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Yukkuri shiteitte ne!/List

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This is a list of known Yukkuris.

The List


Name Description Filling Phrase Image
Yukkuri Alice
Yukkuri Alice is a common yukkuri within the fandom, and are generally accepted by yukkuri fandom to be rapists. This may be a grotesque shadow of how some Touhou stories portray Alice Margatroid. Rapist Alices are those that live to rape other yukkuri (especially Yukkuri Marisa and Yukkuri Reimu) and produce koyukkuri. There are of,course, exceptions to this. Some artists may treat Alices just like other yukkuris, without any of the rapist or peni peni abilities present. There are some theories as to how Alices become rapists; it could be that the behaviors is hard coded into their genetic material. Other stories may blame it on them being raised that way (by their rapist parents). Maybe if they got raped them selves and started raping other yukkuri, like in the story "New Rape Troup". In some comics, wild yukkuri Alices form large packs, "rape troupes", and attack other yukkuri; raping them multiple times. The victims sprout multiple child-bearing stalks that drain nutrients from the victim's body, eventually killing them. In the majority of comics, the bodies will be left to rot, while the Alices move on. In others, the children are raped and eaten. Yukkuri Alices often appear as antagonists in the stories, or as another tool for Anon to bully other yukkuri with. In some comics, they're used by factories as a way to speed-breed different types of yukkuri. Some comics and stories feature a deconstruction of this with Alices falling victim to other yukkuri due to prejudice. There is "Kind Mother Reimu" by the artist,"Awesome pixely guy", which feature koalices being mistreated despite their general kindness. As with most facets of yukkuris, the personalities of Alices have varied widely with different stories and authors. Although uncommon to the idea of rapist Alice, there have been plenty (especially in recent years) of non-rapist Alices. These Alices are often shown to be very friendly and kind towards others. Sometimes, they're also shown to be very fluid and reserved when speaking (their use of Alice-specific vocabulary such as "city-sect" varies), as well as in action being somewhat calmer then other yukkuri. They appear to be very concerned with the well-being of their families, often taking the role of the "mother" in a family, staying inside a nest to look after and tend to the young. Rarely, these protective mothers may develop biased by proxy, which they use to pamper their Alice children with the delicious food. This behavior, however, has been observed with all yukkuri types. t's been suggested that a special type of non-rapist Alices exist that are "Tsundere" and cannot take it easy without the company of a Yukkuri Marisa. It's thought that when they do have the company of a Marisa, they tend to be bossy and overprotective, in contrast to the calm and friendly character of the majority of non-rapist Alices. The increasing popularity of the Arisukkuri species however led to Non-Rapist Alices as having the gift of "City-Sect coordination". While Yukkuri Marisas still excel in nest-building and setting barriers, Yukkuri Alices are able to effortlessly "build" any kind of furniture, such as choosing large stones to be used as tables for the whole family, making small beds of twigs and grasses that are soft, comfortable for koyukkuris and don't fall apart after a few days of use, arranging their nests in a nice and pleasant way,and even build some simple toys for their little ones, such as little dolls and flower crowns. These feats, made even more amazing by their lack of limbs, make them good house makers and "mother yukkuris". Non-rapist Alices also appear to lack the peni-peni abilities shown by rapist types, but this just may be a coincidence of not raping other yukkuri, rather than a fact. Alices also have the ability to craft fine dolls and toys (for a yukkuri), and in some stories,a rite of passage for an Alice is to construct a well-made toy. Non-rapist Alices are able to (rarely) give birth to Shanghais, and even more rarely Hourais, making them very sought after by yukkuri enthusiasts. custard "This is very city sect!" "Country Bumpkin!" "Nhooo!" (when raping) "Oh, so tsundere." (when a yukkuri refuses their advances) "Cute!" (to a potental mate/victim)

Yukkuri Akyuu
Akyuns are very unfriendly to it's fellow yukkuri, often killing them on-sight. These aggressive yukkuri are usually seen killing other yukkuri with hammers they are born with for amusement or eating them alive. Because of the psychopathic behavior the Yukkuri Akyuu exhibits, most (if not all) other yukkuri tend to stay away from them except the few that can fight back, have protection, or enjoy the pain inflicted on by other yukkuri (ala Yukkuri Tenshi). As a result of the Akyun's abusive behavior, those who enjoy yukkuri abuse try to buy them for their own homes, leading to the inflation of Akyuu prices. When they're not torturing others, Akyuus are seen recording history much like the real Hieda no Akyuu and have a longer memory span than normal yukkuris. Thanks to breeders, there is now a "nicer" version of Yukkuri Akyuu, which are like the original except they are nicer towards other yukkuri. However, these types of Akyun are only found in captivity and not in the wild. Keine-types have been seen around Akyun, but it's unknown if they're on friendly terms or the Akyuu had wandered into a Keine's territory. The nicer versions, however, are rather clingy to them and Reimu-types. ??? "Kyun" (said by koakyuus) "Akyun" (Said by full grown Akyuuns)

Yukkuri Aya
Yukkuri Aya (きめえまる Kimeemaru, a cross between Shameimaru and "kimee", a form of "kimoi" [disgusting]) are yukkuri that have a fondness of going fast. Ayas are often bodied, but these bodies are usually non-humanoid resembling that of a horse. Several variants exist, though, including ones with human-like bodies, grasshoppers, hamsters, and even dogs. Their faces are usually twisted in a peculiar smirk/grimace. This look is called disgusting by both humans and yukkuri, giving rise to their name. Due to that look, human children and other yukkuri may also find it scary and react hostilely to a Kimeemaru, even if it's harmless or benevolent. Kimeemaru can move very fast, even the bodiless ones. They detest taking it easy, since it means they have to go slowly. The combination of the above factors makes Kimeemaru often act hostile to other yukkuri, working to prevent them from taking it easy. However, there are a number that like other yukkuri. These Kimeemaru may even watch over them and attempt to warn them of any danger coming their way. Unfortunately, their high speed and strange facial expressions often cause large amounts of distress to the yukkuri they are trying to warn, resulting in the warned yukkuri being harmed. Kimeemaru may also volunteer to help people, especially if it involves killing other yukkuri. They are generally friendly to humans, making them a popular pet type, as their friendliness and frequent loyalty to their owners make them more appealing than other types. A Kimeemaru will also use its high speed to defend its owner or owner's residence from feral yukkuri and even other humans. They have the ability to shake their heads side to side at such high frequencies that they create the illusion of having two or three heads. They can also run in circles at high speed, creating the illusion of being in several places at once. Seeing such a display, most other yukkuri panic and faint. This makes their aforementioned defense of their owner's/owners' homes very effective. They have a good relationship with Aya Shameimaru. They respect her for being fast, and act as her subordinates. They also have fans at the factory and are not targeted by the employees (Although there are Yukkuri Ayas that are friendly toward other yukkuri, the associations they often have with the Factories, harming other Yukkuri for "Taking it easy", and scaring other Yukkuri in general, have made them popular in abuse/violent stories. They're not nearly as popular as Yukkuri Alices for the same purposes, though). In addition, like Aya, they are handy with a camera. Unbodied Ayas are still as speedy as their bodied counterparts, and aren't much different save size. As stated above, Kimeemaru do not get along with most other yukkuri save for a few species.
  • It's known that there's a variant of Kimmemaru, known as Chimeemaru (which resembles the Chimera from Greek Mythology).
  • There are Yukkuri Ayas that have a more yukkuri-typical cute face, instead of their normally sarcastic Kimeemaru expression. They still appear to have the same speed abilities as other Kimeemarus. On very rare occasions, Yukkuri Ayas have been seen to mate with understanding Reimus. The children resulting from these unions appear to be normal, but may possess surprising speed. This may also explain the origins of the more cute Yukkuri Ayas mentioned above.
Chocolate covered Coffee Beans "Ooh, [adjective], [adjective repeated]" (The adjective is usually "scary", but it can also be "slow", "disgusting",etc. Also, when they speak, it's usually in a sarcastic tone, similar to yukkuris near the end of their natural life cycle.)

Yukkuri Benben
Yukkuri Benben is a rather brand-new species of yukkuri. As of the moment, nothing is quite known about them except they are seen with musical instruments chained to their bodies. A few specimens have been seen using weird prehensile hair-tendrils, although this has not yet been confirmed.They enjoy playing music and forming bands with Yatsuhashi and Prismriver-type yukkuri. They are seen as a polite and good-nature yukkuri, with nothing out of the ordinary about them. They are known, however, to repeat their names in rapid succession at either random times or at the end of practically every sentence. Egg Spaghetti "Benbenbenbenbenben!"

Yukkuri Byakuren
Byakuren-types are actually peaceful yukkuri which are very rare to find. Unlike other yukkuri's, they do not label yukkuri as "an easy child" or "this child can't take it easy". Byakkuri do not force others to take it easy, which can lead to some trouble with other yukkuri's. As of this date, it has not been confirmed as to what their scroll is used for and they seem very attached to them. Despite this, Byakurens are also capable of living without them. They are also shown to get along well with Murasa, Shou, Ichirin, Nazrin, and Nue-type yukkuris. Byakkuri are somewhat neutral with others and are also mates with Shinki-types. Byakurens are also seen building "temples" in the wild (Byakuren's temples are usually a cave or a cardboard box they happen to find) and these temples are quite decorated for a yukkuri structure and it's residents, which are usually Ichirins, Murasa, Shous, and Nazrins, but rarely Nues,Kogasas, and Mamizous. Since their temples will never turn away a yukkuri "in need", there have been reports of misbehaved or abusive yukkuri taking advantage of these sanctuaries. For reasons unknown, these yukkuri hate Yukkuri Miko with a passion. These Byakurens also have been seen with eyes and mouths that have been shifted upwards, and as a result, they seem to resemble Kimmemarus. Vodka Cookies "Na-mu-saaaaaaan!"

Yukkuri Chen
Chen-types are a type of yukkuri that seem to win the affections of everyone even those that absolutely hate yukkuri from the bottom of their hearts(possibly because of a "cutesy" attitude). They also prefer to understand everything that comes it way rather than to take it easy. Milk chocolate "I don't get it..." (When confronted with a problem) "I get it!" (When pleased)

Yukkuri Chiyuri
Chiyuri-types (ちやっくり Chiyakkuri) have been reported as being devoted to their Yumemi-types and pulling them around on large soapboxes, but reports of their existence are entirely unsubstantiated and are legendary .They are usually seen with a folding chair used to hit yukkuri Yumemi, but other than that, they're very friendly to them. Vanilla "I challenge you!"

Yukkuri Cirno
Cirno-types (Cirnoff/Cirnov or ゆ⑨り Yuri or Yukyuri), usually suffer from "This is the result of taking it easy!!!", meaning they are permanently spacing out, smiling and drooling. They have the same cooling properties as the real Cirno. Cider Popsicle or Ice cream

Yukkuri Daiyousei
Found in surprisingly many places in Gensokyo, the Yukkuri Daiyousei has actually been around a long time (Yukkuri Daiyouseis have been around for as long as Yukkuri Cirnos, but were otherwise not noticed until much later), but its mild personality and complete lack of presence has left it relatively unknown in the yukkuri world. Yukkuri Daiyouseis are naturally gifted (or perhaps cursed) with the ability to go almost completely unnoticed, even when out in the open. Predators and hunters completely pass them by and sometimes even walk right by them during their hunts. This brings up the question is it even possible to see the Daiyouseis. Their ability to go unnoticed is both their greatest defense and their biggest source of misery. In more recent times, however, Daiyouseis are slowly becoming popular in the pet trade, though their "rarity", ability of flight, and price usually mean that those interested in raising and owning multiple rare yukkuri at once will be the only ones to purchase them. These kindhearted yukkuri spend most of their time actually trying to convince other yukkuri to not do bad things or to convince humans to not harm yukkuri. Sadly, their pleas and warnings are almost always ignored, sometimes making the poor Daiyokurri feel alone and helpless. Yukkuri Daiyouseis are also surprisingly polite for a yukkuri. If they know a fruit tree they are planning to eat from is owned by somebody, they will ask permission before taking any fruit, although they are typically ignored, and therefore not given a reply despite their asking. The lack of notability also means that those they have stolen from do not notice the Daiyokurri theft either. Yukkuri Daiyouseis can fly, but their flight speed is so slow that they can actually move faster by simply walking on the ground. They only seem to use their flying ability to get over tall obstacles or to pick fruit from trees. While it is always recommended to buy yukkuri in pairs (especially koyukkuri), it's been noted that a Daiyousei apparently can't survive without another yukkuri by its side, regardless if a yukkuri or human notices it or not. Mint Frosting "Notice me easy!"

