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風見 (かざみ)  幽香 (ゆうか)
Yuuka Kazami
ka̠za̠mi jɯᵝːka̠ (♫)
Yuka Kazami
Yuuka Kazami
Flower Master of the Four Seasons
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Manipulation of flowers


At least over 60, implied to be very old

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  • Kioh Gyoku (Playable Character, Possible Opponent)

Yuuka Kazami (風見 幽香 Kazami Yuuka) is a long-lived youkai called the "Flower Master of the Four Seasons" whose main place of activity is the Garden of the Sun, a field completely covered in sunflowers.[1] She loves seasonal flowers, so throughout the year she moves to the respective places where the flowers grow: spring flowers for spring, summer flowers for summer, autumn flowers for autumn and sometimes winter flowers for winter.

General Information[edit]

Yuuka made her first ever appearance of the fourth PC-98 Touhou Project game Lotus Land Story as the fifth stage boss and the sixth stage boss, the final boss. She then appeared as a playable character in Mystic Square. Afterwards, with her canon completely remodeled, she appeared again as a playable character in the ninth work Phantasmagoria of Flower View. Additionally, she has made a guest appearance as a hidden, playable character in the Seihou Project's second work Kioh Gyoku.

She carries an image of using sunflowers in her danmaku, and thus it is easy to think of her as a summer youkai, but according to her title, it's assumed that she is able to manipulate seasonal flowers of all four seasons. As she greatly likes the seasonal flowers in all seasons, but however few they are in the course of one year, she moves about with the intention of making flowers bloom.

Moreover, in the time of the Great Barrier Incident for each sexagenary cycle, the 120th season was spring,[2] and in addition to manipulating flowers out of season, she is also established as taking the position of one with the image of sunflowers. However, as stated in the game, the blooming sunflowers, according to the incident, are unnatural flowers, and concerning things Yuuka said herself, things related to forcefully making flowers bloom out of season remain a question (for example, if she is able to). Perhaps it is due to the absence of other characters who symbolize summer that Yuuka seems to be the closest to representing summer.

She hangs around the Garden of the Sun and usually lives active in places surrounded by flowers all year round. There was an anonymous stating that she often appears at the Hakurei Shrine. Also, she once visited the local flower shop at the Human Village.[1] During the PC-98 canon though, Yuuka is the mistress of Mugenkan that sits at the boundary between the Eastern Country and the Dream World, which is guarded by two gatekeepers, Elly and possibly Kurumi.


Anigif of Yuuka in HM

Her threat level is "extremely high" and her human friendship level is at its "worst", but she also tends to visit the Human Village, and this would mean that because of her attitude, she would not be seen as a strong youkai by her appearance. It's said that the older a youkai becomes, the more polite they'll become. The owner of the Human Village's flower shop said: "She came to the village to shop. She gives proper greetings, and she didn't seem like she's that strong, but..." However, there was also an anonymous who thought that her smiling face was scary.[1] She's known for telling lies most of the time, as shown in her story mode in Phantasmagoria of Flower View.

She has a troublesome personality in the PC-98 of telling stupid jokes, which lets Marisa Kirisame says that she's "a strange fellow". Believing that "power is everything", no matter who her opponent is (even if it's a god), she's not timid at all. Liking to bully weak ones, she is able to smell weaklings. Since she likes to tease the opponent with a smiling face and make fun of others, and said "praise all the more", which was an expression looking down on someone, she appears very sadistic. Yuuka was more of a spontaneous character without charisma. Although Shinki said "though you're a human!", the interpretation of this is known. But on the fifth stage of Lotus Land Story, Yuuka said "what's with you? Treating people like youkai..." while she was half asleep.

In the Seihou Project canon of Kioh Gyoku, she had considerably more charisma than she had in PC-98, and her cut-in image was characteristically more attack-like. To add to this, ZUN in her profile referred to her as Youkai Moe. Various official materials follow similar suit with her smiling in a sunflower field in her Perfect Memento in Strict Sense's article, and her background appearance in Hopeless Masquerade has her sitting with a smile and waving.

