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(みや) ()   (よし) ()
Yoshika Miyako
mʲijako joɕʲi̥ka (♫)
Yoshika Miyako
Yoshika Miyako in Ten Desires
Loyal Undead
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Jiang Shi (キョンシー Kyonshī)


Eating anything






Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum‎

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"Rotten as I may be, I'm a jiang shi.
Right! I remembered!
We were revived to protect the mausoleum!"— Yoshika Miyako

(Ten Desires Stage 4)

Yoshika Miyako (宮古 芳香 Miyako Yoshika) is a Jiang Shi who is of an ancient era of Japan who was revived by Seiga Kaku to be the guard of Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum.

General Information

Yoshika first appeared as the stage 3 boss of Ten Desires and as an assistant of Seiga on the stage 4 boss battle, and performed attacks with her along with the title "Loyal Undead." She appeared in the background of Hopeless Masquerade and was a 4th Day Boss in Impossible Spell Card.

In order to not decompose like normal Jiang Shi do, she has an anti-decomposition spell placed on her. She has no sense or self, and does not know pain or fatigue, which allows her to bring out all possible physical strength and creates great difficulty to encounter. She usually attacks people for no particular reason, but is easy to run away from. However, she is set to have a particular amount of health and even when defeated, she immediately recovers a few seconds later as shown Stage 4 of Ten Desires.


According to Symposium of Post-mysticism, she doesn't have much of a personality as a jiang shi, but whenever she is not under Seiga's control she does seem to revert back to the personality she had when she was alive. She has been seen reciting poetry while staring into empty space. Her thinking patterns are like a forgotten age of computers. Even regarding conversations with the main character, she forgot that she had a mistress, and did not remember what she was protecting, and is therefore a considerably problematic way of thinking.


Prior to the events of Ten Desires, Yoshika is Seiga's faithful servant who guards the Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum. Her current activities are unknown.


Eating anything

As literally stated. When she's hurt, she can suck in the surrounding divine spirits and eat them to increases her HP back to full, thus furnishing her with an ability to "recover her HP". If this is ignored, then it wouldn't be possible to defeat her spell cards, as time would run out. This could be why Kogasa Tatara wasn't able to win against her during Ten Desires.

Jiang shi seek out lifeblood and walk around aimlessly, and also has the characteristic of turning opponents into jiang shi upon bite. Yoshika also turns the living into jiang shi, and has a proactive attitude about increasing her companions. This behaviour may be due to a command, or it may be an instinctual behaviour of jiang shi.


Since she's a Jiang Shi, her body is unusually stiff, and her joints cannot twist, and therefore she cannot walk straight. Seiga, in order to protect from injury, seems to recommend calisthenics to her.

Character Design


ZUN stated in an interview that her original design was too similar to Lei-Lei (Hsien-Ko) from Darkstalkers. Considering it too cliché, he instead made Yoshika a zombie whose brain was rotting away and was thus stupid.


Her full name is Yoshika Miyako (宮古 芳香). The Miyako (宮古) in her name means "ancient palace", while Yoshika (芳香) means "fragrance", "perfume" if read together. The Yoshi () can also mean "fragrance", "beautiful", "virtuous" when standing alone, and ka () "incense", which might be referring to either Yoshika being a jiang shi, or her guarding a graveyard.

Her name comes from Miyako no Yoshika (都良香), a ninth century Japanese scholar and poet. Legends say that 100 years after he left office, he was spotted on a mountain as a hermit, his face unchanged.


In Ten Desires's official art, Yoshika has pale skin, dark blue hair and eyes. She wears a blue hat with a yellow star and an ofuda on the forehead, which apparently has a to-do list written on it by her master. She wears a red Chinese-styled shirt with a pink trim on the wide sleeves, and a black skirt with the same trim wrapped around it like a ribbon. She keeps her arms ahead, like a zombie.



Ten Desires
Yoshika's sprite in TD

When the heroine reaches the graveyard adjacent to the Myouren Temple, Yoshika meets her there. Having been revived to protect the Mausoleum from intruders, a fact which takes her a little while to remember, she does battle with the heroine and loses. Later, in stage 4, she is revived again and returns to team up with her master Seiga Kaku, but the two were defeated.


Hopeless Masquerade
Yoshika in HM

Yoshika made a background cameo appearance in Hopeless Masquerade on the Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum stage. She is seen standing on the mausoleum watching the many fights.

Impossible Spell Card

Presumably from hearing or seeing a wanted sign about the mischief-making amanojaku Seija Kijin, Yoshika appears to be one of the many youkai that tries to capture her. She uses spell cards that are considered impossible to dodge. Not only did she try to capture her independently, she was also controlled by her master on one spell card.