Yukkuri Ellen
Ellen-types are extremely rare to find and are filled with whipped cream. Their personality is air-headed and they have a long lifespan. Whipped Cream

Yukkuri Eirin
A healer of many yukkuri, Yukkuri Eirin are incredibly smart. Indeed, they are even said to be smarter than the Tewis. They have a great knowledge of yukkuri physiology and the kinds of injuries that can be sustained. They will often open up clinics where other yukkuri in the nearby community can come to them for diagnosis and treatment. Just like Eirin Yagokoro, they are able to make any medicine (though said medicines are meant for yukkuri, not for humans). While Eirins are highly intelligent, they are still not at a human level, nor a level where they are able to create traps effective at seriously harming humans (though some traps can leave nasty cuts). The traps are still an extreme annoyance, however—there will often be dozens of traps along the route to their nests—meaning most hunters will not bother or will give up. These yukkuri are also known to experiment. Due to this, some factories are recruiting Eirins to help with experiments, paying them in food or even money. Although E~rins are largely cordial, they can be best described as a mix of intelligence and condescending remarks. These yukkuri have a rather high knowledge of herbal plants and applications of said plants, making them very useful for "natural healers". Though they only know how to apply said plants onto yukkuri, not humans. Their long hair is at times seen as an annoyance, with a few owners (and yukkuri) tripping over the ponytail as it drags along the ground. Just as they pride themselves on their princess, a E~rin will pride itself on its hair. These yukkuri are known for being helpful, and it's stated that if a yukkuri cries out "Help me Eirin!" the nearest Eirin will come running to help. However, the Eirin is smart enough it seems to know when the cries are meaningful or just a ploy to reveal its nest. The most important thing in any Eirin's life is its Princess. If a Yukkuri Eirin does not have a Yukkuri Kaguya to protect, or loses the one it has for some reason, it will die of loneliness and shock. This does take a while, however, and will only take hold if they are utterly unable to find a Kaguya. Some have been seen replacing their Kaguya with a Yukari or even a Reisen, though. They will spend a good deal of their time devising traps to keep Mokotans and would-be yukkuri hunters from finding the precious Teruyos. Such traps are highly effective at stopping other yukkuri, but not so much humans (though as stated previously many give up rather than face more traps). It is very rare for an E~rin to allow any other yukkuri anywhere near its protected Yukkuri Kaguya. Above all else, the Yukkuri Eirin does this to keep away one thing; Yukkuri Mokous. Mokotans and Teruyos seek out one another for unknown reasons, most likely either to battle or to mate. Either one is of great concern to the Yukkuri Eirin, because it could mean that its Princess will leave it. Since Yukkuri Kaguyas are also rumored to have the same mysterious healing/life-extending properties of the Yukkuri Mokous, the Yukkuri Eirins have had to adapt their traps for human seeking to poach the desired yukkuri from the Bamboo Forest. Besides Teruyos, Eirins get along well with most yukkuri, but don't tolerate what they view as idiots. There is rumored to be a bodied Yukkuri Eirin, called "Eirin-chan" that actually lives inside of one of the lower chambers of Eirin Yagokoro's lab. There she is said to assist the real Eirin with her Yukkuri Studies while guarding a bodied Yukkuri Kaguya and tending (despairingly) to her whims. Although Eirin-chan is eternally grateful for the sanctuary given by the good Moon doctor, the truth is Eirin Yagokoro's lab probably benefits even more from the added security given by all the traps that Eirin-chan lays out along the outside of the lab.
  • Some hunters used to use the presence of the E~rin's traps to determine whether there was a Yukkuri Kaguya nearby, but the sheer number of traps they would encounter would make them get fed up and leave. The Yukkuri Eirins have gotten wise to the possibility that another hunter might strike while the outer layers of traps are down, and in such situations, it will attempt to transfer its Princess to a safer location if the traps closest to it are being set off.
  • Yukkuri Reisens in the wild are very loyal to Yukkuri Eirins and gratefully help them whenever possible. How much they are appreciated for this help seems to vary from E~rin to E~rin. Some view the Reisens on a similar level to their princess, while others treat them no better then a servant.
  • Although very intelligent, they are easily tricked by Yukkuri Kaguyas and are often on the receiving end of pranks because of this.
Aloe Vera/Medicinal compound, or some kind of pink stomach medicine

Yukkuri Elis
Yukkuri Elis (えぃあっくり Eliakkuri) is a yukkuri that is a vandal but acts as though it is innocent. You must be careful around one as they've been known to carry weapons behind themselves. Wine "I'm innocent yu!"

Yukkuri Elly
A much older and forgotten yukkuri-type. Elikuri were once feared and respected due to the use of their scythes (the dreaded boomrang scythe), but have all but disappeared. From what is known, they were well respected yukkuri that protected Yuka, much like how a Sakuya will protect a Remilia. Rotten Apples "Bad yu!"

Yukkuri Flandre
Yukkuri Flandres are predators, feeding on other yukkuri. They often have bodies and are one of the strongest yukkuri. LikeRemilias, they have wings although the wings on Flandres look more like dry branches with suspended colored crystals, which still allow them to fly somehow. It could possibly be due to magic. Their regenerative powers are even higher than those of other yukkuri, with wounds healing in seconds, resulting in a sort of limited immortality. (As long as the wound doesn't kill it instantly, it regenerates.) Yukkuri Flandres are known for their exceptionally violent personality. They go out of their way to torture and kill other yukkuri. Wild specimens are known to "decorate" their nests and surroundings with their victims, either dead or dying, impaled on spikes and stakes. Due to this behavior, they are well liked by abusers and those looking for "guard yukkuri". A favorite past time of Yukkuri Flandres is abusing, or at least bullying Remilias. But, as with all yukkuris, the above isn't set in stone. In some stories Flandres are rather innocent, if not powerful, yukkuri that don't understand concepts like "death" and don't mean to hurt ones that they care for. Anman (Steamed bun filling made of koshian or tsubuan asuki beans). "Woo~" "Drop dead easy!"

Yukkuri Futo
Yukkuri Futo is a slightly new yukkuri who is often smug, and are sometimes said to have OCD due to the fact they will arrange things in their perspective of the "perfect way". They sometimes are used to help sailors on boats and are quite good ocean navigators, making them favored pets around sailors. Why they actually have good skills around water, which most yukkuri try to avoid, is unknown at this time.
  • There have been sightings of them stealing boats but this is unconfirmed.
Cream Soda "Thou take it easy!"

Yukkuri Gengetsu
Gengetsu-types (げんげくっり Gengekurri) are legendary. They are thought to be filled with melted butter and that they have telepathic links with Mugetsu-tupes. Melted Butter "Muge! Tsu!" "Gengetsu RAPE TIME!" (Announces this before murdering a yukkuri. Other yukkuri struggle to survive their attacks.)

Yukkuri Hatate
Yukkuri Hatates are a rare species of yukkuri that are intelligent and curious, but also prideful and somewhat selfish at times. They are faster than the average yukkuri, but not as fast or strong as yukkuri Aya and yukkuri Momiji. These yukkuri carry a camera phone around, but only a few of these phones actually work (other times, the phone is just a toy). Either way, Yukutates will "take pictures" of anything it finds interesting or might cause a scandal. As a result, they are not well liked by yukkuri or humans with secrets to hide. Hatate-types will always see themselves as right even when they're wrong, so trying to argue with one won't be of much help. These yukkuri appear to like humans and tend to be around them more than they do around yukkuri. Nobody knows why, but it has allowed them to appear in mass numbers in the pet yukkuri trade market. While good with humans, Hatates also enjoy the company of Ayas, Momijis, and Nitoris (the latter Hatates tend to shy away from). In the case of Ayas, they appear to have a friendly rivalry and mated pairs of the two have been reported. Bacon-rich monjayaki

Yukkuri Hina
Hina-types are often seen near The Great Youkai Forest or places with an abundant amount of Yukkuri Nitoris and they love to spin. They are more dangerous to humans than the average Yukkuri, but less than Unyukkuris, as being near a Hina-type brings one horrible luck unless they leave the forest. They chase away a lot of other yukkuri as well. Either due to their ability to generate bad luck around it or it's constant spinning, it tends to stay away from other yukkuri except Nitoris (only when the Hina is in a good mood). Like other yukkuri, Hinas tend to stay away from the "Nichori" subspecies. It is rumored There is a 1 on 3 chance that the Hina yukkuri will take your bad luck instead of giving it to you. Carob "Spin, Hina Spin! Hina loves to spin!" Spinning Hina

Yukkuri Hina From pixiv.

Yukkuri Hourai
Yukkuri Hourai are a rarer, more dangerous, much smarter,and (arguably) more sought after variant of Yukkuri Shanghai.Due to their rarity, only three wild-caught Yukkorai have ever been recorded and in all three cases, the yukkuri passed away after a few weeks with symptoms similar to Anti-yukkuritis. Although not on the level of human intelligence, yukkorai are still smarter than Shans and have the disposition and mentality of a killer bee's. In fact, if you anger a Yukkuri Hourai enough, it will sometimes hunt down those they think are "bothersome". Unlike their counterparts, Hourai-types will not take requests from anyone except a specific individual they find friendly and valuable (simply offering extra food for their families is enough to get a Yukkuri Hourai to listen to you). Even then, you cannot order them, but you can give them requests (ordering around a yukkorai will make it upset and the results aren't very pleasant). If encountering a lone Yukkuri Hourai, the best course of action is to move very slowly and not toward the yukkuri itself. It is most likely looking for something, and may perceive fast moving objects as a threat. If encountering a Yukkuri Hourai with its family, back slowly away from all yukkuri in the immediate area. They are very protective of other yukkuri, and will not hesitate to attack if threatened. Like Shans, Yukkorai are capable of firing a "Yukkuri Beam", but they can do this multiple times a day and their shots can be maintained longer than a Shanghai-type's. Unlike Yukkuri Shanghais, who are known to be born from Alices, no one is sure where Yukkuri Hourai has appeared from. One theory claims that Hourai-types originated from a factory experiment gone wrong. Another common theory is that Hourais are merely Shans that have evolved either due to stress or repeated dangerous situations. Some claim claim that Hourais are born from Alices, but only if they're very upset while others claim that there is only one Yukkorai in existence. Because Hourai-types tend to keep to themselves and attack when threatened, little is known about these yukkuri, but it is known that Yukkuri Hourais are considered endangered and dangerous yukkuri like Shanghai. Even though they are similar to Shans, Yukkuri Hourais are a separate species. the way to tell the difference between the two is that a Hourai wears a blue bow while a Shanghai wears a red bow. Truffle Nougat(?) "Hourai..."

Yukkuri Ichirin
The Yukkuri Ichirin is a normally quiet and somewhat shy yukkuri that enjoys keeping to itself. Ichirins are normally seen with a cloud avatar known as "Unzan", which they apparently can talk with. Unzans, unlike the Youmu's ghost avatar, are apparently alive and can act on their own. The Unzan is even shyer then its counterpart, and will normally hide if confronted. No Unzan has ever been seen away from an Ichirin, so it is questioned how the Unzan came into being. Due to the Ichirin's shyness, not much is known about them and the few that make it to captivity are still quiet and refuse to mate with other yukkuri, though has no issue with having a "partner" yukkuri (which they normally find in Mursasa-types). Even though they are shy, these yukkuri are known to have a straightforward and kind personality. In captivity, they are normally seen following Yukkuri Byakurens, who they appear to almost worship and will fight to the death to protect. They apparently have a love-hate relationship with Mursasa-types, who are guessed to be one of the few yukkuri that they would ever mate with in the wild. In the wild, they are generally observed as "loners", and only contact other yukkuri briefly. In the case of Byakurens and their "temples", they act as guardians and heavy-lifters thanks to Unzan. Unzan- Cotton Candy Ichirin- Unknown

Yukkuri Iku
Yukkuri Iku is a rather powerful yukkuri who is very hostile to both humans and other yukkuris. It has the ability to create electricity at will. During rub-rub or other similar activities, the Yukkuri Iku will become dangerously shocking (literally), making it hated by other Yukkuri, apart from a Yukkuri Tenshi who can withstand the voltage. Some smart Yukkuri Ikus can even predict the weather to fellow yukkuris, assuming those yukkuri wish to be around the Iku. They love both water and high places. They like to seek out Tenshis to mate with, play with, and protect them with their powers. While not being able to fly, some Yukkuri Ikus have been seen trying to jump off high cliffs and edges to reach the clouds, only to fail. Their power to (sometimes) predict the weather also comes in handy to protect them from the rain. Sour Gel "Fever!" "Dance it easy!"

Yukkuri Kagerou
A new yukkuri who appear to not like the full moon,Kagerou is a very friendly yukkuri that loves playing, despite its transformation. They, however, hate getting "hairy" as they describe it and show a dislike of hairy things. This makes owning a pet Kagerou a challenge, as toys and housing must be provided that does not have anything "hairy". What a Kagerou actually considers hairy is different from yukkuri to yukkuri. While friendly, they do have sharp teeth which can led a painful mark if bitten. Caution should be advised not to anger a Kagerou. Reports of "aggressive" Kagerous have begin to surface as of late. Blackberry jam "Awoooooo!" "Want to hide!"

Yukkuri Kaguya
Yukkuri Kaguya, popularly known as Teruyo, tends to sleep a lot. Less than Yukkuri Komachi, but enough to make them rare. Thanks to their immortality, these yukkuris are very difficult (if not impossible) to kill. Not only are they immortal, the Yukkuri Kaguyas are also very resilient to damage, so they really can only be exterminated by being eaten whole. But, just like Mokotans, an actual "death" has never been reported. Theoretically, a person who eats the Kaguya will find them alive and well after the very painful extraction the person will undertake to remove the yukkuri from their intestines. It is therefore advised to not eat them until a edible version is produced. However, there is no reported incidence of this so far in humans (other yukkuri and a few animals have been observed to be unable to digest a Kaguya). Sometimes, these yukkuris find a mate within Yukkuri Eirin, because the presence of the Yukkuri Kaguya (or Princess, as Eirins call them) is needed for the Eirin to survive. Sometimes, Teruyos display the ability to frighten enemies by using "Lunatic Eyes". Though this is rather rare and rarely ever reported. Yukkuri Kaguyas in the wild today are likely under the protection of at least one Eirin, due the rumor that eating a Yukkuri Kaguya would extend the lifespan of the eater. Because of the said rumor, Yukkuri Kaguyas are coveted and hunted, although as mentioned above eating a Teruyo (allegedly) will not kill the Teruyo, only leaving the consumer in pain as Teruyo moves through the intestines before it is extracted, more often than not in a painful manner. Yukkuri Kaguyas however, have a natural inclination to seek out Mokotans, who they seem to somehow be able to sense. These encounters usually result in the two fighting. Interestingly enough, the Yukkuri Kaguya, during these fights, will often display fighting powers that it seems incapable of doing otherwise, shooting projectiles and lasers all around. Interestingly, it does not seem to intend any actual harm to the Yukkuri Mokou in these battles, apparently seeing this as just having fun. Rarely, a Teruyo will mate with a Mokotan, in which case the family will be composed of the Teruyo, Mokotan, their koyukkuri. The family is extended by an Eirin and a Keine who will protect the family from any harm. Teruyos are also associated with Reisens and Tewis. Teruyo, Yudonge, Yukkuwis, and E~rin sometimes group together in a clan to form what is equivalent to Eientei's crew. However, interactions between Teruyos and the rabbit Yukkuris are much less frequent than that between Teruyos and E~rins. Home invasion pairings of Eirin and Kaguyas are a significant but thankfully rare problem. Not only will the two and their koyukkuri (assuming they have any) be hard to find once inside, but the entire house could easily be rigged with bothersome traps. The only successful way (beside spraying the entire house down with pesticides, which even then would kill only the Eirins and leave behind an enraged Kaguya) is to find the Kaguya and remove it from the house. The Eirin and koyukkuri will follow it shortly afterwards.
  • Fujiwara no Mokou apparently once had a pet Teruyo, but it made Keine Kamishirasawa jealous, so she traded it with Kaguya Houraisan for her pet Mokotan, which was in a very similar situation.
Mixture of ingredients from the Hourai Elixir (tastes like a cup of instant noodles) (Kaguyas speak in a mild and lady-like manner,but the subject of conversation has to do with being lazy, and other mildly self-centered pursuits)"Help me, E~rin!" "Dying is such a bother" "I will seriously do it tomorrow"

Yukkuri Kana
Yukkuri Kana is an extremely rare and lonely yukkuri that like spending time around mansions and stop signs. It's known that they all have British accents. iced-tea

