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Yachie Kicchou

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(きっ) (ちょう) () () ()
Yachie Kicchou
kiʔtɕoː jatɕie
Yachie Kitcho, Yachie Kitchou

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Yachie Kicchou
Matriarch of the Kiketsu Family
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Making people lose the will to fight back


Matriarch of the Kiketsu Family

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Strange Creators of Outer World (Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo - Everlasting Edition)

"I am the leader of the Kiketsu family. Do you really need any further explanation?"
"Huh? What the...? Now that I think about it, I feel like I never had any questions..."
Yachie Kicchou and Reimu Hakurei (Wily Beast and Weakest Creature Stage 4.)

Yachie Kicchou (吉弔 八千慧 Kicchou Yachie) is the stage 4 boss of Wily Beast and Weakest Creature and the leader of the Kiketsu Family, one of the major organizations of beast spirits that dominate the Animal Realm of hell.

General Information

She first appeared as the midboss and boss of stage 4 of Wily Beast and Weakest Creature and is the leader of the otter spirits. Prior to the events of the game, she sent the beast spirits to the Human Realm to search for a human who could help against the haniwa army made by Keiki Haniyasushin.


Though polite and amiable on the surface, Yachie is a manipulative and condescending individual underneath. She is willing to use underhanded methods to succeed in her goal, including eliminating potential inconveniences if necessary. [1] She views human and animal spirits as resources and believes that cooperation is impossible in the animal realm and that competition is the way to make progress[2].


Making people lose the will to fight back

Her ability's true power is never directly mentioned. But when she confronts the heroines, she used her power to make the heroines unable to resist her orders, which was shown when the heroines agreed to everything she said even though they have no understanding of what was happening. [3]

Character Design


Yachie is based on the Jidiao (吉弔), a Chinese Legendary creature said to have been seen in Guangzhou and Guangxi. The jidiao has the body of a tortoise with the head and tail of a dragon.


Yachie's full name is Yachie Kicchou (吉弔 八千慧 Kicchou Yachie). The first two characters in her name (八千 Yachi) mean eight thousand, and the third character (慧 e) means wise, which might refer to her manipulative nature.

Her surname "Kicchou" (吉弔) is taken directly from the Japanese pronunciation of "Jidiao". Those characters mean "good luck" and "funeral" respectively.


Yachie is depicted with red eyes and blonde short hair with yellow antler-like horns. She wears a light blue shirt and a turquoise pleated skirt. She has a green scaly shell on her back, the scales extend to her long tail with segmented underside.


Yachie's sprite in WBaWC


Wily Beast and Weakest Creature

Yachie finds the heroines and she tell them that the enemy they are searching for is not in hell, but if they defeat her she will tell them where it is. After being defeated, she tells them that their objective is in the Animal Realm and exactly in the core of it. Furthermore, she tells them that if they defeat the enemy, the invasion will end.


Keiki Haniyasushin

Yachie views Keiki as a competition and therefore a worthy opponent for the sake of progress. However, she also sees Keiki as an old enemy to get rid of in the struggle for resources (in this case, human spirits). That said, they are familiar enough to talk amicably with each other whilst in a confrontation [2]

Saki Kurokoma

Saki gets along terribly with Yachie, referring to the dragon turtle as "foul" or "creepy" [4], but respects her strength. Yachie at least seems to respect the Keiga clan wolf spirits.

Yuuma Toutetsu

It is unknown how Yachie thinks about Yuuma. However, considering that the Kiketsu Family and the Gouyoku Family formed an alliance during the events of Wily Beast and Weakest Creature, it is believed that their relationship is neutral, if not bad.





Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 5
亀符「亀甲地獄」 Tortoise Sign "Tortoiseshell Hell" WBaWC St. 4: E/N/H/L
鬼符「搦手の畜生」 Oni Sign "Beasts Attacking from the Rear" WBaWC St. 4: E/N
鬼符「搦手の犬畜生」 Oni Sign "Mangy Beasts Attacking from the Rear" WBaWC St. 4: H
鬼符「搦手の鬼畜生」 Oni Sign "Devilish Beasts Attacking from the Rear" WBaWC St. 4: L
龍符「龍紋弾」 Dragon Sign "Dragon Crest Bullets" WBaWC St. 4: E/N/H/L

Additional Information


Official Profiles

Yachie Kitcho  ○4面ボス 


  吉弔 八千慧(きっちょう やちえ)
  Kitcho Yachie



















Stage 4 Boss

Matriarch of the Kiketsu Family

Yachie Kicchou

Species: Jidiao
Ability: Capable of making people lose the will to fight back

The Animal Realm, the ultimate survival-of-the-fittest world.
It's a world where the strong rule as they desire... or at least it was, until a few beasts that were just a little more clever and wily than others began to form organizations.
By now, a select handful of gigantic organizations dominate the world.

