Yatsuhashi Tsukumo

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九十九 (つくも)  八橋 (やつはし)
Yatsuhashi Tsukumo
t͡sɯ̥kɯmo jat͡sɯ̥haɕʲi
Yatsuhashi Tsukumo
Yatsuhashi Tsukumo in Double Dealing Character
Tsukumogami of an Aging Koto
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Yatsuhashi Tsukumo (九十九 八橋 Tsukumo Yatsuhashi) is a tsukumogami, transformed from a koto. She is the younger sister of Benben Tsukumo, though they are technically not blood related, and just became sentient at the same time.

General Information

Yatsuhashi appeared as the Stage 4 boss and midboss of Double Dealing Character, as has also appeared as the very first boss of Impossible Spell Card on the first day, who then re-appears later on as a recurring boss on the fifth day. As a koto tsukumogami, she carries a koto, and uses it in her attacks and spell cards.


Both Benben and Yatsuhashi were once merely instruments used by others in the Outside World, but eventually they came to Gensokyo. When the Miracle Mallet was used, its magical power flooded into them, and they both became tsukumogami at around the same time. However, they quickly learned where their power was coming from (the Shining Needle Castle) and decided to overthrow society as tools, like Seija Kijin did as well.

Background Information


Her full name is Yatsuhashi Tsukumo (九十九 八橋). Her family name is a short form of "tsukumogami" that was changed into different kanji, which can read as the number "99". Her personal name is derived from the most famous koto player in Japanese history, "Kengyou Yatsuhashi" (八橋検校); Yatsuhashi is a family name, and "kengyou" is a rank of official servants who play instruments. The motif of hers might be derived from a tsukumogami of koto "Kotofurunushi" (琴古主).


Yatsuhashi has short brown hair with a magenta headband with diagonal stripes on it. Her clothes consist of a white shirt, with lilac accents, a purple bow on the back of her waist, and a black skirt with a purple zigzag pattern at the bottom. She wears no shoes or socks.

Yatsuhashi's Appearances


Double Dealing Character
Yatsuhashi's sprite in DDC

Both Benben and Yatsuhashi appear before the player character in Stage 4, though only one of them fights the player at a time. The fight the player gets is decided by which shot type they choose - if they opted to not take their weapon along, they face Benben as the mid-boss and Yatsuhashi later as the main boss' if they did take their weapon, it is vice-versa. At first, the two of them are under the impression that the heroine is looking to join their side, but it quickly turns violent. After being defeated, she points out the Shining Needle Castle, which is where they're getting their power from.

Between the main game and the extra stage, they were approached by Raiko Horikawa, who explained what had happened - and a way out of their situation. The two tsukumogami had realized that their power was coming from the Miracle Mallet. Not wanting to return to being tools, they successfully replaced the magical power they used to survive as self-aware beings with one from the outside world. The heroine must fight both of them at once.


Impossible Spell Card

Presumably from hearing or seeing a wanted sign about the mischief-making amanojaku Seija Kijin, Yatsuhashi is the first of the many youkai that tries to capture her. She uses spell cards that are considered impossible to dodge, and is also the one that explained to Seija that everyone will use any mean necessary to defeat her.


Benben Tsukumo

Yatsuhashi is Benben Tsukumo's younger sister, and serves as a hot-headed, energetic counterpart to Benben's cool and collected demeanor. The two of them are both tsukumogami, so they are not technically related by blood; they call themselves sisters because they were both "born" at roughly the same time.

Raiko Horikawa

Raiko Horikawa is a drum tsukumogami that approached her and Benben, and offered to swap out their source of power.

Minor Relationships

Seija Kijin & Shinmyoumaru Sukuna

No dialogue is exchanged between these characters; when mentioned by the heroine, Seija appears to realize she's talking about tsukumogami, but no more than that. They all appear to share the same goal of overthrowing society.

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