Yukkuri Kanako
Yukkuri Kanako are yukkuri found around Youkai mountain that are infamous for 1:Being bossy and 2:Being dangerous. Luckily, their bossiness isn't much of a problem, as the Kanakurri will command a human or yukkuri to do something they are already doing. For example, if a Kanako were to see you plowing a field, it will "command" you to plow said field. They are usually seen ordering around other yukkuri and acting like leaders (even koKanakos are seen exhibiting this behavior towards other koyukkuri). "The dangerous" part comes from their inherent ability to produce and launch Onbashira pillar projectiles from any part of their bodies when itself or it's family is being threatened, but it prefers to shoot them from their sacred rope accessory (actually a lemon-flavored doughnut). These pillars appear to be made of a substance similar to rock candy, and can hit with the force of an industrial strength nail gun. As a result, warning signs have been put up in places when Kanako-types are frequent around Youkai Mountain. Despite this, they are trainable and much like Suwako-types, they are liked by yukkuri enthusiasts due to their odd and bossy behavior. Kanakos mate almost exclusively with Suwakos, although this usually starts out with the raping of the unfortunate Suwakkuri. Despite this, the Yukkanakos are very protective and caring toward their chosen mates, as well as their resulting children (but it may dispose of a Suwako if it simply "gets too annoying"). Kanakos also claim that Suwakos actually listen to the commands they give them, but this is however, a coincidence. About 1/3 of the koyukkuris born from these unions will be a Yukkuri Sanae, and will be born from a much larger egg than the rest. Rarely there have been cases where a Yukkanako has taken a Sanae as a mate, but the resulting koyukkuris are only Yukkuri Kanakos and Yukkuri Suwakos however.
  • There exists a rare variant of the Yukkuri Kanako called the Yukkannon which acts the same way as a regular Kanakurri, only it boasts twin cannons on both sides of it's body and either a helmet-like mask bearing a striking resemblance to the Gundam franchise's "RX77 Guncannon" or tank treads.
Boysenberry jam

Yukkuri Kasen
Yukkuri Kasen is a relatively new, although rare, yukkuri that enjoys bearing new information upon other yukkuri. However, they come off as preachy and self-critical, somewhat like Yukkuri Sikieiki. Despite this, these yukkuri are rather polite. They claim they are martial arts expert, and it is true to an extent. They're very powerful for a yukkuri, on par with Yukkuri Meiling. However, they are still weak compared to other more powerful yukkuri. These yukkuri seem to follow Yukkuri Reimus, constantly telling them the errors of their ways along with ways to change their lives for the better. Reimus generally ignore them, though. These yukkuri appear to be rivals to Seigas. Sakura Mochi "Listen easy!"

Yukkuri Keine
The Yukkuri Keine is a fairly rare species of yukkuri found primarily in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, and occasionally near the Human Village. They tend to follow around the even more rare Mokous, acting as both protectors and mates. When under the light of the moon, even a fake moon, or if upset by something enough, the Yukkeine transforms into a much more powerful state, usually referred to as a Hakutaku mode or state. When in this state, the Yukkeine becomes much stronger, faster, and more destructive than usual. Yukkuri hunters, normally amateurs without proper equipment and foolish enough to go looking for Mokotans, are occasionally found injured & gored on the edges of the forest. The unfortunate few that aren't rescued by the real Mokou, or trained trackers are intentionally placed there as warnings to any future hunters. In addition, its filling changes to beef jerky. Because of their danger once provoked, most people from the Human Village as well as highly skilled trackers and professional hunters, try to teach others to avoid going after yukkuri in the bamboo forest all together, lest the Yukkeine follow the hapless person back in its rage. In the Outside World (or places not dealing with Gensokyo), Yukkeines act similar to their Gensokyo selves. Though in this case, it's not so much trackers and hunters as it is drunks and abusers who are attacked by the Yukkeine. Keines have a much higher intelligence than the standard yukkuri, and attempt to teach other yukkuri important things, such as how to behave around humans and which animals/yukkuri to avoid. Unfortunately they usually end up getting agitated with who they are trying to teach, since other yukkuri are not known for having a high attention span, and will often end up going into Hakutaku mode in their frustration.
  • There is one confirmed bodied Yukkuri Keine living in the outskirts of the Human Village named "Keine Chan". She runs a small classroom for teaching Yukkuris, similar how Keine Kamishirasawa teaches human children. Keine Chan however seems to be eternally frustrated with her class. From time to time, however, the real Keine has been seen to run classes of her own for pet yukkuris. Her results are generally much better.
  • A number of Yukkuri Keine have been seen growing vegtables for food. It's thought that these ones could have learned this from humans or the Yukkuri Yuuka. However, it could just be an innate trait similar to that of powers, which are lost as the species population increases (much like how Reimu types have lost their powers through generations).
  • According to some research, the Yukkuri Mokous have been brought back from near extinction due to the protectiveness of the Yukkuri Keines.
  • If ever under attack from a Yukkeine, run away while covering your butt, otherwise you may be gored by the Yukkuri's horns. Alternatively, climb up a tree (Which Yukkeines can not do) or hide in a ditch out of sight. If it can not see whoever it is chasing, it may assume that the person has doubled back and will return to where its Yukkuri Mokous are to protect them. Although much smarter than average yukkuri, they're still rather dim by human standards.
  • People who have Yukkuri Keines as pets have stated that when there is a full moon out the Yukkeines will become very restless, apparently going into heat, and will often times try to seek out Mokotans to mate with. The owners usually advise keeping the Yukkeines inside during this time of the year, because they occasionally end up being chased back by other Yukkeines in Hakutaku mode, jealous/enraged over the Yukkeine attempting to mate with its Yukkuri Mokou.
A blended mix of boiled spinach, carrots, cabbage, and tomatoes "Let's do it at my place ♥" "Pay attention easy!" "Learn it easy!" "YOU'RE GONNA GET CAVED!!!" "HORUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!"

Yukkuri Kikuri
Kikuri-types (ゆきく Yukiku, or きっくり Kikkuri) are legendary. They are thought to be filled with mooncakes and that they have a higher chance to become a dosu. Moon Cakes

Yukkuri Kisume

Yukkuri Koakuma
Yukkuri Koakuma is a surprisingly small yukkuri found in and around the Scarlet Devil Mansion area. The size of a fully grown koakkuri is only twice as large as its koyukkuri children, making them rather unnoticeable unless someone is actually looking for them. These yukkuri can fly and are surprisingly fast for yukkuri; while their flight speed is not exactly phenomenal, they can outpace most other yukkuri when it comes to movement. Koakkuris are known for trying to be helpful, but being unable to do much because of their naturally small bodies. They are also very easily confused, not really understanding how to solve problems more complex than simply moving something from point A to point B. Attempting to give instructions more than one sentence long to a koakkuri usually results in it simply hovering in place, trying to figure out what it was just told. Most koakkuris seek to be noticed, which is why they try to be helpful. As stated before however, they are not able to actually do much, so no one really pays attention to them. If someone should pay attention to a koakkuri, it will follow that person around attempting to help them with tasks (Although usually failing.). Caramel "Koa!"

Yukkuri Kogasa
The Yukkuri Kogasa is a very friendly yukkuri, and likes scaring people or yukkuri with its purple umbrella, generally jumping out of the shadows and yelling "Suprise!" or "Be Scared!, but due to its cuteness most of the time a person will squeal and hug it or simply leave it be. However, they are emotional in nature and will get very upset if they can't scare anyone and enter a depression of sorts. For owners of Kogasas, care must be given to at least act scared if the Kogasa ever tries to scare its owner. Kogasas have become very popular pets recently, though their rarity means that it is difficult to acquire one. Thus, the high demand for a yukkuri Kogasa results in a high price for them in the pet market, and also results in increased hunting of wild Yukkuri Kogasa, which are already rare to begin with. However, Kogasas bred in captivity take a sizable portion of the Yukkuri Kogasa population. Unlike other yukkuri, rain does not affect them. They will not melt in the rain. Instead, they'll dance or sing in the rain or just shrug it off. But this being said, they are not aquatic yukkuri and if placed in water (deeper then a puddle) they will thrash around and cry. Yukkuri Kogasa can also "fly" with the use of their umbrellas. Their flight speed depends on the wind and the current, although this is rather dangerous as the wind could push the Kogasa into cars, buildings, or trees. It's advised for owners to not take their Kogasas outside in windy environments as they may get picked up by the wind. Though this can be negated if the Kogasa hides its umbrella. Due to their friendly nature, Yukkuri Kogasas are considered one of the easiest Yukkuri varieties to train.
  • A Kogasa's umbrella may sometimes try to grunt "Take It Easy!", but this is an extremely rare event. The eye of the umbrella is known to change expressions, normally reflecting the mood of the Kogasa.
Eggplant "Scare it easy!" "Peek-a-boo!" "Urameshiya!"

Yukkuri Koishi
While some yukkuri have uncanny abilities at being hard to find, Koishi's seem to be actively trying to hide, but at the same time be found. Yukkuri Koishi are carefree, kind, and generally docile. However, they are known to do insane things at times like shouting random things such as "So there aren't any gods!", and attacking other yukkuri without warning. Though these occurrences are rather rare, most yukkuri still prefer to avoid them rather than put up with them. Due to rejection, Koishi are known to become very emotional and will cry or go into a state of depression if they feel like they're being rejected. If one happens to own a Koishi,they should take great care to never make it feel rejected.
  • Some reports say that Koikuri can be found in other Yukkuri's nests, stealing their food supply.
Banana Cream (Self-stated) (Usually says completely unexpected phrases)

Yukkuri Kokoro
A newer, taciturn yukkuri, the yukkuri Kokoro is unusual in the fact that they can't express any emotions. In other words, they keep the same blank stares on their faces their entire lives. Instead, they summon small masks to float around their face to show how they're feeling at any given time. Despite lacking emotions, it is still a yukkuri and will react with their masks according to the environment. These yukkuri are neutral in speech, personality, and likes. They enjoy plain foods,speak in a flat tone, and are just dull in general. And unlike blank-slate yukkuri or koyukkuri, their personalities don't change at all. And while being dull, Kokoros are very kind are caring, though they rarely express it (if at all). Oddly enough, Koishi are seen as the main playmates and mates of Kokoro. This is rather curious as Koishis are very playful, hyperactive, and or insane while Kokoros are dull. It's suspected that Kokoros may like Koishi due to their odd behavior, though they get upset when the Koishi steal their masks (which happens quite a lot). Bitter chocolate "Emotions..."

Yukkuri Komachi
Komachi-types are the rarest of all yukkuris, simply for the fact that they do not reproduce and are almost all killed off. The reason they do not reproduce is because they are always sleeping, only waking when someone specifically rouses them. They don't seem to die of malnutrition or old age while sleeping, and can sleep for decades on end. Komachis are odd as they prefer to sleep their entire lives rather then do anything. Unlike other sleeper yukkuri, Komachis don't eat,play, or do anything but sleep. It was rumored that the only times they were seen awake was either because a Eiki has awaken them or they need to find a new place to sleep. Due to this lazy behavior, it not difficult to capture wild Komachis to use as Pets. But, due to their behavior, most potential owners, abusers and non, simply avoid this yukkuri due to its lack of response. Komachis, when awake, serve as guards, executioners, and mates for Eikis. To other yukkuri, however, Komachis are barely even noticed or addressed. Yukkuri Meilings are known to spend their time with Komachis, though they never mate. ??? "Sleep it easy!" "E~ki-sama!"

Yukkuri Konngara
Konngara-types (こなっくり Konakkuri, or ゆっこんがら Yukkongara) are legendary. It's unknown if they are filled with oil or coke, or even if they can wield a sword. oil/coke(?)

Yukkuri Kotohime
Kotohime-types (ゆっこと Yukkoto) is a very rare type of yukkuri that is known for being a collector. In fact, they have been seen fighting with Yukkuri Rinnosuke for even the most useless of junk. rose jam "Collect it easy!"

Yukkuri Kurumi
Kurumi-types (くるっくり Kurukkuri) are very rare to find and are unknown. It's known that they are filled with butterscotch. butterscotch

Yukkuri Kyouko
Yukkuri Kyouko is a joyful yukkuri known for cleaning and it's loud, cheerful voice. A Kyouko will happily announce anything it's doing, regardless of how mundane. Kyoukos are also known for repeating anything they hear, which can annoy most yukkuri but amuse owners. However, Kyoukos will at times refuse to repeat what it heard, at which point it will clamp its jaws shut and puff its cheeks up in a similar fashion to puff-puff. They at times do get frustrated with things, like all yukkuri, and in such cases will mumble sayings or words. Kyoukos are well known for singing songs, much like Mystias, though the songs are rather loud and not very soothing. Since they are known for cleaning, they are useful in artificial clans. Dust "Sweepin' Easy! Easy! Easy!"

Yukkuri Letty
Yukkuri Letty is a fairly rare and enigmatic yukkuri found only in cold climates around Gensokyo (never seen in the outside world). They are believed to hibernate all through spring and summer, but emerge in mid to late fall. he standard non-bodied version of this yukkuri, upon awaking from its six month slumber, will begin hunting down and eating its primary prey, the very prolific Mioriko and Shizuhas, which by the time the Yukkuri Letty has awoken have reproduced to near swarm proportions. The non-bodied Yukkuri Letty will also hunt and eat any large groups of yukkuri it happens to cross, reducing their numbers drastically. The only exception seem to be Cirnos, which live peacefully with and around the much larger Yukkuri Lettys. Yukkuri Letty is a big eater, though not so much as Yukkuri Yuyuko, and, at times, store prey in its cheeks in a manner similar to that of a squirrel or chipmunk. Interestingly enough, Yukkuri Lettys are not known to readily attack groups of less than five of the same yukkuri at a time. It seems to have a natural inclination to ignore single and mixed yukkuri families, instead going after yukkuri groups that are comprised of the same type. There are some exceptions to this, but they are very rare. Both the standard and bodied Yukkuri Letty like to eat human food, and the bodied ones appear to prefer that to eating other yukkuris. Thankfully, their low numbers mean that they are only rarely encountered, if at all. While they do say "Yum" along with "Tasting it easy", neither one of these phrases is a "catch phrase" for the Letty.
  • Yukkuri Letty are surprisingly passive despite their voracious tendencies. They rarely pursue prey if it tries to escape and even then, only if the prey is in significant numbers. Despite their passive tendencies, when actually in pursuit of something it intends to eat, they exhibit surprising speed and agility.
  • So far there are only four types of other yukkuri that the Yukkuri Letty will not eat. These are Yukkuri Cirno, Yukkuri Daiyousei, Yukkuri Medicine, and Yukkuri Utsuho. The first two appear to be on friendly terms with the Yukkuri Letty, while the latter are just avoided for good measures.
Possible Baked Alaska or ice cream "Yum!" "Tasting it easy!" "Winter easy!"

