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Zanmu Nippaku

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(にっ) (ぱく)   (ざん) ( )
Zanmu Nippaku
Zanmu Nippaku
King of the Silent Bliss of Nirvana
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Human oni


Manipulating nothingness

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Zanmu Nippaku (日白 残無 Nippaku Zanmu) is main antagonist of Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost. She was formerly a human monk before turning into an oni after falling into hell.

General Information

Zanmu Nippaku was formally a human monk during the Sengoku Jidai period. Zanmu discarded her humanity by absorbed beast-youkai spirits. Sensing her imminent fall to Hell, Zanmu ventured there prematurely. There she transformed into an oni and ruled Hell using her intelligence and charisma. She proposed the relocation of Hell from Former Hell, creating a great amount of resentment from those that stayed behind. Currently she resides in Hell. She is said to command great admiration and respect from the dwellers of Hell.

During the events of Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost, she uses her ability and influence to manipulate the other protagonists to achieve her end goal.


Zanmu is described as the perfect oni according to Suika. She has both the strength and intelligence that an oni should be portraying. That said she is also seen to have a sense of grace, seeking a (relatively) peaceful resolution to the beast wars and to protect Gensokyo from destruction. In this sense, she shares much in common with Reimu, feeling a sense of communality.

Zanmu is not easily upset. She frequently forgives her bumbling assistant, Hisami. Although, it might be to not encourage Hisami's masochism.

According to Saki, Zanmu is a popular figure in Hell. So much so that Zanmu was able to sway the oni's to calm down and let her handle the beast spirits situation.


Capable of manipulating nothingness

Zanmu has the ability to manipulate nothingness. This causes the victim to lose their desires and motivations. It can be subtle, such as distracting the victim, or outright, causing them to lose their will to fight or will to continue investigating. In Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost, she uses her ability to distract Marisa and Sanae from the true cause of the incident. Then, she uses her ability to cause the beast spirits leaders to lose their will to fight. Finally, she uses her ability to convince Reimu to stop her investigation.

While Zanmu is able to manipulate nothingness of her victims, some appear to be less affected than others. Reimu's instincts continued to point to Zanmu as the true incident culprit and Reimu was not able to be manipulated to accept her plans for "resolving the incident". Similarly, she was unable to stop Mamizou from continuing her investigating into the incident. Also, due to Hisami's unpredictable masochism tendencies, Zanmu was not able to control Hisami the way she wanted.

Character Design


Zanmu is inspired by the similarly-named monk Zanmu Nichihaku (日白 残夢 Nichihaku Zanmu), who lived in the Sengoku era, and who was recorded in some accounts of Buddhist immortals as a very eccentric individual. Some of these accounts can be found in modern-day compilations, such as the Honchou Shinsen Kiden (本朝神仙記伝)12 by Izuo Miyaji et.al.


Her full name is Zanmu Nippaku (日白 残無). The characters for Zanmu's surname, Nippaku (日白), literally means "white sun", a term generally used with the meanings of "broad daylight" or "bright sunshine". Nippaku and Nichihaku are different but both possible readings for "日白". Her first name contains Zan (), meaning "remainings, leftover", and Mu (), meaning "nothing, none", differing from the character used for Mu () in Zanmu Nichihaku, which means "dream".


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Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost

Zanmu is main antagonist of Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost. Her goal was to manipulate the other protagonists such that she would be in a position to subsume both the animal spirit realm and Gensokyo into Hell. That way, she could easily manage everyone and avoid bloodshed. She recruited three minions and tasked them with infiltrating each of the three animal beast spirit clans. Then, manipulating them to fight each other, allowing her to defeat them piece-wise. However, several nosy actors begun disrupting her plans. Being one step ahead, she implanted teleportation traps in her minions, sending these pests to hell to stop their meddling. Ultimately, Suika hatched a plan to foil her plans, resulting in a final battle with Reimu.


Hisami Yomotsu

Hisami is Zanmu's assistant, carrying out orders and bringing people to her. Hisami has a one-way infatuation with Zanmu, she tries her best to gain Zanmu's attention. When Zanmu gives her the cold shoulder, she purposely does her job badly in order to get Zanmu's attention and punishment.

Enoko Mitsugashira

Once upon a time, Enoko ate Zanmu's flesh while Zanmu was a human. Even as Zanmu's flesh was being eating, she kept laughing. Thus, Enoko was eternally cursed by Zanmu with immortality. Zanmu then ordered Enoko to eat a gemstone which transformed her into an immortal Youkai. She then told Enoko to devour all the spirits around and introduced her to Saki. During the events of Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost, Enoko begrudgingly does Zanmu's bidding. However, she seeks to rid the curse Zanmu placed on her.

