World of Fantasies

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幻夢界 (げんむい)
World of Fantasies
World of Fantasies
Screenshot of the World of Fantasies in Story of Eastern Wonderland
Official Games

The World of Fantasies (幻夢界 genmukai) is an intermediary world that appears on stage 3 of Story of Eastern Wonderland. Apparently, its only "inhabitants" are the Two Red Dots, puffballs and the Five Magic Stones. In the game, Reimu Hakurei passes through it on their way to Reimaden and it was the place where she met the Magic Stones. She had to defeat them in order to pass.

General Information

Genjii mentions that it is locked between their original world (Gensokyo) and Makai. However, it isn't known if the stages after take place in Makai or not. He also states that "This is definitely not outer space," so it is still possible to breathe. There is a dark background with various stars in the appearance of outer space. There appears to be two rocky walls on both sides of the screen. The walls eventually come to an end, leading into an opening where the Five Magic Stones can be found. It's unknown whether Reimaden is part of the World of Fantasies or part of Makai since Genjii stated that the World of Fantasies is between "their world" and Makai. It's also unknown if Mima still lurks around this place.

There is no canon information that the Fantasy World (夢幻世界) in Lotus Land Story is the same world as the World of Fantasies, or even the two being the same world as the Dream World in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom from the Windows era. The kanji in these proper nouns are different, and that alone could suggest that they're different worlds. Also, another dream world has been said. Mugetsu has stated that this dream world was created by her. It's unknown if this dream world is the same or even connected to these worlds.

Additional Information

  • On stage 2 of Makai, the stage is titled "The Border Between The Human World And Makai". It is unknown of this border has any relations to the World of Fantasies.