Yukkuri Lily
Yukkuri Lily is a yukkuri that's rather common in spring (much like Lettys in winter and Shizuhas and Minorikos in fall). Hyperactive and borderline annoying, these yukkuri love springtime and everything related to spring. From flowers to trees, there is nothing Lily's don't like about spring, well, except getting caught up in the usual spring showers. This may be why they're so prolific during spring. Unlike other prolific yukkuri, Lily's don't have any natural predators save for Remilias. They are one of most docile yukkuri in existence. They have begun to show up on the pet trade, wanted by owners who are interested in a hyperactive yukkuri that's easy to find. However, many owners report that Lilys will shout "IT'S SPRING" whenever possible (which other yukkuri find annoying). They also get depressed when it's not spring, apparently. Thanks to its wings, Lily Whites have the ability to fly. There is a rarer variation of Lily, known as "Lily black", that's known for being mean. Due to their rarity, however, finding them is an extreme challenge and any pet samples can easily fetch over $1000 on the market for a non-trained Lily Black. Sightings are common, but a majority of them are just Lily Whites dressed as Lily Blacks. How they actually dress up is unknown, though some inconspicuous sellers may dress a Lily White up as a Lily Black in order to sell the more common yukkuri as the rarer one. Such yukkuri will show discomfort at their new outfit and loudly complain, thus alerting potential victims of the ploy. Marshmallow (Lily White) Toasted Marshmallow (Lily Black) "IT'S SPRING!"

Yukkuri Louise
Yukkuri Louise are rather polite to humans and yukkuris alike, a rare trait indeed for yukkuri. They also seem to enjoy sightseeing and tend to migrate often to different places, which may explains their rarity. Some people have seen "avalanches" of them migrating. These Luize avalanches usually go after Sara yukkuris and what they're guarding, trampling the Sara Yukkuri in the process but saying "Sorry!" at the same time. they can also generate some sort of ghostly aura around it. They are sometimes seen with little luggage bags. French vanilla ice cream "I want through/in easy! Please?"

Yukkuri Luna
Luna-types are very rare to find and are unknown. It's known that they are filled with crepes and that they are able to sheds croissants. Crepes

Yukkuri Mai
Mai-types (まいくっり Maikurri) are very rare to find and are unknown. It's known that they are filled with soy milk and that they have the ability cryokinesis. soy milk

Yukkuri Mamizou
Cheerful and wise (at least some yukkuri see them as such),Mamizou-types do at times have a mischievous streak(i.e stealing from others or tricking others to do its bidding). Thankfully, these Mamizous are rare compared to the usual good natured ones. These yukkuri are well known for their transformation ability, able to take any size or shape. However, they do leave a sizable clue of their change. The small leaf on their head will remain on their transformed appearance. Though this can also be a useful ploy in areas with many trees (so long as it's not winter). Matcha tea(?) Leaves(?)

Yukkuri Medicine
Found only on Nameless Hill, these slow moving yukkuri feed exclusively on the poisonous lilies found there. Because of this diet, they're extremely poisonous to make up for their lack of physical strength. In fact, the poison in their filling is much more concentrated and is so potent has been estimated to be able to kill off anything that normally would be immune, such as immortals and non-living things. So,obviously, they should never be eaten under any circumstances. (Their poison does not seem to affect plants, at least not those on Nameless Hill, at any rate. On that note, their poison seems to have small traces of turtle blood and chocolate milk in it). These yukkuri and their koyukkuri will release a poisonous gas cloud, which is just a mixture of plant-based poison and neurotoxins. The effects of this poison range from extreme eye and skin irritation to, since the poison is able to be absorbed through the skin,death within 30 seconds of contact. Thankfully, they only do this when threatened and they'll usually try to run away before then due to their shyness. Most laws in Gensokyo and the Outside World make it so that the ownership, sale, and hunting of Medicine-types is prohibited, making it another reason why Nameless Hill is off limits. Medicines only have one child at a time and their children are very slow to develop (it'll usually take about six months before they finally reach maturity). Because the children are slower than their parents, they'll ride on top of the parent, giving the two an adorable image of a miniature version of the Medicine riding on top of the larger. Despite the fact that they only have one child at a time, they're never seen without one either. Their slow birth rate is what makes their population so low despite having no predators because of their poisons. Yukkuri Medicines are not known to have any meaningful relationships with any other yukkuris. Most of the time, other yukkuris ignore the Yukkuri Medicines, usually causing the yukkuri Medicines to start crying from rejection. Since Yukkuri Medicines never leave the Nameless Hill area, it is unknown if this is a byproduct of the other yukkuris natural inclination to avoid Nameless Hill or if they have some instinct to ignore the Yukkuri Medicine itself. Since they're poisonous, yukkuri instinctively stay away from Nameless Hill except for Yukkuri Alice who, while they'll mate with the Medicine, they'll never rape them. There are several theories as to why Alices don't rape Medicines. The most widely accepted explanation is that the Yukkuri Medicines naturally release some kind of pheromone that not only attracts the Yukkuri Alices but also partially inhibits their infamous sex-drive. Once the Yukkuri Alices leave Nameless Hill however, their personalities return to normal. A number of breeders (the Factory refuses to go near Nameless Hill) have tried to bred a non-poisonous Medicine, with more then a few having be rushed to a nearby hospital for poison treatment,followed up by a trip to the police station. As of current, no one has been able to breed a non-poisonous Medicine, though some are still trying. Medicines are well known for killing off potential abusers, with the latter thinking Nameless Hill is restricted to "protect" the yukkuri. In reality, it's the other way around. Poison(Do Not Eat!) "Suzuuran?" "Convaallo?"

Yukkuri Meiling
The Yukkuri Meiling, being derived from the gatekeeper of a certain mansion, will instinctively seek out anything to guard, usually being a food bowl for pet Meilings or a tree stump for wild Meilings. However, their guarding is not effective, as they are prone to sleeping and even when they're awake, they can do very little to protect against intruders. Usually, they just suffer from the attack, with little to no effort done for counterattack. This may be a parody of Hong Meiling's supposed uselessness as a guard and the bullying she suffers as a result of that in Touhou fandom. (Maybe they are so focused on guarding, they don't want to get distracted doing other things, like defending themselves or attacking the intruders;alternatively ,their spicy filling can act as a defense mechanism, since it is spicy enough to drive away a starving Remirya or any animal that bites into the Meiling, thus giving the Meiling a chance to regenerate and return to guarding). However, Meilings are a rather powerful yukkuri and,if angered enough,can attack with devastating force. While not overtly powerful against a human, their attacks can easily dispatch a yukkuri. Though luckily for other yukkuri, a Meiling is more likely to puff up rather than attack. When not guarding anything, Meilings can be seen napping, though unlike another napping yukkuri, they can easily be awakened when needed or called on.
  • The symbol on the gold star on the Meiling's hat changes to reflect on the Meiling's mood according to some artists.
Mapo Dofu "Jaaaoo~n!" "I'm Meiling!"

Yukkuri Meira
Meira-types (めいくっり Meikurri) are very rare to find and are unknown. It's known that they are filled with tar and that they are extremely bitter towards Reimu-types. Tar

Yukkuri Miku
Based on the Vocaloid of the same name, Yukkuri Miku is usually cheerful and energetic. Like most yukkuri, Mikus also like to take it easy, but unlike others, these yukkuri will sing to persuade one to take it easy. These yukkuri also have a dark side to them; Mikus can become very violent and will use their leeks (if they have them) as a weapon. If ignored, these yukkuri will sing at the top of their lungs until acknowledged. It should be noted that Mikus have decent singing, enough to get the real Miku to care for them.
  • This yukkuri appeared for first time around November 2008 in a Nico Nico MAD featuring Vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku called "Yukkuri Shiteitte Ne!". In this video, Yukkuri Miku is the size of a beach ball and is capable of floating to reach a microphone on a stand. Perhaps because of the mic stands, the original Yukkuri Miku lacks a headset microphone.
Chopped Leek, Chopped Bacon and Chopped Hotdog (both of the latter on some occasions)

Yukkuri Mima
Mima-types are extremely rare yukkuris, and are believed to be an ancient yukkuri from long ago. It has been said Yukkuri Mima has an intimidating power to be able to kill humans and other yukkuri alike with ease. In reality, unlike actually human killers, such as Mokotans, Hourais,Utsuhos,and Medicines,a Mima has never actually been recorded killing a human. This may be because Mimas are extremely rare (To the point where they're rumored to be extinct). Behavior wise, Mimas are tough, rude, and not very nice. They will insult other yukkuri or simply kill them on the spot. It is unknown what yukkuri they mate with, however, but it's believed they mate with each other.
  • For a time Mimas caused a division in, surprisingly, western yukkuri fandom over their abilities. Some claim a Mima can easily kill humans while others claim they cannot. Unlike base breakers in the Touhou fandom, such as Kimmemaru and #Yukkuri Sanae
Shrimp "You wanna fight!?"

Yukkuri Minoriko
Yukkuri Minoriko are odd in the fact that their urine is not sugar water, but instead grape wine (most people don't like to know how said wine was produced though). When in "season", they are more common than such common types like Reimus and Marisas. A rather outgoing yukkuri that enjoys planting and growing crops (which puts them in a good relationship with Yukkuri Yuuka). That being said, most people seem to overlook Minorikos and Shizuhas, leading these yukkuri to feel rather depressed. Like Shizuha, surviving the winter is a challenge for them. They are oddly jealous of more "popular" yukkuris. That being said, they are still well-regarded by other yukkuri and by humans despite being prideful.
  • It was once said that seeing a Yukkuri Minoriko in a sweet potato patch would mean a good harvest.
Sweet Potatoes "I'm not putting up with being unpopular anymore!"

Yukkuri Mitori
Mitori-types are an legendary type of yukkuri. It hates just about anything going near them. Lucky for them, they can forbid the thing that is aiming at their direction. Strangely, their power is useless against the Nitori-types, and when a Yukkuri Nitori goes near a Yukkuri Mitori, anything can happen. It's unclear what specific things will happen.

The origin of the yukkuri is this wiki, which is the official wiki for the real Mitori Kawashiro. The catchphrase of this particular yukkuri is "You all keep editing!!!"; it is unknown if this extends to other members of this species.

"You all keep editing!!!"
 >   みんなどんどん編集してね!!!<
  ̄^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^ ̄
       ,, -  ̄  、
     ,, "       ヽ
    /_  __       ヽ
    l  Y" "Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒l
  , " ̄ ̄ ̄"""  ー----、
  ,'     /'、        '、
 ,'==== / '、==lヽ=ー   '、
 l   l  /  ヽN  \_∧   '、
 l/l └lヒ_]     ヒ_ン ) 〉   '、
   〉 l!""  ,___,   ""/    l
  ,'  ',.   ヽ _ン   /,、    l_
  ( ,  ヽ 、__ , ,.l l~l     ヽ
   '、lヽ∧,、,、_l    .レ ヽ_,、,- ,/

The original Shift JIS art of the Mitori-types.

Yukkuri Mokou
Yukkuri Mokous are known to hang around Yukkuri Keine and search after Yukkuri Teruyo. Yukkuri Mokou are an immortal yukkuri, just like the Yukkuri Kaguya. Yukkuri Mokous are always under protection of Yukkuri Keine, whether they know it or not. Mokotans also seek out Teruyos to play or mate with, to the jealousy of Yukkeines and Eirins. Compared to the real Mokou, they just want to play with Teruyos instead of killing them over and over. Unlike normally lazy yukkuri, Mokotans prefer to actively take it easy, and are almost never seen completely at rest unless sleeping. Therefore, they are hyperactive, much like Kimmemaru. But that doesn't mean they don't enjoy resting when given the chance. These yukkuri have the ability to control fire through some unknown means. Though the power of this ability varies from Mokou to Mokou. Some have been reported to breathe fire while others are reported to give third-degree burns just by being touched. While their pyrokenesis has never been fully understood, it is known that a Mokou can control its body heat, though in only one direction. They can only raise their temperature, never lower it, and have to cool off by either jumping into a body of water or finding a Cirno to cool it off (which could lead to the Mokou being frozen for a period of time). They have a mixed personality, being at times rather abrasive and head-strong or kind and curious. Due to the former, there are many instances of them burning or scolding objects, people, plants, and even rocks for no good reason.
  • Given the power of fire Mokous have, deciding to eat a Mokou is a rather bad idea seeing as the Mokou will likely burn the throat, the mouth, the stomach, the intestines, and finally the anus if ingested. And that would be assuming the Mokou didn't thrash around throughout the entire process of digestion (which would would most likely not kill the Mokou) or decided to cook said person from the inside out. Thankfully, no one has dared tried to eat a Mokou.
  • While it's claimed by some abusers that Mokous are able to die, an actual dead Mokou has never been recorded, which leads some to believe that the reports are fake or that Mokous could "play dead". Or it may just so happen the Mokou fell asleep, leading the abuser to believe that the Mokou had perished. The factory itself, well known for being a slaughter house for yukkuri, has never denied or claimed that Mokous (and for that matter Teruyos) can actually die.
  • Much like owning a Teruyo, owning a Mokou will bring in the unwanted attention of their guardians, Keines. Though unlike Eirins, who will create traps to abusive owners or families, a Keine (or Keines) will attack with their horns.
  • Some yukkuri enthusiasts claim that Mokous are the hardest yukkuri to own, given their rarity, their control over fire, and the fact the owner may one day randomly wake up to an enraged Yukkeine about to attack them.
Yakitori Chicken(?) "BURN, BABY, BURN!!!!!" "Moko-Moko!" "I'll moko-moko you!" "Mokotan logged in!"

