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The Yama (閻魔), also called Enma (えんま) in Japan, is a Buddhist equivalent of the Hindu god of the same name. This is the judge of the deceased that decides who goes where after death. According to Buddhism, there are ten Yama, each presiding over a hell. However, in Chinese folklore, Yama is sometimes understood simply as a specific role in the hierarchy of celestial beings, with even virtuous humans sometimes being elevated to such a rank. The Buddhist image of Yama as a judge dressed in the robes of a Chinese official was influenced by the god Taizan Fukun, depicted as an administrator of the afterlife keeping a registery of the dead. Yama can look into the past deeds of any person, and it is said that no one can pass through their sermons without being scolded.

Yama in Touhou

Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu is the yama assigned to Gensokyo. According to Toyosatomimi no Miko, the yama is the one to which the three worms actually report the sins of human beings.[1]

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