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ZUN's reply to messages on the former Gensou Bulletin Board 1

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This article contains select questions and answers in ZUN's former Gensou Bulletin Board (幻想掲示板)

2002/08 2002/08
 Q.「紅魔郷」咲夜さんは死んじゃったの? Q. [EoSD] Did Sakuya die?


A. Don't worry, nobody died. (^^;

They're really just playing danmaku, so nobody dies. The conversation is just all weird jokes.
The fact that the player doesn't have "lives" but rather "remaining crafts"[1] also points to the fact that they're just playing. (^^;

 Q.「蓬莱人形」収録の「明治十七年の上海アリス」は何故オリジナル曲なのですか? Q. [Dolls in Pseudo Paradise] Why is Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17 labeled as an original track?


A. That track was composed before the stage 3 boss theme in EoSD.
Since it's pretty much a completely different song, I labeled it as original.
 Q.「紅魔郷」「紅色」は何と読んだらいいのでしょうか? Q. [EoSD] How should I read "紅色"?
  A.紅魔郷の台詞などでよくある、紅色は「あかいろ」です。紅「べに」ではないです。 A. The "紅色" often used in the EoSD dialogue is "akairo". It's not "beni".[2]
2002/09 2002/09
 Q.「東方シリーズ」は全部同じ世界での出来事ですか? Q. [Touhou Series] Do all these events take place in the same world?


A. Since characters who were bosses before reappear, for example, time passes down a single line as normal.

Actually, because all of Touhou's stories occur in a span of a day or so without exception, not much time has actually passed.
As for their personalities... well, people are wont to change from day to day. (^^;

 Q.「霊夢」昔は靈夢が跨っていた亀はどうなったのでしょうか? Q. [Reimu] What happened to the turtle Reimu was riding on?


A. Reimu gained the ability to fly,

so the turtle is currently in retirement. (lol)

2002/10 2002/10
 Q.「チルノ」のセリフ「英吉利牛」ってなんですか? Q. [Cirno] What does "英吉利牛" in Cirno's line mean?


A. In her line, she says "英吉利牛"[3], so it's English beef.

There isn't much meaning to it. (^^;

 Q.「咲夜」は忍者ですか? Q. [Sakuya] Is she a ninja?


A. She is... not a ninja. (^^;

Actually, she is ostensibly an illusionist, and can easily do instant-moves and make objects appear
in a blink of an eye.
That's why she mostly uses illusion type things like "Strange Art"
(But the trick behind it is that she just has the ability to manipulate time... LOL)

 Q.「魔理沙」は今まで食事は自炊だったんですか? Q. [Marisa] Has Marisa been cooking for herself until now?


A. Everyone is basically self‐sufficient and cooks their own food.

On a side note, in this era, humans need to live in towns in order to survive the harsh environment.
But those that live on in the wilderness like Reimu and Marisa live a wealthy life.
In Gensokyo, youkai are the ones who have the advanced civilization, and humans like Reimu and Marisa who live in the remote areas
are just indebted to them. Because of this, they can't fully defeat the youkai.

 Q.「魔理沙」は何で今回の事件に関わったんでしょうか? Q. [Marisa] Why did she get involved in this incident?
  A.魔理沙はそういう人です(^^; 何も考えず楽しそうな方向に進んで行くんですが、


A. Marisa is that kind of person. (^^; She makes her way toward somewhere interesting without thinking anything,

but she doesn't make it look too obvious.
Basically, most incidents start by in a pattern of "Reimu always becoming a victim because she has the tendency to be one, and then
Marisa pokes her head into it." (^^;
By the way, Meiling is not a human. She tries to eat a shrine maiden.
This means that there are just three humans in this game.

 Q.「霊夢」は何歳なんでしょうか? Q. [Reimu] How old is she?


A. Yes, I wonder. (^^;

Well, since they live in the wilderness and not around people, they can live without being bothered with their actual age.
Reimu and Marisa are exactly as old as they look.

 Q.「紅魔郷」虎の穴のデモPlayは虎の穴限定デモですか? Q. [EoSD] Is the "Demo Play" in Tora no Ana an exclusive version?



A. Correct. The program itself is specially made for the purpose too.

The demo of the Extra stage has become an odd one since I've made it to go berserk at the final phase (^^;

Janitor's note:
The demo program was also sent to shops such as Akibaoukoku afterwards.
 Q.「紅魔郷」2面と4面の中ボスは誰なんですか? Q. [EoSD] Who are the mid-bosses in stage two and four?


A. Actually, I had prepared rough sketches of their face graphics, but that was the only things I made for them.

If I had the time, I was planning these two to have spell cards, but I didn't have the time, so...
Neither of them has a name, though. (^^;

2002/11 2002/11
 Q.「システム」「スペルカードボーナス」 Q. [System] "Spell Card Bonus"?


A. I've been preparing the spellcard system for about three years, but I felt that somebody would

overtake me by now, so I decided to make it this time.
In other words, I made the EoSD because I wanted to put it in this system.
My aim here is to bring individuality from the bosses and to change how the danmaku
are conveyed to the player by putting names on attacks. (Until now, we said it like "the second phase of the third boss")

 Q.「妖々夢」咲夜がプレイヤーキャラなのは何故ですか? Q. [PCB] Why is Sakuya a playable character?


A. I had already decided this before making Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. (laugh)

I plan these specifications too far in advance, so I decide things further for the next few works.