Yukkuri Momiji
Momijis are a slightly smaller species of yukkuri native to Youkai Mountain. Momijis are one of the few yukkuri that act friendly towards yukkuri Aya. Yukkuri Momiji are very loyal, and often times guard the dens of their "Miss Aya" while they are away. When threatened, they will cry out with a loud "AWOOOOOO!!!", often calling other Yukuri Momijis to help them against whatever is threatening them. While not any stronger than any other Yukkuri, their howling is unnerving. However, despite their loyalty toward the Yukkuri Ayas, the Yukkuri Momijis still "Take it easy" just as often as other yukkuris, making them sometimes subject to the wrath of the Kimeemarus. Yukkuri Momiji often mistake Inu-Yusakuyas as other Momiji-types, and will mate with the Sakuya-type.There is at least one Yukkuri Momiji with a body, and is sometimes referred to as "Momizi Kun", although its true name, if any, is as of yet unknown. Momizi Kun is very similar in appearance to the original Momiji, but has an expression similar to the Yukkuri Aya. It is apparently the chosen mate of the Kimeemaru that has an inhuman horse body. However, despite its appearance, Momizi Kun still "Takes it easy" occasionally, making it still subject to the wrath of its mate. Instead of saying "Take it easy", it usually says "Hnf!", particularly if it is mating. There is yet another off-shot species of Yukkuri Momiji living higher up on Youkai Mountain, that is different in appearance to the more standard Yukkuri Momiji. This "Highland Momiji" lacks the dog ears normally seen on regular Momijis and apparently speaks with a slight Canadian accent ("Take it easy, eh!"). Other than that, it does not appear to be much different from the standard Yukkuri Momiji.
  • Even though most Yukkuri Momiji are loyal to Aya, some Momiji may disobey the Aya and call it a "complete and utter failure." It is unknown why these Momiji would show such behavior, though, it may stem from the fact that the real Momiji and Aya seem to fight a lot, as mentioned in Double Spoiler.
possibly Maple Syrup "Awooooo!" "Take it easy, eh!" (Highland Momiji) "Hnf!" (Momizi Kun)

Yukkuri Mugetsu
Mugetsu-types (むげくっり Mugekurri)are legendary. They are thought to be filled with hot cocoa and that they have telepathic links with Gengetsu-types. hot cocoa

Yukkuri Murasa
Yukkuri Murasa are similar to most water-type yukkuri and are capable of living in and around water, but they have a few odd abilities as well, as they have the ability to sink other yukkuri. Apparently, they cannot control this ability as any floating yukkuri or small vessel it passes will sink underwater. That said, despite this dangerous ability, Yukkurasa is not mean spirited and are actually fairly agreeable and calm in nature, they just can stop sinking things. because of it's ability to sink anything it passes, some people strap these yukkuri under their RV boats to sink other boats it passes during competitions fro the purpose of cheating, but this is difficult to achieve, as the boat the Murasa is strapped to will end up sinking itself. Murasas have been seen summoning small boat anchors out of nowhere (like Kogsasa and their umbrellas) to use either as a weapon or ,strangely enough, as a rocket to propel itself. Take the anchor away and the Murasa will bear no ill will as i can summon any amount it wants to. These yukkuri can also survive on land, which means they are not true aquatic yukkuri (a true aquatic yukkuri cannot survive on land, i.e Wakasagihime). Yukurasas are seen mating with Nitoris, Nues, and even yukkuri Ichirin (the latter which they have a love-hate relationship with while Murasa tends to think Nues are clingy). These yukkuri are also strong followers of yukkuri Byakuren. Unknown, but it's thought to be either seawater (saltwater) or curry "Sink it easy!"

Yukkuri Mystia

Yukkuri Nazrin

Yukkuri Nitori
Yukkuri Nitoris are yukkuri that have an unusual quality. Unlike other yukkuri that panic and dissolve when in water, Nitoris are aquatic yukkuri, which means that they are happy to be underwater and can shoot small bursts of water from their mouths. They've been seen on dry land (although for a limited amount of time), which means they can't be considered "true" aquatic yukkuri. Being very intelligent, they've been seen building simple objects or using mechanical arms to lift (relatively) heavy objects. Nitori-types have been seen working on farms along with hard-working Marisas and Remilias tasked to keep away thieving yukkuri thanks to their ability to shoot water out of their mouths. Some people depict Nitoris as having a shark-like behavior, often eating yukkuri unlucky enough to fall into the waters they lurk in. Nitoris are also popular in the yukkuri pet trade and are commonly kept as pets. This is likely because of their intelligence, the act that they're aquatic yukkuri, and/or their amusing behavior. Nitoris are also fond of cucumbers and cucumber sushi. Nitoris are rather fond of Hina and Murasa-type yukkuri. Once they mate, the Nitori will shower it's mate with gifts it's built and will protect their families with their lives if necessary. In the wild, Nitoris set up "shops" they use to sell their inventions to other yukkuri.

There exists a version of yukkuri Nitori called "Nichori", which is a form of bodied Nitori made popular by a strange video. These types of Nitoris have large curved smiles, white pupil-less eyes, and color-changing skin. They also act similarly to kappa in Japanese folklore and are capable of taking on the form of a "normal" Yukkuri Nitori as well. If you happen to encounter these yukkuri, it is recommended that you run. Run very fast and do not look behind you...

Pepsi Cucumber Syrup "Build it easy!" "Cucumber!" "Hyui?!"

Yukkuri Nue
A predator yukkuri that is quite cruel, Yukkuri Nue sneaks into the nests of other yukkuri and eats any yukkuri and koyukkuri inside. Nues have the ability to shape-shift, and can appear as any yukkuri in order to sneak up on unsuspecting prey and attack it with ease. Generally, they would prefer to sneak up on sleeping yukkuris and harvest their paste core and accessories, allowing them to mimic the yukkuri they attack, fooling other yukkuri. With it's new appearance, the Nuekurri takes the original yukkuri's place in the family in order to breed with its mate, eat the mate and it's children along with the food stored in the nest, and so on. The yukkuNue can also appear injured in order to deceive those that would try to attack it. Nues are vicious and cunning and because of this, they have gained a following by fans of predator yukkuri. Be careful around the Nuekurri's wings, as they are sharp and can severely injure the human skin just by cutting it. Yukkuri Nue is also very unfriendly towards other yukkuri except for Yukkuri Kogasa, who the Nue are known for protecting it and supporting it from the shadows despite constantly teasing it, and Yukkuri Murasa (Nues have also been seen as being friends with, and rarely mating with, Yukkuri Mamizou). Nues will become clingy to a Murasa it happens to find and if it mates with it, the Nue will never seem to leave it's side. Nuekurri and Kogasa pairs are different from Nue and Murasa pairs, as the Nue will occasionally leave the Kogasa's side in order to hunt for food or portect the nest. Although these yukkuri wouldn't be guessed to be connected with Yukkuri Byakuren, they have been seen in the Byakuren's so-called "temples". Napoleon astronaut ice-cream N/A

Yukkuri Orange
Orange-types are rather rare. They are thought to be filled with oranges. Oranges

Yukkuri Orin

Yukkuri Parsee
Yukkuri Parsee is a yukkuri jealous of everything it doesn't have, even torture and pain. Oddly,Like Yukkuri Meiling, a Parsee will guard certain objects, such as a rock or a plant, but it will become jealous of anything another yukkuri has. As a result, the Parsee will complain how the object they have is "worthless" even if the object in question is better than the other's. Much like Yukkuri Medicine, Parsees are filled with a green poison but unlike the Medicine's, their poison will not kill a human, but it will make them fall ill. Therefore, owning a Parsee is perfectly fine. There have been reports of a Parsee firing green lasers from it's eyes, but the beams' actual power is unknown and, at this time, they are considered "harmless". There has been a theory that the lasers the Parsee fires will cause others to become inflicted with jealousy, but this hasn't been confirmed since there's so little evidence on the topic. While a jealous species, they are seen having a soft-spot for Yukkuri Yuugi, seeing the Yuugis as a powerful mate and protector. However, if more than one Parsee may have eyes for a single Yuugi, fights may break out. Oddly enough, a Parsee will never see another yukkuri's mate in a jealous light but will actually brag about how much better their mate is compared to the others, thus invoking jealousy in that yukkuri. However, a mated Parsee will be jealous of everything a Yuugi (or their mate) can do, leading their mates at time to scold or, even rarely, attack the Parsee. Also, since most yukkuri find the Parsees "creepy", they tend to stay away from them. Green Poison "Paru Paru..." "Taking it easy everywhere!" "I'm jealous!"

Yukkuri Patchouli
Patchouli-types are asthmatic and physically weak. They usually only say "mukyu." They tend to be easier to train and have a greater capacity for intelligence. Raw Cream

Yukkuri Raiko
Yukkuri Raiko a loud yukkuri (much like Mystia and other music loving yukkuri) known for being generally obnoxious and noisy. These yukkuri love drums and if they can't find a yukkuri-sized drum sets, they will find anything that can act like a drum (such as bottle caps or small bottles). Laid-back, these yukkuri hate work more than most other yukkuri and would rather spend all day playing their drums and singing loudly. These yukkuri are fond of Yukkuri Yatsuhashi and Yukkuri Benben, though have not seen mating with these types. They will usually form "bands" (group of music loving yukkuri), but most yukkuri don't like their lazy attitudes of obnoxious attitudes. Golden "delicious-type" apples "Drum! It! Easy!"

Yukkuri Ran
Ran-types are yukkuri known for their fluffy tails, intelligence, cheerful personality, and their undying love for Chen types. While Ran types are calm in nature, they can become utterly obsessed with Chen-types. Their desire for Chens ranges to the point where finding one that has mated with another yukkuri is rare. The Ran with often pamper the Chen the take in as their partner with many presents and gifts as well as being extremely protective of them. When the Ran leaves to forage for food or for another reason, when it returns home to its partner, it will exclaim "Cheeeeeeee~n!". They will even exclaim it at random when there is no Chen around. Some Rans have a mutation in their genetic makeup that causes them to take their obsession with the Chen too far. When these types find a Chen, it will mercilessly rape it, similar to a rapist Alice Yukkuri raping a yukkuri Reimu or Marisa. This still applies, even when the Chen is the parent of the rapist Ran. Luckily, it is rather uncommon to see this behavior in a Ran-type. Even with their obsession over Chens, Rans cans still survive without one. It's personality will be calm and cheerful compared to a Ran with a Chen. Ran-types are very smart yukkuri and are able to count and do basic math, but unlike Patchouli-types, who are also intelligent yukkuri, Rans are unable to read, but unlike Tewi-types, they aren't tricksters. Owners of singles Rans have noted that not only with Rans tend to ask them deeper questions then where their food is and when it's arriving, but the Rans actually care about their owners and when the owner is having a problem, they'll take note of that and actually try to understand and solve said problem. Rans make good pets for those who want a high intelligence yukkuri, but owners should be careful not to let them near a Chen, as they will lose that intelligence and focus only on the Chen. Yukkuri Rans also have a fond for Aburaage (a kind of deep fried tofu), since the real Ran is fond of eating Aburaage in the Touhou fandom. Because of their calm nature (if there are no Chen-types around) and their ability to count, they're quite useful in yukkuri communities, taking up stock in food surplus, yukkuri numbers, etc. Rans have also been shown to be rivals of Yukkuri Mamizous, sharing a hate against one other. Oddly enough, they get along perfectly with Shou-types. Rice or tofu(?) "Count easy!" "Cheeeeeeee~n!"

Yukkuri Reisen
Reisen-types (Yukkureisen) can only say “gera gera”. This tends to anger people, as “gera gera” is onomatopoeia for derisive laughter.

Yukkuri Remilia
Remilia-types (Yukkuremi or Remirya), have the ability to fly and regenerate, and are filled with meat. They all see Sakuya as the solution for every problem they have and will often call out for her. Their favorite foods are sweets such as cookies and pudding. They have a habit of throwing non-sweet food onto the floor or in the nearest toilet, even if it wasn't intended for them. Those with full bodies also tend to spend their free time doing a peculiar (read: idiotic) dance, which involves putting their hands on their waists and falling over a lot. Their speech patterns also differ, as they tend to add "zo" to their sentences, but as most of them can't speak properly, it comes out as "do". In the same vein, they end their verbs with "du" instead of "ru". Some Remiryas don't speak at all, save for grunts of "Uu!" They will also instinctively claim the Scarlet Devil Mansion is their home and possession. Meat

Yukkuri Rika
Rika-types (りかっくり Rikakkuri) are very rare to find and are unknown. It's known that they are filled with black ink and that they have knowledge of machinery. Black Ink

Yukkuri Rikako
Yukkuri Rikakos are highly intelligent yukkuri that are known for their love of science. Because of the dangerous contents of it's filling, it is unsafe to eat and even predators-types like Remilias and Flans stay away from them. Unlike other yukkuri, Rikakos have developed several organs inside their bodies which don't corrode with their bean paste, which carry the yukkuri's genetic material and vital functions the yukkuri needs. These yukkuri can be found in laboratories or in the Factory, where they can be seen providing data for the workers and are rewarded with food and shelter. Unlike the soft and vulnerable Yukkuri Patchoulis, Rikakos are more durable and are capable of withstanding more stress because their nature is based off of logic. It's rumored that a Rikako has a longer lifespan than a normal yukkuri (3-4 years at most). Also,since Rikako-types don't believe in magic, they tend not to get along with most other yukkuri. Thermite or Sulfuric Acid

Yukkuri Rinnosuke
Rinnosuke-types (こうりん Kourin) are another relatively rare type of yukkuri. A notorious pack-rat, a Kourin will collect up random objects in one large pile, which it will proudly proclaim as its "shop". For some unknown reason, Kourin-types will only willingly reproduce with other Kourin-types. They can be tricked into doing it with others, but will faint and die upon learning the deception. None (Empty Inside)

Yukkuri Rumia
Rumia-types are very rare, and can be found in dark, shady areas. They try to hunt for other yukkuri to eat, but are ultimately poor hunters. Yukkuri Rumias would be a fairly normal type of yukkuri, if not for two major abilities. Or rather one ability, and an as of yet not fully understood phenomenon. First, as a defense mechanism, they are able to create and control darkness in ways similar to the real Rumia, causing the area they are in to be plunged into darkness. However, as an ironic consequence, Yukkuri Rumias are inherently afraid of the dark, particularly if they can not see anything at all. This causes the disturbing situation of what sounds to be a child (Or children) screaming in what appears to be pitch-black darkness, making it really a very, very poor hunter (and scaring any nearby humans). And second, if the bow accessory is ever removed, the Yukkuri Rumia will undergo a strange metamorphosis. The full details of this are almost completely unknown, as the first thing that happens is that the distraught yukkuri and the area around it is completely engulfed in darkness. Thus far, only two things have been verified about this transformation; The Yukkuri Rumia loses its fear of the dark and those responsible for the loss of its accessory disappear without a trace. Rumia's could be one of the most deadly yukkuri in existence. Thanks to breeders, however, a less violent Rumia (one that won't kill humans, even with the amulet removed) has been created. However, it's still rare to find on the market. Those wanting a pet Rumia are strongly advised to purchase a "bred" Rumia and not try to catch a wild one.According to some stories, these yukkuri grow faster than usual if they eat human meat. But, according to the same story, even if they grow on a more powerful form sometimes called DosuRumia, they won't try to eat human, except to defend themselves. They have been seen with glowing red eyes at night, despite not changing their personalities. Sonanokakkuris, at least wild ones, have trouble befriending other yukkuri due to its predatory nature and childish (even for a yukkuri) speech patterns. They have been observed befriending Mystias, mating with them if possible. Cirnos are another friend and mate of Sonanokakkuri. And while never mating with Sonanokakkuris, Wriggles have been seen befriending this yukkuri. In captivity, Rumias show close attraction and association with Reimus. They will also befriend most other pet yukkuri. Caution is advised, however, with pet Sonanokakkuris. If another yukkuri happens to remove the "amulet", the Sonanokakkuri will become very violent towards said yukkuri and will try to attack them. Bean Paste "Is that so?"