Ability & Strength[edit]

Although she has been said to be "the strongest class of youkai" in PC-98 canon, there is no information stating that Yuuka is the strongest in the Windows canon, despite many things that indicate her strength.

In Mystic Square, she talks about learning magic in her ending, and became even stronger, so she became transparent and followed Marisa Kirisame and Alice around, but as for how long she take to accomplish it is unclear. This could be that in Mystic Square, she used her power she acquired in her dream world, where in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, she used magic plus getting power from the flowers in the flower fields. She had abilities to which ZUN wrote "possibly the strongest",[3] and she had a wide-range type flower-shot. As ZUN stated, "said to be 5+4×2-way shot of the strongest, the amazing range of her wide shot can cover"[3].

On the fifth stage of Lotus Land Story, she turned into what appears to be a ball of light, and on the sixth stage, she was able to clone herself, or split into two, which both of them are her true self. On the fifth stage, she had the so-called "original master spark" that can cover almost the entire screen, and on the sixth stage, she had a wide-range "split spark", with lack of space to dodge the spark.

In the Windows canon during Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Eiki Shiki told Yuuka that she's lived a little too long. Longer-lived youkai are thought to have stronger power, but in same conversation, Yuuka said "let's make it as clear as black and white who of us is the strongest in Gensokyo". She appeared as a stage boss in the scenarios of various characters, driving her opponents away instead of being defeated. The only other one treated like this is Aya Shameimaru.

In Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, with statements like "tremendous power", "as a long-living youkai, she is not very active", "extremely high youkai power and physical abilities", etc., there are countless writings related to her strength. It was stated that Reimu Hakurei has exterminated Yuuka several times, but Hieda no Akyu thinks it’s "probably bogus".

Ability to manipulate flowers

Yuuka is able to manipulate flowers. This is shown in Phantasmagoria of Flower View by her flower-shaped danmaku and the names of her spell cards, but due to her limited appareances, there aren't many other portrayals of this ability. Perfect Memento in Strict Sense states that it's an ability to "make flowers bloom, shift the face of sunflowers towards the sun, or make withered flowers bloom again." There were also such statements like "this ability is more of an extra," and she can uses her umbrella to scatter flower petals to perform graceful attacks, which is completely unrelated to her abilities.

It's unknown if she had the "ability to manipulate flowers" during the PC-98 era, but there was one ending where she destroyed the shrine with a large plant, as well as shooting lotus flowers in Mystic Square. With theme music "Lovely Mound of Cherry Blossoms" and shot "Hourai Cherry Blossoms" in Kioh Gyoku, her current image of being with a recollection of sunflowers was quite thin.



Yuuka always has a parasol with her that's apparently the only flower in Gensokyo that never withers,[4] but it's unclear if it can actually turn into a flower, actually is a flower or if this is a mere metaphor. However, on the final stage of Lotus Land Story, she appears to close her umbrella several times during the boss battle. Also, according to Rinnosuke, it is a special parasol that drastically cuts ultraviolet rays, and not to speak of rain, it can also block danmaku.[1]

Background Information[edit]

Yuuka as illustrated in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense.


Her full name is Yuuka Kazami (風見 幽香), in which she had no surname during the PC-98 and Seihou Project canon. The characters for "Yuuka" (幽香) mean "dim scent" or "fragrance". "Kazami" (風見) literally means "wind watching" and is also the term for a weather vane.


In Lotus Land Story's official art, Yuuka is first seen on Stage 5 with green eyes, long green hair, and light pink pajamas. She also carries a large pink pocket-watch with roman numerals.