Son Biten

Zanmu manipulated events such that Biten was able to transform into an oni and met up with Yachie. Biten then became a loyal minions of hers'. Biten is the only one out of the three minions to hold an unwavering loyalty to Zanmu, addressing her with honorifics (様) and being truly disappointed when Suika told her she was abandoned.

Chiyari Tenkajin

Chiyari and Zanmu knew each other back when Former Hell was known as Hell. Chiyari holds great admiration for Zanmu due to the resentment she caused for all the creatures left behind by moving Hell. During the events of Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost, Zanmu reached out to Chiyari for help in resolving the incident. Zanmu introduced her to Yuuma in order to get her to spy on the Gouyoku Alliance. Chiyari agrees as she thinks by allying with Zanmu, more resentment would be created by the underworld dwellers. Much to her delight.

Minor Relationships

Reimu Hakurei

Zanmu laments how Reimu resembles how she was like back when she was human. She entrusts the balance and security of Gensokyo to Reimu, abandoning her plans.

Saki Kurokoma

Saki was infatuated by Zanmu's oni coolness. Her high regard for Zanmu convinced her to back down and monitor the situation instead of fighting.

Yuuma Toutetsu

Zanmu holds Yuuma in high regard, naming her the top dog of the animal realm. Their relationship seems to be antagonistic.

Suika Ibuki

Suika and Zanmu know each other since Former Hell was known as Hell. Suika shows a high degree of respect in Zanmu, noting she is a true oni among oni. Zanmu on the other hand chastise Suika for her un-oni like behavior, telling her to behave more like an oni.

Rin Kaenbyou

Rin is familiar with Zanmu and was honored to meet her. Rin notes that many remaining in Former Hell are against Zanmu, hinting a less than cordial relationship.


Spell Cards

Spell Cards

Additional Information

  • Zanmu is the first character introduced as a final boss in a main game to not appear on the game's jewel case since Eirin Yagokoro.

Official Profiles

Th19Zanmu.png ○寂滅為楽の王

 種族  人鬼
 名前  日白 残無(にっぱく ざんむ)
 能力  虚無を操る程度の能力












○King of the Silent Bliss of Nirvana

Species: Human-oni
Name: Zanmu Nippaku
Ability: Capable of manipulating nothingness

An oni who's reached the absolute pinnacle of eccentricity.
She was originally a corrupt monk who distanced herself from all the ways of this world.
She lived through the Sengoku period, and remembers all the cruelty and stubbornness of the world.

As a monk, she was forbidden from killing, but sensed a strong disconnect between that and the Sengoku-era culture in which one boasted about the number of heads one had killed.
She thought that if they were spirits instead of physical bodies, it'd count as salvation instead of slaughter, and started absorbing phantoms and beast spirits.
She also absorbed some beast-youkai spirits, thus discarding her life as a human, but she was wise enough to venture into Hell herself before she fell into it.

After falling to Hell, her unparalleled abilities and mesmerizing eloquence gained her the trust of the oni.
She herself had transformed into an oni already, but perhaps that only helped things along.
In contrast to most haughty and overpowering oni, she became an intelligentsia oni who ruled over Hell via dialogue.

She was also the one who proposed that they separate Former Hell, given its age and how paralyzed its functions were, and create a new Hell.
As a result, there's nobody in Former Hell who doesn't know Zanmu's name.

While it may be possible to control unintelligent evildoers with just an overpowering attitude, evildoers with cunning take more finesse.
She was very good at pacifying them at such times.
Modern Hell functioned very well as a safety net for evildoers, and it had her fine sense of balance to thank for that.

Now, several hundred years later, the Animal Realm's beast spirits have set their sights on taking over the surface world.
And then-- whether by coincidence or by necessity-- a particular event returned the surface land's ownership rights to nothing.
It'd only be a matter of time until the beasts got wind of this, and began to march up to the surface.

The Hell oni who saw this as a threat began to consolidate their forces, as if getting ready to wage war at any moment.
If a war between oni and beasts occurred on the surface, it'd quite literally be Hell on Earth.

Zanmu remembered the era of warring states. Gensokyo surely had no need for such cruelty.
She submitted a request for the oni to wait, in exchange for her taking care of the situation.

Then, from behind the scenes, she goaded each beast spirit leader into deploying their troops at the same time.
Her plan was to put the groups into a three-way deadlock, have them divide and conquer, and ultimately claim them all for herself.

She was well aware of each beast's thoughts.
It was simple to make them act exactly as she wished.

But she didn't know that there was a human in Gensokyo who'd gathered support from the youkai.
That certainly changed things.
There was no reason to give it to those measly beasts.
She'd leave Gensokyo in the hands of that human.
That human not unlike herself, who had gathered support from all the oni and beasts.