Yukkuri Ruukoto
Ruukoto-types are nothing more than sheer fantasy. However, some claim that these unbelievably rare yukkuris do indeed exist. If they do, then they ought to be extinct by now.

Yukkuri Sakuya
Yukkuri Sakuya are constantly cleaning and protecting Remilia-types. If no Remilia is around, the Sakuya has no issue cleaning and protecting its surrounding areas, while occasionally searching for Remilias in its off-time. Sakuya-types actively seek out a Remilia-type and act as servants to it. While gladly serving and defending their new master, it is worth noting that they will turn on and attack the Remilia-type if it fails to act like their envisioned "ojou-sama". This quirk is seemingly present in all Sakuya-types and should be taken into consideration before attempting to house a Remilia-type and Sakuya-type at the same time. Their greatest goal in life seems to be to meet the real Remilia. They consider shouting orders to Hong Meiling and the fairy maids of the Scarlet Devil Mansion their right and obligation. They also have sharper teeth than normal yukkuri and are more than capable of eating a Remilia-type whole, but they are not as dangerous to humans (though the bit will be quite painful and leave a sizable wound). All Remiryas see Sakuya as the solution for every problem they have and will often call out for it. A noteworthy habit of these yukkuri are their almost parasitic relationship to the Flandre-types. While a Sakuya will happily treat the Flandre just as well as it would a Remilia, it seems to consider the Remilia's orders of a higher priority than the Flandre's if it can remember it. However, the most interesting interaction of these two is the way that the Flandre will often perceive the Sakuya in one of two ways; it will either ignore the Sakuya (or let it stay to gather food for the Flandre), or, this being the more likely occurrence, fail to identify or even forget its Sakuya-type servant and attack it.These yukkuri have a natural urge to be helpful and will try to clean up any messes (or dirty yukkuri, often times without their consent). While liked by owners due to the fact they will clean their homes by themselves, it's advised that said owners should not let a Sakuya help clean the human house, given that they may want to clean high places or may drink cleaning chemicals, making them sick. They are well known for speaking in a "proper" manner, and are disgruntled by things they do not see as "elegant" or "perfect". Which normally means an excuse to belittle a Meiling-type. These yukkuri can apparently control time. Or, they at least claim they can control time. No test has been given to see if these yukkuri can do as they claim. If they can, however, it could explain how a Sakuya can appear and disappear at will, how they can apparently fall one moment but be safely on the ground the next moment, or how they can escape danger (or in the case of pets, how they can escape their cages). Despite this ability, it remains inadvisable to leave a Sakuya-type unattended. They are privy to the same logical fallacies as any other yukkuri and have been seen to forget that they can control time. Any Sakuya-type owners should take into consideration their new pet's special abilities when taking one in. It's power to manipulate time to any degree can be of vast utility, but at the same time, a danger. Happy, well-trained Sakuyas can likely be tricked into believing that stopping time will have negative repercussions and only use them under the supervision of the owner. Despite this and their natural love for household maintenance, a sufficiently antagonized Sakuya may be goaded into using its time abilities maliciously, ranging from simple vandalism or destruction of property to outright assault on its owner. While unlikely that the Sakuya-type is proficient enough to kill a grown human, it is best to ensure that it and any other yukkuri in the household are at least on mutually respected grounds, if not friendly. Sakuyas also have the ability to throw knives, either using its braids or teeth. How it obtains these knives are unknown, but what is known is that are completely real and well-sharpened. If an angered Sakuya is encountered, run immediately and hope it hasn't the presence of mind to stop time and give chase. They also like to play with its other Yukkuris on its bed or pillow.
  • There´s known to be a variation of the Yukkuri Sakuya called Yokohama Sakuya (which is said to have been inspired by the Yokohama Tires mascot). It has a strange troll-like smirk that scares other yukkuris, but apart from that, the Yokohama Sakuya don't appear to have any other differences from the common Yukkuri Sakuyas.
  • Of similar variety is the Inu-Sakuya, an uncommon version that came to be through unknown methods. Most Inu-Sakuyas will exhibit behavior resembling that of a standard Sakuya-type, but also with a noticeably more loyal persona to Remilia-types and Flandre-types. They also exhibit a slight increase in memory and cognitive functions over typical Sakuya-types, though they will almost always think as little as possible, instead dedicating itself to protecting its master, which can lead to misunderstanding and seemingly unprovoked assault. Despite these large booms, their rarity, one-track minds, and deceptively high aggressiveness make finding these exclusive yukkuri very difficult.
Flan pudding "Please, make yourself at home!" "Ojou-sama!"

Yukkuri Sanae
Yukkuri Sanaes are rare yukkuri found around Youkai Mountain who are the offspring of a Yukkuri Kanako or Suwako in most stories. Sanaes act like typical yukkuri in every way being that they're fairy agreeable and cheerful(albeit egotistical and prideful at times). One exception being that if it encounters a Kogasa-type, it will suddenly become hostile and rape or outright kill the unlucky Kogasa (This behavior does appear to only occur in the wild, as domesticated Sanaes have been seen acting nice to Kogasas, even mating with them). Other times, it will become psychopathic and start killing off all other yukkuri and claim that it's the better yukkuri. Luckily, the chances of this happening are very unlikely. However, Sanaes still have an unusually large ego which, in many cases, has backfired on the Sanae. In some stories, Sanaes can only be born when a Yukkuri Kanako and Suwako mate with each other. The typical method would be a Suwako would lay a perfectly round egg the size of a softball, and in about a week, it will hatch to reveal a newborn Yukkunae inside. Otherwise , the Sanae will be born via the normal procedure of reproduction. In return, Sanaes can only give birth to Kanakos and Suwakos. Not only will the Sanae give birth to those yukkuri themselves, but it will also cause the mate to give birth to them, which often leads to misunderstandings and hurt feelings when the Sanae mates with a yukkuri other than the type it was born from (usually this occurs with Reimus, but it has occurred with others as well). Even though Sanaes can be kept as pets, it's advised you don't try to capture one from the wild. The reason for this is that the family it's from will almost always have at least one Yukkuri Kanako to protect it from harm. Miracle Fruit jam

Yukkuri Sara
Yukkuri Sara is a rare Yukkuri that will "guard" the entrance to any sort of structure, from caves to houses. It will claim it as "Sara Yu's entrance!". This can get very annoying as they always try to stop things from getting through, even if its just a leaf. They are much more effective, however, then other guarding yukkuri. When multiple Saras are guarding the same thing, they form a sort of "Yukkuri Wall". Sometimes these Sara packs will have several Saras blocking a yukkuri from leaving its nest, letting the rest of the Saras enter the nest and either kick the current residents out or kill and eat them. Luckily for the yukkuri, it's usually the former.
  • These yukkuri have been reported to fight over something to guard
Raspberries "Don't enter!" "Pass!" (Only says this to other Saras, Shinkis, and Yumekos)

Yukkuri Sariel
Sariel-types (さりっくり Sarikkuri) are legendary. They are thought to be filled with angel food cake. Angel Cake

Yukkuri Satori
Satori-types are a very Kind-hearted Yukkuri that is always kind to others, unless its a pedophile. Rare, Yukkuri Satori can be seen in everyday Yukkuri petshops and other places of employment. They can be either for sale, or even work for the pet shop owner. Satori Yukkuri are also used in counseling. They may be rare, but they arent as hard to get as they used to be in ancient times. Cherry Pie "Damn Lolicons!" "I can read your heart easy, Pervert!" "Reading it Easy!"

Yukkuri Seiga
Seiga-types are Selfish and Cruel in nature, these yukkuri bully other yukkuri. They seem to enjoy being around dead yukkuri corpses and are only kind to Yoshika Yukkuri. The Yoshika yukkuri and Seiga Yukkuri will form a bond, and the Seiga will dote over the Yoshika, much like a Ran will dote on a Chen. These Yukkuri are rare and can pass through walls and fly, making it a challenge to own one. Rose Tea "I'm going through the wall easy!" "Come here Yoshika!"

Yukkuri Seija
The Yukkuri Seija is a new type of yukkuri that is a mean-spirited trickster. Unlike Yukkuri Tewi, Seijas enjoy playing pranks on other yukkuri for fun and gain nothing from it. They enjoy manipulating yukkuri Shinmyoumaru and flipping other yukkuri upside down, leaving them helpless. Because of the Flipyu's ability to flip things over, some farmers and sadistic pet yukkuri owners use these yukkuri to disable other yukkuris. However, if asked to do something, the Seija will do the opposite of the given command. For example, if you ask it to protect the field, the Seija will wander off to do other things. Using reverse psychology on the Seija will get it to obey your commands. If you tell a Seija "don't protect the field" the Seija will protect the field. Because of the Seija's stubborn nature, factories and yukkuri breeders are trying to come up with a trainable Seija. As a result of the Flipyu's nature, other yukkuri tend to stay away from them except Shinmyoumarus, since they look for protection from them. Oddly enough, the Seija ends up actually taking care of the Shinmyoumaru (but it's most likely they do this so they can manipulate them, as stated above). In rare cases, however, the Seija will take the Shinmyoumaru under it's care without trying to manipulate them, resulting in a close bond between the two (but if the Shinmyoumaru were to die somehow, the Seija will act like it never existed for unknown reasons). A rivalry has occurred between Yukkuri Seija and Yukkuri Reimu, the latter being another yukkuri known for taking care of Shinmyoumarus, leading to them battling over custody of the Shinmyoumarus. Upside down cake

Yukkuri Sekibanki
Being well known for being hyperactive, Yukkuri Sekibanki has the rather unique ability to make more copies of itself, confusing any would-be attackers and allowing the Sekikuri to escape. They appear to not regard these clones as living yukkuri, and has no problem sending these clones into harms way so long as the real Sekikuri is safe. The clones themselves have very limited lifespans of around five minutes, though reports of lifespans of an hour or more have been reported. The clones also lack a filling and upon death will simply crumble into flour. Quite shy in nature, despite enjoying scaring other yukkuri, and very reserved. Two traits not expected in a hyperactive yukkuri.
  • It's said that if more then one Sekikuri meet, they will argue which one is the real one.
  • The real Sekibanki appears to be quite fond of these yukkuri.
  • Some have questioned if this is really a yukkuri at all, or just Sekibanki without her body.
Mixed assortment of red fruits. "I'm the real Sekibanki!"

Yukkuri Shanghai
The Yukkuri Shanghai is a small, mysterious, and (at times) dangerous yukkuri. Thanks to it's rarity, powers, and cute appearance, Shans are highly sought after by Yukkuri enthusiasts and collectors. The yukkuri Shanghai is the size of a koyukkuri and will never grow to be larger than that. They have tiny insect-like wings that are constantly shedding and regenerating, but they don't appear to be related to their ability to fly (the reason for this is possibly magic). These Shans have been known to fire a very powerful and destructive attack only once a day called a "Yukkuri Beam" or "Doll Spark". Despite being so powerful, they can easily be manipulated and can follow all instructions given to the letter no matter who is giving them the command. They can even be told to attack their own parents by telling them to "shoot those yukkuri". But be careful what command you give them, as they take commands like "hold this for a second" very literally. Since Tsundere Alices (a rare form of Alice that gives birth rather than impregnate other yukkuri) only willingly reproduce with Yukkuri Marisa, Shans are almost always seen with their parent yukkuri and they sometimes use the Shans as an odd self-defense-type yukkuri. Truffle nougat "Shanghai!"

Yukkuri Shikieiki
Shikieiki-types are extremely carefree and naive. They also have a strong attachment to Komachi, who is seen as a mix of a lover/caretaker, and are not above abusing their authority to keep her close to them. They spend their free time doing a skipping dance. They are sometimes seen with a Rod of Remorse like the real Sikieiki. Sikiekis are not above abusing their authority to keep a Komachi or other yukkuri they like close to them. They also run the courts of more advanced clans to judge whether or not a yukkuri is to be punished for any bad deeds. While carefree, most likely due to the power they have, when in times of need or leadership, the Sikieki will not hesitate to jump into positions of leadership. Luckily for yukkuri under their care, they will usually not abuse their power. Sikieki-types are mostly seen Yukkuri Komachi. Other yukkuri may avoid them, especially those who have done bad deeds. Speaking of which, Sikiekis love to lecture and talk. Green Peas jam "Yoi zo~! (Thou may~!)" "Gonna give the verdict!" "Death sentence!"

Yukkuri Shingyoku
SinGyoku-types (しんぎゅっくり Shingyukkuri) are uncommon. They are thought to be filled with sweet and sour sauce and that they are very territorial, and that they can be used as a watchdog. They can turn into a hard, durable yin-yang orb and their catchphrase is "Yin-yang it easy!". sweet and sour sauce "Yin-yang it easy!"

Yukkuri Shinki
Shinki-types (あほげっくり Ahogekkuri, or ゆっくあほげあれ Yukkuahogeare) are in the same category as Yumemi-types and are thought to be nothing but myth. Superstition holds that Shinki-types can use their ahoge as a weapon. Devil Food cake "Ahoogeee!"

Yukkuri Shinmyoumaru
A new type of yukkuri based upon Shinmyoumaru Sukuna. As of current, they are generally seen bodied. Much like Yukkuri Suika, they can change their size, but only if they are in possession of a Magic Mallet. Curious in nature, these little yukkuri love exploring. Due to their size, however, they need protection lest they be killed. They are very naive and trusting, something Seijas and abusive yukkuri owners manipulate to their own advantage. It's known that if they feel threatened, they will retreat inside their bowls, which appear to be made out of a very hard substance. That being said, it's a common trick to also place a rock or similar size object onto of a retreated Shinmyoumaru's bowl, thus trapping the poor little yukkuri until someone or another yukkuri frees it. Cookie crumbs "Miracle Mallet easy!"

