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  • 決定 Accept: Z
  • キャンセル Cancel: X
  • メッセージスキップ Message Skip: C
  • 攻撃 Attack: Z
  • 特殊 Special/Spell: X
  • 向き固定 Strafe: Shift
  • キャラ交代 Character Switch(single-player): C
  • ポーズ Pause: A
  • 倍速 Double Speed: Ctrl
  • Soft reset: F9 (Returns you to title screen)
  • Screen Shot: Spacebar


Japanese Translation Option
もどる / 保存せずもどる Back / Return without saving n/a
保存 Save n/a
デフォルト Default n/a
1Pキー配置 Player 1 Key Layout Allows you to change the controls for Player 1
2Pキー配置 Player 2 Key Layout Allows you to change the controls for Player 2
ウィンドウモード Window Mode ウィンドウ Window, フルスクリーン Full Screen
ウェイト  Wait 垂直同期 V-Sync, タイマー Timer
FPS表示 Show FPS 有効 / 無効 (On/Off)
画面サイズ Screen Size 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960
テクスチャフィルター Texture Filter 有効 / 無効
アンチエイリアス Anti-Aliasing 有効 / 無効
ピクセルシェーダ Pixel Shader 有効 / 無効
表示軽量化 (Not entirely sure...) 有効 / 無効
BGM Music 有効 / 無効
BGMボリューム Music Volume 0~10 (low~high)
SEボリューム Effects Volume 0~10
パッド  PAD 有効 / 無効
文字アンチエアリアス Character Anti-Aliasing 有効 / 無効

Base/Pre-Battle Menu[edit]

  • ステージを選択: Stage Select
  • 持ち物: Acquired Items
  • 武器選択: Weapon Selection
  • ゾンビ編成: Zombie Fairy Formation/Selection
  • 実績: Achievements
  • セーブ: Save
  • 設定: Settings


Zzf ss.png

  • 1.Player character.
  • 2.Aiming Reticle. General direction your character will shoot towards. Doesn't necessarily mean that's where the bullets will stop(few exceptions).
  • 3.Input Direction. White line shows the direction you are pressing/going towards.
  • 4.Reload Bar. Represents how long until your weapon is reloaded. Varies depending on equipped weapon.
  • 5.Health Bar. Represents character HP as a bar.
  • 6.Health. Displays character's current HP and current Max.
  • 7.Displays weapon's current ammo and max. Automatically reloads when it reaches 0. Reloading pauses if the character is switched out.
  • 8.Weapon name.
  • 9.Small Stars. Represents how many spell cards a character must collect in order to get an additional Special attack. Okuu requires 6 and Orin requires 4.
  • 10.Large Stars. Represents how many Specials the character has available, 6 being the max(5 large + the small ones filled). Each character starts off with 2.
  • 11.Radar. Red dots are enemies. Green dots are collectable objects. White dots are the player(s) and allies.
  • 12.Time. Appears on levels that have been previously beaten so you can time yourself and complete them faster, quite possibly for a secret reward.

In single-player mode, you can switch between Okuu and Orin. If either character dies, it's game over. There is a small cooldown for switching.
In co-op mode, player 1 controls Okuu and player 2 controls Orin. It is a game over if both characters die.
There is friendly fire regardless of modes, but zombie fairy danmaku will pass through players. Any explosions from zombie fairies, however, will still damage and/or stun you. Okuu's special passes through zombie fairies.


Zzf stuff.png

  • Heart: Heals the character by approximately 25% of their max hp.
  • Green Block: Increases the character's max HP by 1. Only applies at the end of the level and only to the character that picked it up.
  • Spell card: Fills one small star. Spell cards appear to be the only drop that disappear. This happens after about 15 seconds.
  • Coin: Gives a certain amount of money(10 on Easy&Normal and 30 on Hard) at the end of the level. Needed to purchase new and stronger zombie fairies.
  • Present: Gives a weapon or crafting material at the end of the level.
  • Red Crystal: Fuels Orin's candles, making them last longer and spawn more zombie fairies. Cannot be picked up, but Candles automatically pull nearby crystals in.
  • Candle: Orin's Special; Spawns zombie fairies. Spawn speed and amount depend on the zombie fairy type.
  • Vase: Can be broken with a melee attack or explosion. Provides cover from danmaku and can be pushed. Can yield a drop.
  • Cactus: Can be destroyed with enough damage but disperses several needles with each hit. Provides cover from danmaku and can be pushed. Can yield a drop.