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Zombies (ゾンビ zonbi) are reanimated corpses usually resurrected by a practitioner. They are often portrayed as dangerous and unnatural even among other supernatural creatures. The stereotypical method of how zombies multiply is being bitten by one or an organism who devoured a piece of a subdued zombie. In science fiction, zombies are often the result of a man-made virus, disease, or parasite.


Jiang Shi

Main article: Jiang Shi

Jiang shi (キョンシー, kyonshii) are zombies from Chinese folklore that move around by hopping with the arms outstretched.

Zombies in Touhou

The term zombie is used in Yoshika Miyako's profile in Ten Desires and used to describe herself in each scenario. Unlike the jiang shi from Chinese folklore, the Touhou version is much like the Western zombie. Unlike other undead/non-living creatures like ghosts, zombies do not exist because they have an attachment to this world but rather to serve the one who resurrected them (Or because they are forcefully transformed by another zombie).

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