Yukkuri Shizuha
The Yukkuri Shizuha has a cheeky personality and is frequently jealous of more "popular" yukkuris. Unlike Minoriko-types who are well-liked despite their prideful behaviors, Shizuhas are almost universally ignored. Because of this, Shizuhas are constantly striving for attention from humans and yukkuri alike and entire families of Shizuhas have been known for invading homes just so someone could notice them (the end result turning out badly for the poor Shizuhas). Despite people being unable to notice them, Shizuhas are quite the hard-workers. Shizuhas are rather fond of Minorikos, but they're quite jealous of their "popularity". Because of the extremes Shizuhas will go to in order to receive attention, most yukkuris tend to stay away from them.
  • It was originally believed that seeing a Shizuha was a sign of good harvest.
  • Recently, a "club" of sorts have been founded by fans of Yukkuri Minorikos and Shizuhas. This club consists of yukkuri owners who share stories, pictures, and videos of their pet Minorikos and Shizuhas. Because of said club, a now steady supply of pet Minorikos and Shizuhas exist.
Pumpkin Pie "Have the fall colors easy!" "I'm not an original character!"

Yukkuri Shou
Yukkuri Shous are physically strong yukkuri that are normally bright and cheerful, but are also so emotional that if another yukkuri were to make even the lightest remark about, it will break down into tears. They will also cry if they lose or forget something, or even for no reason at all. Although,it seems they would need to cry on occasion, or they will become extremely depressed. Shous are very clumsy and are occasionally depicted tripping and landing on their face (despite being a creature with no legs), losing things with ease, and are well known for how forgetful they are. In fact, they are so forgetful that they've been found in their nests crying about not knowing where their home is, even though it is already home. However, they don't forget about their mates or children, and make very good parents. Thanks to their extreme strength, Shous are capable of dispatching a Yukkuri Remilia or Flan in one blow and aren't predators themselves and they do remember they are powerful. Shous also like bananas and an accessory-like item called a "Pagoda". Every Shou type is born with a Pagoda, but since it's normally the first thing it loses after it's born, it's quite rare to find a Shou has kept it's Pagoda. Nazrin-types are the most important yukkuri to a Shou and can barely live without it. In order to make up for losing their Pagoda, they'd usually be seen doting the Nazrin they befriended or mated with, much to the Nazrin's annoyance. Shous are also seen with Ran-types, but the Shou would rather socialize with it rather than mate with it (though it has on rare occasions). Shous show great respect for Byakuren-types and if the Shou happens to find a Byakuren, it will follow it wherever it goes. Even though a Shou hasn't been seen mating with a Byakuren in the wild, this behavior has been seen in their domesticated counterparts from time to time. Scrambled eggs "Nazri~n!" "I lost my pagoda?!"

Yukkuri Star
Star-types are very rare to find and are unknown. It's only known that they are filled with star fruit. star fruit

Yukkuri Suika
Suika-types are the most peculiar of the yukkuris. Unlike their other fellow yukkuris, Suika-types are physically strong and extremely durable; their skin is three times thicker than a regular yukkuri's. As a result, they don't have many (or any) predators. Also unlike regular yukkuris (yet like the real Suika), Suika-types are able to increase their size spontaneously to about the size of a house and still keep a solid and durable form. The mechanics behind this are unknown. However, the sudden increase in size seems to increase their violence, and is usually followed by them smashing in walls or breaking through roofs. Despite their destructive abilities, Suika-types are just like any other yukkuri when it comes to taking it easy. They are extremely lazy and usually drunk to boot, and would prefer to sleep. A sober Suika-type has yet to be discovered, in fact. Suika-types slur their words to an extent, so "Take it easy!" would most likely come out as "Taygid eajy!" Their urine seems to be composed of beer, and their saliva is composed of saké. Suika-types seem to be filled with a mix of the two, though this is rather hard to obtain as, one, Suika-types will fight back if attacked, and, two, if one were to successfully kill a Suika-type, it would be the same as popping a water balloon. The much easier and neater alternative would be to drain a Suika-type of its urine and drool through the use of tubes. Unfortunately, this cannot be forced, so it would be a matter of patience. Their favorite food (or rather drink), would be, in fact, saké or beer. They also seem to like watermelons, but attempt to eat these whole rather than eating a standard slice. This could indicate selfishness. Sake "Take it easy! (in a drunken state)"

Yukkuri Sunny
Sunny-types are very rare to find and are unknown. It's only known that they are filled with yogurt. Yogurt

Yukkuri Suwako
Originating from Youkai Mountain, the Yukkuri Suwako has become surprisingly wide-spread over Gensokyo in a short amount of time. This, along with its unique characteristics, have made it rather popular with yukkuri enthusiasts. Recently conformed to be a type of aquatic yukkuri. Seemingly acting childish one moment, and mature the next, one of the most distinguishing characteristics of the Suwakkuri is how unpredictable its personality is. Their actions and temperament differs so greatly from one to another, that it is almost impossible to categorize their personality as anything other than quirky. The hats of the Suwakkuri are equally unusual: Although they have been confirmed to be hollow, and not by any means alive, they occasionally mimic the emotions of the yukkuri itself, and when the Suwakkuri hides under its hat, it is apparently able to see out of the eyeballs on the hat. Not only that, occasionally shark-like teeth, and even a large tongue have been observed coming from the hats of some Suwakkuri, yet it is not a separate entity from the yukkuri itself. These mysteries are still unexplained, even after careful study. Suwakkuris are also some of the few yukkuri that have been confirmed to actually lay eggs when reproducing, the others being house yus. Instead of giving birth through a stalk, or through live birth, the Suwakkuri upon getting impregnated will lay a slimy tube of frog-egg like eggs, which will eventually grow and hatch into Koyukkuris, both of the Suwako's type, and its mate. There is, however, one notable exception to this. When a Yukkuri Suwako rapes a Yukkuri Cirno, there is a chance that the Cirno will give birth to a Suwakkuri. Unlike what usually happens with Koyukkuris produced this way, the resulting C-Suwakkuris are actually treated as just being one of the family. For some unknown reason, C-Suwakkuris are identified by both Yukkuri Cirnos and other Yukkuri Suwakos as actually being Cirno-type yukkuris. Their siblings will often refer to them as their "Odd looking sisters", and they will often times use the catchphrase "Eye'm the strongest!" in addition to "Kero!". Other Yukkuris will still consider C-Suwakkuris as being just Yukkuri Suwakos that are simply confused, even though the C-Suwakkuri will insist that it is a Yukkuri Cirno. C-Suwakkuris will often come to the defense of Yukkuri Cirnos that are being attacked by Yukkuri Suwakos, resulting in the odd scene of a Suwako vs. Suwako fight, with only the C-Suwakkuris really sure who is on who's side.
  • Unlike most other yukkuri, the hat accessory of a Suwakkuri regenerates if it is ever damaged or lost. They sometimes even shed their hats to ward off predators, similar to how some lizards detach their tails. The hats will fully regenerate for a Suwakkuri within three to four days of being lost.
  • Suwakkuri without hat don't seems to suffer the same treatment than other accessory-less Yukkuris.
  • Most, if not all Yukkuri Suwakos found near or around the Scarlet Devil Mansion and lake area are actually C-Suwakkuris.
  • The eggs of a Suwakkuri taste extremely disgusting, and are avoided by all kinds of predators.
Orange Marmalade "Kero-kero!"

Yukkuri Tenshi
Tenshi-types are masochists.

Yukkuri Tewi
Tewi-types (ていっくり Teikkuri, or ゆっくゐ Yukkuwi) are the most intelligent yukkuris. They are extremely deceptive and tricky and are able to speak at a near-human level of proficiency.

Yukkuri Tojiko
Yukkuri Tojiko likes to make loud noises, and they will constantly make noises and often snore very loud when they sleep. They are at times seen in packs, constantly shouting out a song, which irritates even Yukkuri Mystia. To say the least, these yukkuri enjoy being loud During storms they will mimic the sound of thunder and fire lightning around making them a rather dangerous yukkuri. They appear to have an obsession with sending ball lightning into houses. They are well known for being rather mean in the sense that they curse-out other yukkuris and make rather rude remarks. Given their electric powers, most other yukkuri would rather not respond or retaliate against the Sogakkuri. Oddly enough, it would appear that Tojikos know of the existence of Mimas, as asking them if they are the same "ghost" yukkuri will result in the Tojiko screaming out "I'm not Mima! Stop asking!". If they actually know of the elusive Mima is unknown at this time.
  • Some Tojiko Yukkuris have been seen with twin ghost legs.
  • There has also been rumors of people collecting them and selling their fillings in movie theaters, therefore killing the yukkuri. Though due to the rarity these yukkuri have, such methods are not advised.
  • They have been reported hunting Wakasagihime Yukkuri by jumping into the area the Wakagihimes are and electrocuting the water, thereby killing the Wakasagihime Yukkuri(s) in the area. What they do with the yukkuri after is unknown.
  • If a Tojiko with unpopped popcorn is put in a microwave, it will start to bounce around, removing it would take great care as opening the microwave door may result in it shooting out and bouncing everywhere.
Popcorn (uncooked in rare cases) "Easy at it!"

Yukkuri Tokiko
Yukkuri Tokiko were for a time one of the most endangered Yukkuri species. Due to breeders and more field research, Tokikos have become more common (including in the wild), though still very rare. Therefore, hurting or killing a Tokiko is against most laws. Tokikos are a interesting yukkuri who, much like Patches, love to read and be around books. Unlike Patchoulis, who at times can or can't read, Tokikos are almost always seen reading and speaking fluently in multiple languages. They are usually seen around Yukkuri Rinnosuke, though the two are never seen mated with one another. They are, however, shy and will flee if something they are unfamiliar with approaches. Egg whites

Yukkuri Toyosatamimi
Toyosatomimi, known more commonly as Yukkuri Yukkuri Miko, is a slightly mean yukkuri (like Yukkuri Kanako) that enjoys others around. Apparently, if one doesn't say its name properly, it will become extremly depressed. Like most yukkuri, they are curious about their natural surroundings. Like Kimeemaru, these yukkuri have great speed and appear to like fast-moving objects such as Suiiis and cars. Their obsession with speed sometimes causes them them to actually hijack cars. How they do this is rather unknown, though it's guessed only bodied Toyosatomimis can hijack cars.
  • The hair on the yukkuri is sometimes mistaken for ears. On that note, their hair sometimes catches fire for no real reason. Yet these yukkuri are apparently fine by the blaze, leading some to believe that this hair is made of a flammable material and that Toyosatomimi have a high resistance to heat.
Unknown "Easy playtime OVER!"

Yukkuri Utsuho
Yukkuri Utsuho is arguably the most dangerous yukkuri in existence at the time, and the cause of the destruction of many factories. Unyukkuris sometimes have bodies, These have a couple different traits than the typical Unyukkuri. They are a little less clueless than the standard Yukkuri Utsuho and much more aggressive. They also have what appears to be a miniature version of Utsuhos "Third Leg" device, which is able to shoot danmaku-like blasts. These Yukkuri Utsuhos are also a little less radioactive, making them safe for humans to be around for a longer time, but will still explode if badly damaged. They misinterpret this as them being feared for their power rather than the fact that they may explode should someone return fire. The adoption, abuse, and unauthorized breeding of Unyukkuris is strictly prohibited everywhere in Gensokyo and the outside world. Punishments for doing so are normally extremely severe, and an expert has to be brought in to relocate any of the Utsuho involved. The few stories that do involve the abuse of the Utsuho always end up with the death of the abuser, a few thousand bystanders, factory workers, and other abusers. Yukkuri Utsuhos are perpetually clueless and have amazingly short attention spans. They have been known to even forget questions in the middle of their answers. Although they should be able to fly, they often times don’t realize this until they accidentally start flying while not paying attention. Despite this, it should be noted that all Unyukkuris are radioactive, with constant close exposure resulting in radiation poisoning regardless of the yukkuri's size, and, according to the first (and only) study that was made on one Unyukkuri, they seem to be very radioactive. An exposure of a few minutes may be enough to sicken any nearby human(s). Also, any significant damage to the Unyukkuri can and will cause it to explode violently.

In the outside modern world, however, they are often used in nuclear power plants or for powering submarines.

Radio-Active Material (Inedible) "Unyuu~?"

Yukkuri VIVIT
Scattered reports of VIVIT-types existing are unconfirmed. "Beep boop easy!"

Yukkuri Wakasagihime
Shy in nature, Yukkuri Wakasagihime live in most bodies of water and will swim away if scared. They are seen coming to the waters edge if curious enough or to socialize with Kagerous, Sekibankis, or anything they may find "interesting".

of right now, they feed mainly on seaweed, algae, and other plants. This would make them one of the few herbivore yukkuri in existence. Due to their filling, and the fact they are found in water, most species of animals or yukkuri choose to not prey on Yukkuhimes while abusers simply avoid them because actual abuse would be difficult to achieve. They appear to be attracted to shiny objects, such as pebbles, tin foil, etc. and have been observed collecting said items to bring to their underwater nest. Though unlike most yukkuri who collect these materials for nest building or to be used as toys, Yukkuhime appear to collect the material simply for the pleasure of collecting. They are also known to show off a particular interesting piece if given the chance.

Pure Water

Yukkuri Wriggle
Wriggle-types (Wrigguri) are rather small, even by yukkuri standards and other species and even humans tend not to notice them unless they find an infestation of Wriggles. This is so far the only yukkuri know to reproduce by death. In the wild, once a Wriggle becomes pregnant, it will die and its koyukkuri, born rather quickly, will eat their mother as a first meal, similar to how other yukkuri eat their stalk as a first meal. This behavior, in yukkuri canon, have become less common in recent years and it's more common for the Wriggle to reproduce by usual methods. The Yukkuri Wriggle's behavior is poorly understood due to a lack of interest on the part of most researchers. Wriggles appear to be friendly and inoffensive to humans and yukkuris alike, though some see them as pests given their appearance and protectiveness of insects of all sorts, as apposed to regular yukkuri who have no problem with eating insects. Food wise, Wriggles enjoy eating plants of all sorts. While most yukkuri are omnivores, Wriggles are generally vegetarians. However, on certain occasions, Wriggles have been seen attacking and eating other yukkuri. Though in these instances, the attacked yukkuri are koyukkuri or yukkuri around that size. In the few instances that a Wriggle is raised in captivity, owners have noted that Wriggles are polite and friendly and have no issue with food. Caution is advised with those wanting to raise a pet Wriggle, as the potential owner should only buy domesticated Wriggles and not try to collect wild ones. Wild Wriggles are known to be unruly, breed non-stop, and constantly escape their cages. As expected of these yukkuri, they will become upset if an insect or arachnid is harmed or killed in their presence. They will also try to protect said critters, going as far as to risk their lives for a single ant. In return, insects and arachnids appear to not bother Wriggles or attack them. Yukkuri Wriggle often mate with Yukkuri Yuuka. However, since a Wriggle could only reproduce when killed, it was believed to have a situation similar to the black widow, which a Yuuka kills their mate after impregnation. However, pet pairs are seen breeding normally and as mentioned above this behavior as a whole has appeared to have vanished (or at least is not used often). Wild pairs, as of current, appear to not have this behavior as a whole. Wriggles have been seen around Cirnos, Mystias (who at times they mate with), and Rumias. It has been thought that Yamames try to actively hunt Wriggles (spider and bug), but as of current this does not appear to be the case. Overall, Wriggles get along well with most other yukkuri.
  • It's rather unknown why or how Wriggles "light up" (a process in which their bottoms produce light similar to fireflies). This light, rarely seen, doesn't appear to serve any purpose to the Wriggle.
  • Also,Wriggles are at times seen with six small, spindly legs. There doesn't appear to be much of a difference between ones with legs and ones without, save the ones with legs are "rarer" and act in a more "creepy" manner.
Bug Juice (Actually Fruit Drink) "Skitter easy!" "I'm not a boy!"