In Lotus Land Story's final stage, as well as in Mystic Square's and Kioh Gyoku's official art, Yuuka is wearing red plaid pants and a waistcoat of the same color and pattern over a plain white shirt; her right eye is covered by her hair. In Mystic Square, her bomb cut-in is quite child-like and is shown with a baton when she uses a bomb. In both Mystic Square and Phantasmagoria of Flower View, her hair is wavy and cut to shoulder-length; in the latter game, she wears a red plaid skirt instead of plaid pants and, as in Kioh Gyoku, her eyes are red.

Unusual among Touhou Project characters, Yuuka is not ornamented with ribbons, various hair ornaments, or hats; instead, she is seen carrying an umbrella in Lotus Land Story, Phantasmagoria of Flower View and Kioh Gyoku.

Yuuka's illustration in Kioh Gyoku was done by ZUN himself. Her design is quite close to how it is in the Touhou Windows canon: Her hair length is somewhat in between how it is in Lotus Land Story and Phantasmagoria of Flower View. However, in her cut-in image while casting a spell, she is shown to have four green and purple wings, though her sprite for her boss attack has six wings of light.

Her alternative outfit in Phantasmagoria of Flower View is same as her normal outfit, except her dress is blue.

Yuuka Kazami's Appearances[edit]


Lotus Land Story
Yuuka in LLS Stage 5
Yuuka in LLS Stage 6
Yuuka as she first appeared in LLS
Yuuka as a ball of light; left from st5 & right from st6

Yuuka was the one behind the events of Lotus Land Story, where she sent youkai to destroy the Hakurei Shrine because she had "spare time". In the middle of night (it said 3 o'clock on Yuuka's clock), since she was suddenly challenged to fight, she showed up with a pink negligee and nightcap, accepting the challenge. As a matter of fact, since Reimu Hakurei started out at noon and Marisa Kirisame started out at night, it is questionable whether the stage is actually in the middle of night. She used sparkly bullets, as well as a "master spark".

Afterwards when she was defeated, she didn't appear to be defeated and ran off, but when she fought again on the sixth stage, she showed up with the appearance similar to her Windows outfit. Not affected at all by her sudden wake-up and fight, she said "come back again~ ♥" in Marisa's arc, proving that her previous battle showed that she weren't going all-out. She was able to clone herself, turn into a ball of light and throw red Windmills. After the two long battles, she was finally exterminated.

Mystic Square

Her title was "Oriental Demon" (Orange, the first stage boss of Lotus Land Story, also had the title "Oriental Demon"). There was an incident caused by Makai, and Yuuka had free time, so therefore she went to Makai to play.


Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Yuuka's back sprite in PoFV
Yuuka's sprite in PoFV

Yuuka, being a Youkai that's been around for a long time, knew exactly what was happening when this incident started, but took time to realise it was 60 years ago the previous incident occurred. Of course being the youkai of flowers helped too, but unfortunately that also put her straight at the top of everyone's suspect list when they found her enjoying the flowers. She eventually encounters Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu and gets lectured for living too long and teasing others. Eventually, they fight to prove who's the strongest, with Yuuka winning.

Hopeless Masquerade

Yuuka appeared in the fighter Hopeless Masquerade as a background cameo on the Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum stage. She's seen quietly waving and smiling.


Silent Sinner in Blue

Yuuka was briefly shown in Chapter 9 of Silent Sinner in Blue, where she attended the party at the Scarlet Devil Mansion about the Moon Rocket.

Oriental Sacred Place

Yuuka makes a brief cameo on chapter 18 of Oriental Sacred Place, where Sunny Milk makes a reference as to how Reimu Hakurei exterminates youkai, but they don't actually get "exterminated". She appears with many other youkai.

Wild and Horned Hermit

Yuuka was at the flower viewing during Chapter 16 of Wild and Horned Hermit. It appears that she drank from the "Ibaraki Box of a Hundred Medicines" and thus gained the personality of an oni for a while. In Chapter 23, she is seen at the shrine with other youkai, while Reimu is doing fortune-telling for them.