Symposium of Post-mysticism

Humans that visited the graveyard started getting worried, as Yoshika had appeared there and was driving everyone away. They bring in Rin Kaenbyou to communicate with her and through a translator, she claims she isn't particularly intent on harming anyone, but just feels she has to defend the graveyard no matter what.


People in Senkai

Yoshika is a corpse reanimated by Seiga Kaku in order to protect the Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum during Toyosatomimi no Miko's resurrection. Seiga is generally a master who treats her like a tool, but also thinks she's a cute underling who's rotten, and even in battle, she can be seen diligently reviving Yoshika.

Toyosatomimi no Miko is a fellow ally of the Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum and the purpose of guarding it under Seiga Kaku's orders. Mononobe no Futo and Soga no Tojiko are also fellow allies. However, no actual relationship between these three are established.

Minor Relationships

People in the Myouren Temple

Yoshika Miyako purpose for guarding the Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum was to prevent Byakuren Hijiri and the rest of her allies of Myouren Temple from interfering with Toyosatomimi no Miko's resurrection. Also, Yoshika's presence in the cemetery becomes an unknown threat for Kogasa Tatara.

Rin Kaenbyou

Rin is brought in to the graveyard to communicate with her and find out her intentions during the events of an article in Symposium of Post-mysticism.




Spell Cards

Spell cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 7
回復「ヒールバイデザイア」 Recovery "Heal By Desire" TD St. 3: E/N/H/L
毒爪「ポイゾンレイズ」 Poison Nail "Poison Raze" TD St. 3: E/N
毒爪「ポイゾンマーダー」 Poison Nail "Poison Murder" TD St. 3: H/L
欲符「稼欲霊招来」 Desire Sign "Score Desire Spirit Invitation" TD St. 3: E/N
欲符「スコアデザイアイーター」 Desire Sign "Score Desire Eater" TD St. 3: H/L
毒爪「死なない殺人鬼」 Poison Nail "Undead Murderer" TD
毒爪「ゾンビクロー」 Poison Nail "Zombie Claw" ISC St. 4

Additional Information

  • She has a star on her hat that is similar to Hong Meiling's, but without a symbol.
  • The relationship between Yoshika and Seiga probably is caused from the fact that the inspirations of both of them appears in Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio. There is a story "dead body incident" (simplified Chinese: 尸变; traditional Chinese: 屍變), the 7th chapter of the 13th volume.
  • According to legends, Ibaraki-douji, model of Kasen Ibaraki, was an admirer of Miyako no Yoshika's works and even co-authored one of his poems: Yoshika improvised the first half of the poem while admiring the springtime scenery near the Rajoumon gate where Ibaraki dwelt, and the oni replied with the latter half.[1] Moreover, Kasen is seen reciting this poem in the first chapter of Wild and Horned Hermit.
  • Yoshika is currently the only character in the whole series who can heal herself during a battle.


Official Profiles

Ten Desires Demo - omake.txt
Yoshika Miyako TD ○3面ボス  忠実な死体

  宮古 芳香(みやこ よしか)








3rd stage boss  Loyal Undead

Yoshika Miyako

Species: Jiang shi
Ability: Eating anything
(humans bitten by her turn into a jiang shi temporarily)

A mysterious corpse revived by somebody. She is just a puppet, but she is keeping something important.

She possesses strange power and has a body that does not feel pain. It is very challenging to confront her directly, but her brain is like a forgotten age of computers. It is very easy to kite her around.

While fighting, if she is damaged, she consumes spirits and regenerates health, so she's very hard to beat up. But it is very easy to get away from her (and this is important).

Her flesh body is very hard, and her joints do not bend. She cannot even walk that well. Her master is recommending calisthenics for her. Activity with no flexibility often ends up in injury. Though she is just a zombie.

What is it that she is keeping safe? And what of her master, who employed a meaningless bodyguard like her?

Stay tuned for the retail version!

Ten Desires Full version - キャラ設定とエキストラストーリー.txt
Yoshika Miyako  ○3面ボス  忠実な死体

  宮古 芳香(みやこ よしか)
  Miyako Yoshika






3rd stage boss  Loyal Undead

Yoshika Miyako

Species: Jiang shi.
Ability: The ability to eat anything.
(Humans bitten by her temporarily become jiang shi as well.)

A dead body from ancient Japan, reanimated by Seiga, for whom she works as an underling. This time, she was summoned to protect the Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum during the verge of resurrection.

With strange powers and a body that feels no pain, she is a formidable enemy when faced head-on, but her cerebral faculties are on par the computational power of an obsolete computer, so escaping from her is a simple task.

When wounded in battle, she restores her strength by devouring spirits. She is not easily defeated, but escaping from her is a simple task. (Take note of this!)

Her body is very stiff, and her joints do not flex. She can't even walk straight. Her master has recommended various stretches to her. Engaging in physical activity without stretching first may lead to injury—even if you're a zombie.

Official Sources

Official sources


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