Yukkuri Yamame
Yukkuri Yamame is an aggressively friendly yukkuri that could be borderline rapist, getting a bit clingy to others. They spin webs to catch insects to eat (or to feed to a mated yukkuri). If a yukkuri happens to enter the web, and if the Yamame is hungry enough, the yukkuri will be quickly trapped and injected with venom that paralyzes the yukkuri. The Yamame may feast on the yukkuri then, or save it for later. Yamames may also go out hunting, shooting webs to ensnare other yukkuri or insects.Yamames are surprisingly good builders, especially for a species with no hands, and can craft anything from massive houses (for yukkuri), confusing caves, or just bizarre architecture. If one happens to own a pet Yamame, it's best to give it plenty of construction material (such as toy logs or blocks). While yukkuri are already natural builders, Yamame's building abilities are comparable to humans. A well-trained Yamame can be a beneficial yukkuri in artificial clans (groups of pet or domesticated yukkuri), so long as the Yamame doesn't try to eat its companions. They also work well as guard yukkuri. Cinnamon Apple "Take it easy with me!"

Yukkuri Yatsuhashi
Yukkuri Yatsuhashi is a rather new yukkuri usually seen with a musical instrument. Calm and docile and nature, these yukkuri enjoy playing music much like Benbens and Prismriver-types. As of right now, the only thing known about them is that they are fond of Benben-types and Yukkuri Raiko. They have been seen in "bands", groups of yukkuri with musical talent. Due to being a good nature species, they get along well with most yukkuri. Cookie Dough

Yukkuri Yoshika
Yukkuri Yoshika is a fairly newly discovered type of yukkuri. They were likely first introduced in thistext only story. Pale and filled with rotten meat, they have a tendency of smelling bad. Yoshikkuri will eat anything that it can fit in its mouth, including koyukkuri and some of the smaller breeds of fully grown yukkuri, although it does not show any sort of preference towards any type of food, similar to Yukkuri Yuyuko. Because they will eat anything, even if it is not normally seen as food, they can be used as trash disposals, though it is not recommended that they be kept inside a household due to the smell. Recently, non-smelling Yoshikas have appeared in the pet trade thanks in part to breeders. However, the slow reaction speed and movement coupled by their huge appetites have put off many new owners. Regardless, they still are popular among Yukkuri collectors. The small seal on their heads apparently can tell their emotions better then they can. So, for example, if they are sad, the Yoshika may not be able to express it but their seal might say "I'm sad". Rotten meat "Yuruyuyu..."

Yukkuri Youmu
Youmu-types (ようっくり Youkkuri, or みょん Myon) are extraordinarily soft, even for Yukkuri standards. Trained Myons are well received by yukkuri enthusiasts, not just because of their eccentric behavior, but because of their fierce loyalty to their mates and owners. Once a Youmu finds a mate, usually Reimus, Chens, Yuyukos, or Reisens, the Myon will be basically bound to that yukkuri, never cheating on it and often giving their lives up so their mate and koyukkuri can escape from a threat. They are often seen assisting lost, injured, or just scared yukkuri. However, "cowardly" Myons do exist, who will bully other yukkuri and run away if danger approaches. Why these types exist has been questioned, but it's reasoned that they are the "shitheads" of the Myon family. Unlike most yukkuri, who attack by jumping or biting, a Myon will attack with a stick or at times small swords and knives, which it carries around in its teeth. Due to this behavior, they are quite popular as guard yukkuri as they have no problem finishing off any invaders. That being said, they are very loyal to their owners to a fault. Some abusive owners even order their Myons to kill off its family, to which the Myon (sadly) responds to. Myons have also been noted to attack humans who they view as a threat to their owner, regardless if said human is the owners wife, girlfriend, grandmother, etc. Therefore, a guard Myon must be properly trained so it won't attack everything. Myons in general have a rather straightforward and eccentric behavior. They will usually act proper in all situations, greeting other yukkuri and humans respectfully, but seem to want to be heroic whenever they have the chance. Though what they view as heroic is a matter of question, as simply helping others is not "heroic" for a Myon and just common practice. Because of the fact that they are filled with white chocolate, they would make them popular livestock yukkuri if it weren't for the fact they are popular as pets. Myons are normally shown being friends with Yuyukos, at times in the role of a servant. But at the same time are in danger of being eaten by the Yuyuko (though this is rather rare). Along side Yuyukos, Myons are seen mating with Reimus, Chens, and rarely Reisens (due to the latter being paired up with Tewis or Eirins). This aside, they generally get along with many yukkuri, though are at times picked on due to their behavior. No conclusive explanation has been given for their ghost that accompanies them. It occasionally exhibits emotions that the Yukkuri Youmu would be trying to hide, and has even been seen on its own with a yukkuri "face" of its own. Some think it is some kind of avatar spawned by the yukkuri, while others think it may instead be something more akin to a conjoined twin. Still others believe that it may in fact be a younger, or at least immature koyukkuri hanging around its elder sibling or parent. However, the ghost isn't always present with a Youmu, leading some to wonder if it even exists at all. White Chocolate "DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!" (Only said by untrained or wild Myons, which embarrasses anyone around, especially the real Youmu) "Cut it easy!" "Myon~" Oh, (sometimes 'em' is added),[Yukkuri's name].

Yukkuri YuugenMagan
Yukkuri YuugenMagan are a kind of rare Yukkuri usually found spying on other Yukkuris, they are a special kind of Yukkuri which are rather common in Makai but rare anywhere else. Because it can make fake versions of itself, it can spy on things, or use the fake Yukkumagans to steal objects or taunt other Yukkuris, if a fake Yukkumagan is killed/damage the real one will not be harmed. The easiest way to identify a fake Yukkumagan is to check for a large energy line coming from it. Golden raisins "Single-kuri! Double-Kuri! Triple-Kuri! Quad-Kuri! MULTI-KURI!" (This type of yukkuri usually says how many YuugenMagan yukkuri are visible)

Yukkuri Yuugi
The Yukkuri Yuugi is a very strong and party loving yukkuri that are similar to the Yukkuri Suikas, only they're not as drunk as them. Yuugis enjoy parties, drinking, and being the center of attention. They're also pretty strong and are capable of sending yukkuris flying with a powerful tackle as well. At worst, they can also use their horns to gorge an unfortunate yukkuri. Caution should be taken with pet Yuugis, as they could by mistake gorge their owners doing simple activities like rub-rub. These yukkuri are know for their love of alcohol. Though unlike Suikas, they are not picky so long as they can get alcohol. Be it wine, beer, saké, even fermented fruit will work fine for a Yuuguri. They also love to balance saké dishes on their horns, claiming they've never "spilled a drop", though as seen, this is most likely a boast rather than truth. Yuugis are very fond of Suikas and Parsees. However, due to the jealous nature of Parsees, a Yuugi may become fed up with their constant complaining. But regardless, a Yuugi is a great mate for a Parsee, as it will protect the Parsee without hesitation. Therefore, upon finding a wild Parsee, it's best to leave it be as its Yuugi mate may be nearby. Rum Cake

Yukkuri Yukari
YukkuriYukari is a seemingly rare species of yukkuri who consider themselves to be very beautiful, and given half an opportunity, will announce the fact. Their behavior differs greatly between individuals; some appear to come out of nowhere, showing up only long enough to announce their own perceived beauty and then disappearing the moment someone looks away. (The theorized gap ability of the Yukarin may be the reason it is seemingly able to teleport itself out of nowhere). Other types are extremely active and have a strong sense of justice, as well as great strength. For example, they have been seen crashing a cart into a nest of rapist/sadistic yukkuri and punishing them for their behavior. They will then anonymously leave a small gift for the abusive yukkuris' victims in order to make them feel better. Yukarins are also known for saving other yukkuri from Yukkuri Flandre, Yukkuri Remilia, or other predator-types. A Yukarin may show up from out of nowhere and proceed to rescue a family that is about to be eaten. These yukkuri have a very strong smell, similar to a very cheap perfume, which can drive other yukkuri away. What this smell actually is or what causes it is unknown, but it's guessed it could do something with the ideal of "beauty" these yukkuri have. Though the strength of the smell itself varies between Yukari to Yukari.
  • So far, there has only been one bodied Yukarin sighted. It is friendly and enjoys the company of others.
  • They claim to be 17 years old, no matter how old it is in reality even though Yukari Yakumo is at least 1,200 years old.
Natto "Gap it easy!"

Yukkuri Yuki

Yukkuri Yumeko
Yukkuri Yumeko is a very rare species that could easily have been believed to be extinct if it wasn't for the fact they appear from time to time. Yukkuri Yumeko happens to be very similar to Sakuya and Eirin-types due to their undying need to cater towards Ahogekurris. A very busy species of yukkuri, who appears to never have time to take it easy as they are constantly caring for their beloved Ahogekurris (even if said yukkuri doesn't need care in the first place). They are also skilled fighters (for a yukkuri), able to launch their sharp teeth as projectiles and are unusually good at wielding a sword, even if they have to use their mouth. Ravioli

Yukkuri Yumemi
Yumemi-types (ゆくゆみ Yukuyumi) are so rare,they are considered to be legendary. Some say that they are nothing but fanciful tales and exist purely in the imagination. Strawberry "Strawberry Crisis Easy!"

Yukkuri Yuuka
The Yukkuri Yuuka is a rather elusive and somewhat surprising yukkuri, being the first and only known yukkuri that can grow it's own food. Even though other yukkuri have been seen farming vegetables on rare occasions, Yuukas have the natural inclination so without any prior training. Yuukas can also farm using hoes and watering cans when gardening (Which is amazing considering they have no hands). They are all very protective of plants, especially ones they grow themselves; people who own pet Yukkuri Yuukas occasionally find the corpse of a stray yukkuri or two in their flower gardens, their bodies being used to grow new plants. Most likely these were wild yukkuri that attempted to make a meal of the Yukkuri Yuuka's flowers/vegetables. Yuukas with bodies, which is actually fairly common among their species, are often seen wearing straw sunhats and occasionally carrying guitars. These two items do not appear to be accessories in the traditional yukkuri sense (However,there is a rumored mutant variant of the Yukkuri Yuuka that has a pink nightcap accessory, and tends to sleep a lot. This has only been rarely reported, and very seldom seen). When in a good mood, a bodied Yukkuri Yuuka may play its guitar. This music often ends up attracting other yukkuri, although it is not understood if this is intentional, or just a side effect of their playing. Attracted yukkuri enjoy the music greatly. For a long period of time, it was unknown how Yukkuri Yuukas bred and mated. A common theory was that Yukkuri Yuukas are asexual, reproducing by planting seeds of themselves, and growing them along with the other plants in their gardens. This explained why people occasionally started seeing Yukkuri-like faces on sunflowers being grown by Yukkuri Yuukas. Although this might explain some of why Yukkuri Yuukas are so protective of flowers, no one has yet observed one of these flowers actually turning into a Yuukuri in the end. It does turn out, however, that Yuukas mate and breed like all other yukkuri, usually giving birth by stalk. This was observed thanks to the popularity of Yuukas in the pet trade along with more research into the species. Yukkuri Yuukas get along surprisingly well with the real Yuuka Kazami, and may in fact be the only type of yukkuri not subject to Ms. Kazami's notorious yukkuri abuse. However, recent reports show that she may have lightened up to yukkuri in general.

Yuukas, while usually quiet, are observed having a sadistic streak from time to time. Despite being considered sadistic by some, many depictions of Yukkuri Yuukas show them to actually be rather quiet, and if not friendly, then at the very least non-confrontational so long as their precious plants are not being threaten. That is not to say they are completely incapable of causing harm to others, but unless specifically provoked into doing so, such occurrences are rare.

Chocolate-coated sunflower seed kernels(?) As far as is known, Yukkuri Yuukas do not have a set catchphrase, but the standard types sometimes speak to, and of flowers, as if they were sentient. In most cases outside of "flowers", the yuukuri tends to be very quiet. Bodied Yukkuri Yuukas tend to keep to themselves.

Yukkuri Yuyuko
Yukkuri Yuyuko is a usually hungry, although friendly yukkuri. They love to eat, sleep, and eat some more. If a Youmu-type is around, it will show utmost loyalty to the Yuyuko, who will generally order them to scout for food. At often times, the Youmu will act as a guard to the Yuyukkuri, though they really don't need protection. Typically having an extremely ravenous appetite, Yuyuko-types are commonly shown as eating just about anything. This of course, includes other yukkuri, making them one of the few species that will actively eat another yukkuri. The difference is that while Remiryas and other predators hunt for other yukkuri, which makes up the majority of their diet, Yuyuko-types generally treat other yukkuris as just another type of food and will not try to actively hunt yukkuri. Save for Yukkuri Mystia. Though if not deciding to prey on other yukkuri, Yuyukos are a rather friendly and almost ditzy yukkuri. They seem to think that an aura of mystery encircles them (which it doesn't) and try to act rather fanciful. They are typically found near or around cherry trees and enjoy flower and bloom watching.
  • There are a few early pictures that show Yuyukos being able to suck in other yukkuris from afar, similar to that of how the character Kirby does so to objects and enemies. This is not a property that has been commonly adopted, however, probably due to the crossover nature.
  • Yuyukos are proven to be resistant against spicy foods and will eat Yukkuri Meiling when sufficiently motivated by one being there. This could also extend to Yukkuri Chandra.
  • Yuyuko-types occasionally gain characteristics of yukkuri they eat whenever one is eaten whole, resulting in Yuyuko-types with various features found on other yukkuri. Removal of the assimilated part will create a yukkuri of the type eaten which is completely loyal to the Yuyuko-type.
Sakura Mochi/Artificial Sweetener