Magical Girl sincx
Stage 5 Theme
All of the World's Creatures sincx
Stage 5 Boss - Feza's Theme
Blessed Pathfinder SlowBro
Stage 6 Theme
40 Days Condensed Into One sincx
Stage 6 Boss - Nua Kouzui's Theme
From Beginning to End ~ Drunken Prophet sincx
Extra Stage Theme
Nameless Discord Spectral Nexus
Extra Stage Boss - Reverence U'n-Llisardggy's Theme
Summertime Rhapsody of a Dying World sincx
Ending Theme
Draining Water and Blood sincx
Staff Roll Theme
Eternal Wonderful Dream sincx
Game Over Theme
Player's Score Kaioshi Kojima