Almost all of the animal spirits already have no chance of victory by themselves, and the only way to survive was to team up with one of these organizations and continue fighting as their slaves forever.
Even as everyone continues to fight to exhaustion, an organization can never be stopped.

The Keiga Family is an organization of beast spirits with excellent leg strength, fangs, and strong bodies
The Kiketsu Family is an organization of beast spirits that excel at surprise attacks from the ground, the water, darkness, and so on.
The Gouyoku Alliance is an organization of beast spirits that fight from the air or with overwhelming numbers, from a bird's-eye point of view.
There're also many mysterious organizations of beast spirits, such as the one who excel in cowardly methods of fighting, such as traps, poisons, parasitism, camouflage, etc.

Within the Animal Realm, each of these enormous beast organizations competed for their share.

Meanwhile, there was one group of spirits that were complete slaves to all of these organizations.
Creatures that were weak in power, but had extremely dexterous hands: homo sapiens. In other words, human spirits.

The beast organizations' ruling classes created a shelter for the humans, so that they could continue to be used as ever-capable slaves without going extinct.
The shelter was called the Primate Spirit Garden.
Only when they looked over the Primate Spirit Garden, filled with humans who had no means of resisting, did each of the organizations forget about their conflict.
The Primate Spirit Garden was a peaceful recreational facility for everyone in the Animal Realm.

But that was also their big mistake.
The human spirits were powerless on their own, but collecting them all in one place soon led to the creation of a catastrophically destructive organization.

The human spirits cursed their powerless selves, and began praying to a god.
That god responded by giving the humans idols to worship.

The power of faith was revolutionary.
With their newfound faith, the human spirits no longer feared the beast spirits at all.
Since acting out of anything but selfishness was previously impossible in the Animal Realm, perhaps their newfound ability to act in the spirit of altruism had a large effect on them.

However, it was actually the idols, not the human spirits, that had the power.
The human spirits intended to devote themselves to the divinity beyond the idols, but they actually came to worship the idols themselves.
As a result, it was only natural that these idols began to dominate the humans.
The idols took control of the Primate Spirit Garden, and the status of the human spirits plummeted to the bottom once again.

In being dominated by idols, the Primate Spirit Garden became the most awful, out-of-control organization of all.

The idols flew forth from the Primate Spirit Garden, and began to take over the Animal World.
The idols had no flesh, soul or desire, and so the beasts were quite literally unable to lay a finger on them.
At this rate, the Animal Realm would surely be ruled by the idols and fall into utter ruin.

But the beasts weren't simply sitting around and waiting to be dominated, either.
The Kiketsu Family, which specialized in sneak attacks, brought things back from the brink by devising a strategy to overthrow the idols.
Namely: "drag in a human from the surface, and destroy the Primate Spirit Garden with a human's own hands".
Since the beasts were incapable of forming religions of their own, they would invoke a religious war by pitting the idols against a human whose faith was different from the Primate Spirit Garden's idolatry. A truly bold strategy.

Getting to the surface world from the Animal Realm wasn't an easy task.
However, the Animal Realm and Hell are right next door to each other, and are relatively easy to navigate between.

Because Hell was currently going through a power struggle of its own, it was easy to travel through it to get to the Human Realm.
The beast spirits went to the surface via Hell, and put on a show of pretending to invade it (though if they actually succeeded in dominating it, that wouldn't have been half bad either).

Yachie is the head of the Kiketsu Family, one of the four major organizations in the Animal Realm.
She sent the beast spirits to the Human Realm in search of a human who could be of use.

She acts courteously towards everyone, but looks down on the vast majority of them.
Nobody can resist her.


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