 Q.「魔理沙」の衣装が妖々夢ではまた派手になってませんか?魔理沙は衣装係? Q. [Marisa] Hasn't Marisa's outfit gotten more showy again? Is she into fashion?


A. I think it's best if Marisa's purpose in taking part in these games is more or less unknown.

Her position is "ordinary". She's not really related very much to any storyline.
Although it's a shooting game with a shrine maiden and a magician, I just assert that this is a "shrine maiden shooter". (laugh)

 Q.「妖々夢」体験版PlusはWavが付くんですか? Q. [PCB] Will the Trial Plus version include the wav files?
  A.今回は、Wav版がオリジナルになります。(紅魔郷のはSC-88Pro で創ってから録り直した)


A. This time, the wav versions are going to be the original (in the EoSD, I had re-recorded it after I made them with the SC-88Pro[4])

For that reason, the quality of the wav version is high (I hope).

 Q.「東方シリーズ」の音声は? Q. [Touhou Series] What about character voices?


A. Voice can be enjoyed by imagining them in your brain. Or rather, imagining in your brain will make your life full of hope and pleasure.

I imagine that the player-characters and the bosses are screaming at the level that the players wouldn't hear
and it's being drowned out by danmaku.

 Q.「システム」ボスメドレーみたいなものを入れて欲しいです。 Q. [System] I kind of want something like a boss rush.


A. I should say that in this game, stages are prepared for the sake of bosses.

In other words, this game itself is a "boss parade" game. (^^;
Because the bosses are very unique, I feel that each one will look small if I made them appear one after another.

2002/12 2002/12
 Q.「その他」幻樂団と幻楽団、どちらが正しいのですか? Q. [Misc.] Which is correct, "幻樂団" or "幻楽団"?[5]


A. In fact both "幻樂団" and "幻楽団" are correct.

As you can see by looking at the catalog, I go by "幻楽団" for Comiket.

 Q.「その他」コミケ63のサークルカットと紅魔郷のスタートアイコンは誰ですか? Q. [Misc.] Who are the people in the circle cut of Comiket 63 and the start icon of EoSD?
  A.サークルカットはレミリアみたいな人(?)です、顔違うけど。アイコンは魔理沙です。 A. The person in the circle cut is like Remilia(?), though her face is different. The icon is Marisa.
 Q.「紅魔郷」4面中ボスはパチュリーにしては黒っぽいような? Q. [EoSD] I get the feeling that stage 4 midboss looks too black to be Patchouli.
  A.全くの別人です。2面中ボスは大妖精、4面中ボスは小悪魔(共に名無し)です。 A. They're completely different people. The stage 2 midboss is a great fairy, and the midboss of stage 4 is a little devil (both unnamed).
 Q.「パチュリー」の移動時のポーズがバレエやってるみたいに見えますが? Q. [Patchouli] Why does it look like she's doing a ballet when she's moving around?
  A.パチュリーの移動は空気に乗る様に移動します。それが楽だからです。 A.Patchouli moves as if she was riding on air because it's easier for her to move that way.
 Q.「魔理沙」のマジックミサイルは緑色の子イカが回転して飛んでいるように見えますが? Q. [Marisa] Why do her magic missiles look like green baby squids were flying while spinning?
  A.マジックミサイルは、あれは魔理沙の頭の中のものなので、私もなんだかわかりません(^^; A. The magic missiles are things inside Marisa's head, so I have no idea either. (^^;
 Q.「紅魔郷」4面の隊列を組んでくる針の敵は当たっても痛くないような? Q. [EoSD] I think I'm not getting hit by the needle enemies that come at you in Stage 4.


A. There are a quite of few enemies that don't have the collision detection. This is a care that I made to fill the desire of the

danmaku-men thinking "If I'm gonna die I shall least be killed by a bullet".
The body attack ratio of the spinning enemies at the fourth stage was high, so I disabled the collision detection.
This is due to the possibly of having a negative effect on enjoying avoiding the bullets when being killed by a body attack.

 Q.「システム」ボスの体力ゲージの減る速度が一定でないのは何故ですか? Q. [System] Why don't the bosses' life gauges decrease at constant speed?


A. This specification is for the purpose of making the players feel a good rhythm.

I've made this measure to deceive the players, since if the decreasing speed was the same,
you will feel lazy when there're many gauges and unsatisfied when there're few gauges, in my sense.
In regard to the setting, spell cards are the bomb used by the bosses, so I make it as if the bosses were doing an instant dodge.
By the way, in Perfect Cherry Blossom, it is designed so that you can recognize at what point in the gauge the spell card starts.


  1. Kisuu (機数, lit. "remaining crafts") is the original term they use in Japanese. Obviously this refers to other shoot 'em ups, where the player is piloting an aircraft of some sort.
  2. Kurenai, beni () is the Japanese for "bright red" or in this case "scarlet". ZUN is saying that the word should be read the same as red ( aka).
  3. 英吉利 (read "Igirisu") is an obsolete ateji for the UK. Although still recognizable in modern Japanese, it's rarely used today so the questioner is asking if there was any special intention to it. Incidentally, gyuu () means "cow/bull/beef" and such (the Japanese don't distinguish them by words like in English).
  4. The wav version of the EoSD soundtrack was arranged and recorded with another synthesizer, the same one used from PCB on. The original SC-88Pro version of the soundtrack can still be found in the game as MIDI files. High quality recordings of these files made with a real SC-88Pro can be found here.
  5. is a historical form of . In regards to meaning they're simply equal.

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