Forbidden Scrollery

Yuuka was briefly shown on Chapter 10 Forbidden Scrollery, attending the Noh play performed by Hata no Kokoro at the Hakurei Shrine. She appears to be interacting with Reimu and Seiga Kaku.

Seihou Games[edit]

Yuuka as she appears in Kioh Gyoku.
Note: This section is part of the Seihou Project by the Doujin circle "Shunsatsu sare do?".
Kioh Gyouku
Yuuka in KOG

Yuuka appeared in Seihou Project's second work Kioh Gyoku, which is a danmaku game series by the junior doujin circle "Shunsatsu sare do?", where ZUN also contributed music and art to the game and put her in the game. Her title was "Beauty of Everlasting Darkness" and her theme was "Lovely Mound of Cherry Blossoms ~ Flower of Japan". To add to this, Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame made guest appearances in the previous work, Shuusou Gyoku.

It appears that there was no story mode for Yuuka to have. Many characters fought in spaceships, where Yuuka was one of the few who fought without one, along with VIVIT and Muse (although Erich wasn't using a spaceship, but an high-performance mecha).

Yuuka was continuously asked the question "Who are you?" as all the cast of the game had no idea who Yuuka was. She was merely referred to as "foreign" by Milia who also joked about how fast Yuuka's speed is by saying "Did you get a good taste of my speed?" VIVIT said "But is it just me, or did we meet somewhere?" which VIVIT would have thought Yuuka was Reimu. Also with minor connections, Gates said Yuuka's fighting style was completely different and that he wanted her data, and Marie thought the battle between her and Yuuka was "eccentric". It seems that the last boss, Muse, felt a different divinity in Yuuka.



Reimu and Marisa[edit]

It appears that Yuuka has known Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame before the events of Phantasmagoria of Flower View. It's been hinted that these pre-meetings are during Lotus Land Story, which is one of the few collaborations between the PC-98 and Windows canon. She describes Marisa as "grown up quite a bit" and telling Reimu that she's "still being a poor miko". Also during her scenario, she tells Reimu that she's talking about the 60 year cycle and not the battle during the PC-98.

Yuuka was the one who sent youkai to destroy the Hakurei Shrine during Lotus Land Story. Marisa sees her as a "strange fellow".

Minor Relationships[edit]


In the PC-98, Yuuka seems to have some kind of relationship with Elly, since she's the gatekeeper of Mugenkan.


Spell Cards[edit]

Additional Information[edit]

  • Yuuka is thought to be the original user of the spell card "Master Spark", which Marisa Kirisame subsequently copied. Yuuka is also known for the "Dual Spark", two slightly smaller beams fired simultaneously when she makes a clone of herself during Lotus Land Story.
  • VIVIT (From the Seihou Project), Komachi Onozuka, and Youmu Konpaku have all pointed out to Yuuka that her outfit, or Yuuka herself, bears a resemblance to Reimu Hakurei.
  • In Mystic Square, Yuuka's player sprite is the only one outlined in blue. In Phantasmagoria of Flower View, the outline is gone.
  • Yuuka, along with the Prismriver Sisters and Mystia Lorelei, are the only Windows-era-spell-card-capable characters not to appear in Shoot the Bullet.
  • Yuuka is also the only pre-Undefined Fantastic Object character to not have an article in The Grimoire of Marisa.
  • Her attacks in Phantasmagoria of Flower View comparatively resembles attacks from Kioh Gyoku, where her shot and bomb was similar, her attack range was wide, and the shape and form of her danmaku had the theme of flowers.
  • Her bad ending in Mystic Square has her breaking the fourth wall who kindly tells the player to try again when s/he's ready and to choose her.
  • If the Seihou Project canon were ever linked with the Touhou Project canon, Yuuka would be the only known Touhou character to have actually destroyed multiple, physical spaceships and aircrafts. UFOs appear in Undefined Fantastic Object where Reimu, Marisa and Sanae Kochiya have taken down, although these were fake because they were actually Seeds of Unknown Form.


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